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Unfinished dialogue OR Dependence? Yes. But from what? the KNIGHT of CULTURE

the big benefit Is already allowed to Learn (part 1) of

Elevated in terrestrial, -

Consecrates over the Knight persons Proobraz of a terrestrial flag

the Gift of Initial Highest Force Overcoming in all,

with What in the Unification Is uplifted as proof of victories of the futures the Symbol;

when grows over a-headed secant fetters and obstacles

a spirit sword fiery live, - as kladenets it is full of power;

also do not wash away then Togo from Whose breast a board of

fire an ineradicable nature grows - the armor,

sparkles where there is no jewelry empty - shoulder straps, bows, awards -

of marks signs fighting, in them hearts valor is considered; to Whom the faithful horse - spirit, will bridled it is obedient


- all aspirations ispokon It Embodies the Celebration.

(C) T. Gabuniya, 2000 (30. 08. 2000)

Certificate on the publication No. 1503171222

of the Review:

to Add the review

- Yes... Coelho with the Book of the soldier Sveta has a rest... Where there it is better for it to describe the Knight Sveta, than it was made by you.

yours faithfully, A. T. 20. 06. 08:03

- did not read 2005 to Coelho :( it is necessary to meet a lack Thank you. It is simple that I see about that and I sing. In the Chukchi style :) To you I am always glad to T. G. G.

20. 06. 2005 13:54

- And this just to do I do not advise... Coelho is better to read only one book - Alchemist . To read, to tell significantly: So what? and to put on a regiment to the next generation... :) here Baha the chosen things - costs

A. For example, Running from Safety .

A. T. 21. 06. 2005 00:20

of Ps: If you in the poems describe what you see, like the Chukchi akyn, then to me for you it is terrible. It is better to hide carefully it, and some will not understand that... And once the couple of gallant hospital attendants or people in plain clothes from group on fight against drugs will be declared... Too all is not similar in your verses to the reality given us in feelings. :))

A. T. 21. 06. 2005 00:29

- And here therefore to me it is also allowed to write down in a rhyme - the Angel took care. I pretend to be that it is verses, and to verses everything is written off for poetic images, art fiction, symbolism etc. And for the prevention thanks, I will hide :) My ideal - Tsiolkovsky. Nobody took away it anywhere and WHAT HE WROTE about!!! You read? only 1,5% of nervous cages therefore we both do not see work for the person and we do not feel 99% of reality as it is. You do not agree? And if works for someone slightly more, well at least 2% - 3% are already geniuses!!! The horror takes what we are undeveloped

T. G. G. 21. 06. 16:56

- Tsiolkovsky in a podlinnka did not read 2005, and the translations came across nasty. . :))) But it is sure that such genius as he, would be frightened to take away. But I was interested in Vernadsky`s theory, and is absolutely sure that a human brain - only the workstation in a huge Universal Network. And that the Internet - its poor excuse. But why the brain uses only 1 - 3% of power of cages? In this respect I have the theory. Skore of everything, to provide long and stable functioning. As neurons have no ability to division, stocks of their konechna. And after some cycles of work the cage dies off. In this way the women`s reproductive system - ova functions much, and only one functions in a certain interval of time. No wonder now that addicts so quickly die - include additional reserves and raise a metabolism of neurons many times over. Exhaustion... And aptsdolts! So be not afraid, the nature thought over a lot of things...

A. T. 23. 06. 2005 07:55

Dialogue broke, but the touched subject is too significant to be forgotten, is too actual to remain unsolved.