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How to keep a stomach healthy?

Every second person on our planet has these or those diseases of a stomach. This unfavourable statistics causes need to address more fixedly this problem and to try to find answers to such questions as What causes violations in work of a stomach? What measures need to be taken to keep a stomach healthy? What means are most effective in fight against stomach diseases? etc.

It is known that it is always more difficult to treat, than to prevent. And in this article we will concern mainly the solution of a question of prevention of degradation of a condition of a stomach up to different emergence of frustration and diseases.

If you for yourself resolved that problems with health in general and with and a digestive tract in particular are not necessary to you, then at once you have to take into consideration: there is a number of products, which it is necessary if not completely to exclude from the diet, then at least to limit their use in food. Strong coffee, sparkling drinks, instant concentrates, and also various viands under the general name " belong to their number; fast food (from English fast food - instant food ) .

Though if more deeply to penetrate into an essence of a question and to address specialized sources on this subject, then it is possible to find out that there are no such products which can be eaten without fear for the health actually: both that is harmful, and it is undesirable, and it is poison of the slowed-down action at all. For example, for many will be surprise to open for itself that the same hot rolls and other rich creations of masters - confectioners from the point of view of preservation of a stomach in working order - the choice very doubtful.

It is considered that the food has to be hotter. However it not absolutely so. Actually, the food should not be neither excessively cold, nor too hot.

It is also necessary to remember that it is impossible to leave a stomach without work. However, here just right to warn your the natural course the arising question: So to gorge on for the day ahead? Of course, similar it is not necessary to do anything. Just it is impossible to lose sight of such circumstance as breaks in food which can make till four o`clock, but it is no more in any way. For one prisest to try to eat everything that is given, or all the hand reaches itself for, is also not necessary: it is not for nothing said that from - for a table it is necessary to leave slightly - slightly hungry.

It is much told about food with no drink. Here we will be hardly original if we do not praise a similar manner of maintenance of a stomach in a tone. At such diet sharply there is a probability to get gastritis which in the future can develop to an ulcer.

And here not all know about smoking, unfortunately. So, it is known that the tobacco smoke promotes formation of the hostile environment in a stomach connected with the strengthened release of hydrochloric acid. The increased acidity level most often leads at the beginning to developing of heartburn, however from it to gastritis not so far.

However, in this respect it was necessary to hear opinions of different sense. For example, one believe that strongly acidic environment is dangerous to a stomach (also I so thought); other experts point that strongly acidic environment (for comparison: lemon juice is considered poorly acidic environment) - the natural state for a stomach, and therefore is artificial, by means of medicines, to seek to underestimate it - all the same that to close a vicious circle which will be to leave to a stomach under pressure of the pathogenic bacteria developing in such conditions then it is even more difficult. Nevertheless, it is necessary to avoid the use of drugs which part salicylic acid is.

To overeat for the night harmfully - it is known even by the child. But not all good assistant their will power. Anyway, at least once in a week it is necessary to give itself razgruzkupod the motto: After six in the evening - crumbs in a mouth! And here what will not damage for the night, and will even help to fall asleep rather, favorably influencing nervous system, so it is camomile tea or warm milk., It seems, stand up for use for this purpose and baked potatoes, but here with confidence it is possible to object: for a stomach this option for certain very joyful will not become.

Generally speaking, everything in an organism is connected together. In this regard violation is capable to be reflected in one its part on as can seem at first sight, in any way with it not connected some another. In a case with a stomach, for example, it is known that adverse impact on its work is exerted by existence of such diseases as tonsillitis or caries (we will notice that not only caries, but also many other certificates that the person has unhealthy teeth, can be the indirect sign indicating an origin of those negative messages which are sent by your stomach).

Up to this point we said what does not need to be used, and what, you ask, is permitted and it is even recommended? The fruit containing cellulose (pears, peaches, apples) and also dairy products (yogurts, kefir) are welcomed. Are good at heartburn bananas which thanks to the fiber which is contained in them make positive impact on warmly - vascular system, and also they are rich with the potassium necessary for muscles. At diarrheas the good service will be served by bilberry. Porridge will help to replace heavy, but nourishing food.

It should be noted that food is recommended to be built by the seasonal principle: to every time of year better to put in compliance acquired and necessary for an organism food at this time. It is fresh vegetables, fruit in the summer (especially such which generally through trade and are realized only in the summer: water-melons, melons); in the fall in bigger volume it is necessary to enter proteins and potatoes into a diet; it has to be staked besides on proteins in the winter; in the spring vegetables and greens are used (the main thing - to help an organism not to allow shortages of vitamins).

Frustration of nervous system have an adverse effect on a stomach. On this soil there can be a delay or a full stop of its work and blocking of secretion of gastric juice to the accompanying symptoms (nausea, vomiting). Also it is necessary to remember it.

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