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Why we forgot to be on friendly terms?!

Why we forgot to be on friendly terms? Not everything can (and most likely), but

If earlier friendship - it was sacred, it is more important than life, love, career. Honor and advantage. That now - everyone in itself. Especially in the megalopolis. You are necessary to nobody. And you, to tell the truth, it is deeply uninteresting that happens in soul at the neighbor in the subway car

Though many like to dig in others problems. But it is more, hm, cruel curiosity. Ha - ha, at you the girl left, stole a purse? Ah, at you not pass grade ! Sincerely I sympathize with you, it is a pity to me! In total.

The person (the word it gradually loses the initial, sublime meaning) present is selfish, cold heart and is clear reason (but all this is sent again - to own advantage).

I remember how went by the tram which is fearlessly cutting a morning gray haze (romanticism, you will think), and reflected on absolute, invariable loneliness of the person. The same in the evening. To me it is sad, and people around - strangers. Go home where will warm a dinner, will break the rage (the stress which was not completely dissipated for passengers of the tram) which is saved up in a day on relatives and the family People, well why so?

Friends. Friends? Unless for centuries-old history of existence people did not rally, did not become the close friend to the friend?

Donec eris felix, multos numerabis amicos;

of Tempora si fuerint nubila, solus eris.

So far you will be happy

, you will total many friends;

If times come gloomy, you will be one.

In Latin this couplet caused an indignation storm in my group: how so? Has to be absolutely on the contrary. On the contrary

forgot sense of friendship. Everyone has to be ready for the FRIEND for everything. Let it - not a family, and only the person with whom you were brought together by destiny. It is worth believing in Destiny.

Friends cannot be found just like that, but also to be scattered by friends - silly. And them becomes less - real, disinterested which go through all capital only to be thrown with you in couple of encouraging phrases, to hand a bag of vitamin juice

Is well-known and banal: A friend in need is a friend indeed . The friend is checked by time, distance. It is impossible, there is no wish to believe that the most close and confidential relations fall in a moment.

Many consider that there is no female friendship, however, as well as friendship of the man with the woman. Conclusion: only men are on friendly terms?! Why? And whether there is a friendship in general? Female talk is not reduced only to gossips and shopping - boys - a diet, this superficial judgment. In total - the friendship is something non-material, at the spiritual level. And when the spirituality piece is lost - devastated. You do not understand people around, you cannot have fun You go in prostration - the world is fine, solar, unpredictable, and to tell feeling of love to life - as if there is nobody.

Meetings with companions and acquaintances - are fleeting. To reveal a secret, a secret which not in forces to keep in itself, to unburden the heart with the collected wounds and offenses, to share pleasure - to whom?

Someone will understand me, someone - indifferently will look away And friendship - fragile. Even more fragile, than love. Thousand times it is possible to be mistaken and all - to find the true, all-consuming love, as for friendship That to break off it, good reasons, quarrels, gossips, sidelong glances, rough words are not necessary. You will just feel - there is no friendship. It was dissolved as this pre-dawn fog through which you go without fear.

Whether was? Of course. Per every day, carried out together, you are ready to undersign. For each teardrop spilled together (from - for careless boys, from - for frightening loneliness, from - for silly estimates - from - for trifles). For midnight telephone conversations and it is fervent - children`s laughter. And for fidelity of the little man, such expensive, cheerful, optimistical, which Did not understand, did not understand yet that true friends - for the rest of life.