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What nature of a tornado?

the Nature possess the unique imagination - to be convinced of it at the person of opportunities everything arrives and arrives. But not always similar acquaintance has something the general with an opportunity once again to admire to strange landscapes, indescribable beauty to declines or fancy game of paints which it gives us. It is necessary to remember fragility of the human being every time when the invention takes the form of natural disaster as if the person pointing to inability to sovladet with everything that he wants to subordinate to the will. We do not perceive tornadoes, a tsunami, earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes, hurricanes and other examples of revelry of elements with surprise for a long time, but presence of fear will never go to the dislocation moments in the epicenter of blow of heavenly or terrestrial forces in the place of concentration of hundreds and thousands same as you.

But to hope only for scales of the events which are developed at such moments and from generation to generation to give feeling of a hopelessness to which then you become subject and absence of control of similar phenomena to human will we will not be able, without having convinced that everything is valid outside our poor opportunities and to struggle with the opponent surpassing in forces - only to ourselves more expensive, so, there is the only way - to recede. Scientific searches will always continue to resolve an issue of taming of obstinate elements, but it is necessary to begin unambiguously with acquaintances to the enemy. Yes, as it strange we have no exhaustive amount of information about the nature of many phenomena today that is fairly interfered by failure of attempts to use the tools which are near at hand at scientists for measurement, the account, the analysis and delivery on - the mountain of such long-awaited result of uncountable experiments.

A tornado - one of falling under definition uncontrolled the phenomena which became already habitual phenomenon for millions of Americans. Though they can arise and in the territory of Canada, neighboring to the USA, however it is traditional near the word tornado there is an image of the state of the Yankee. On the structure the tornado represents a huge whirlwind which moves on a trajectory, to calculate mathematically which and, therefore, truly to foresee where it will put the way, further it is not possible. A whirlwind which can move with a speed up to 512 km/h (there corresponds to F5 tornado force on the entered T. Fudzhita in 1971 F - a scale; this scale is based on determination of destructive force of a tornado on the speed of its movement and gives an assessment of this force from F1 to F12, the truth F6 interval - F12 is a reality of theoretical limitlessness of force of a tornado from the inventor of a scale rather), serves as if the " bridge; cloud - the earth (a cloud most often kuchevo - rain). Where there passes the tornado, due to the vacuum created by powerful centrifugal forces in a funnel there is an absorption of the most different in size and mass of objects: from straw to heavy automotive equipment.

Usually the tornado exists about ten minutes though time of his life can be extended to an hour and above. Geographically territories where there will be a tornado, not too easy problem, but attempts to make anyway are accepted. So the mother - the nature disposed that the greatest probability to see a tornado is peculiar to the territory of the USA called for this reason Aleey by a tornado. Here tornadoes can be observed to one thousand times annually, with the peak of spontaneous tours falling on May - July.

Considerable interest attracts a question of the destructive force of a funnel. At once we will notice that, despite preference, sent to F - a scale to a tornado movement speed factor, and without denying its importance, actually intensity of indignation of this natural education depends also on the speed of the movement of air masses in the funnel and quantities of fragments which he already managed to pick up on the way. Often even independence (times in general inverse relation) between the size of a funnel and scales of destructions is observed.

Not smaller interest is still stirred from scientists who cannot declare with absolute confidence: the reason of emergence of a tornado and its rather long existence is found in the atmosphere. The majority of them incline to an explanation of features of formation and life of a tornado proceeding from ideas of formation of cyclones which the same as tornadoes, combine the movement on a terrestrial surface with the helicoid movement in the cyclone of air masses. Collision of the cold masses moving from the Arctic with a warm masses from the Gulf of Mexico, according to adherents of such view of the tornado nature, also causes the tornado birth in the territory of the USA. Sharp pressure differences and temperatures, promoting twisting and dispersal of air, generate the funnel which is sweeping away all on the way.

However some researchers hope for a hypothesis of the electric nature of this phenomenon and even draw analogies with (!) lightning. Being simply expressed a little, the lightning and a tornado are considered to each other, with only that difference that the lightning is instantly discharged either to the earth, or in the next cloud (when tension between respectively earth and a cloud or two clouds reaches such size that breakdown of air space with emergence of the channel through which cross section there passes the huge charge is observed; the truth to agree that a lightning stroke - only formation of a superprompt stream of charged particles, not everyone hurries: some insist that in reality it is about a plasma stream), and a tornado funnel as if suspends over a terrestrial surface, but eats, keeps in the atmosphere and takes sometimes fancy the forms (as the experts not peculiar to a typical funnel claim if to proceed from its properties) only at the expense of the electric charges which are not reaching the earth instantly as we observe it in a case with the lightning.

As we see, there is no unambiguous opinion on a subject of a tornado that cannot but please: collision of opinions will lead sooner or later - to examination and the detailed description of properties of this surprising natural phenomenon, and then there will come the turn of the following stage - fight against elements.

It is necessary to wait