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Whether bees sleep in the winter? In the Summer producers of the tasty, useful and loved by all of us product - honey - fly over

from a flower on a flower, and we can watch them constantly. But there comes cold weather, flowers fade, the nature fills up Where bees disappear? And what occurs in a cold season in their lodge - a beehive?

Bees in the winter, unlike many other insects, do not fall into hibernation. During the period approximately since November until the end of March they are in beehives, but lead normal life, eat and actively react to environment. Nectar and pollen of a bee are prepared in advance. The metabolism at them is slowed down in the winter, and they consume the small quantity of food is insignificant, and intestines are not cleared at all.

But besides a food problem, there is also another - low temperatures. As well as all living beings, bees are afraid of cold, wind and dampness. How in a beehive cope with this problem? In the fall of a bee narrow a letok - an exit from a beehive and stick with propolis all cracks of the dwelling. By the way, beekeepers consider that the more carefully they do it, the winter will be colder!

Each certain bee is not capable to keep constant body temperature. But inhabitants of a beehive gather and collectively, they can allocate with a large number so much heat how many it is required to them for maintenance of vital signs. At fall of temperature to 6 - 8 degrees of a bee gather in spherical weight - " club;. Adjoining with each other, they are warmed. Also warmly in club remains due to the movement of bees. In the beginning they settle down near a letka, there are more fresh air and if warm day suddenly is given, all mass of bees can take off from a beehive and be turned over an apiary. Then, with cold weather approach, bees are removed far away from an exit.

The club does not remain to constants. It can decrease or increase in volume, become more or less dense. In the center enough temperature within 14 - 15 degrees of heat with firmness keeps irrespective of the fact which on force and duration there are frosts outside a beehive. From the center of club heat extends to its edges. Bees can be interchanged the position, frozen squeeze into the middle, there, where more warmly, and got warm take places with edge. There is one more sign allowing to forecast the weather on behavior of bees. If the swarm early takes off from a beehive, making the first spring flight, so the spring will be early, warm.

Wintering of bees - one of the responsible periods in work of the beekeeper. Beehives can stand as on the street, under snow, and in the special room where it is possible to maintain temperature, suitable for bees (about 9 degrees of heat) and humidity of air. It is necessary to create the best conditions for wintering of bees to keep their lives and the greatest stock of energy by next spring. The melliferous result of future season will depend on it.

Here so throughout long time of the existence, thanks to a congestion in club, bees adapted to transfer winter frosts that with occurrence of spring heat to prolong existence some kind of.