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What to choose - paid or free medicine? Honor

each of us had to face with free the question arose medicine, and in long expectation of turn in decayed corridors of policlinics and hospitals, likely, more than once, and any other way of receiving available and high-quality medical care is possible. The answer is known long ago - through familiar health workers.

To admit frankly, not the best way because if the doctor is mistaken and the exposed diagnosis will be wrong - treatment will be not effective, and can even unhealthy, then it will be almost impossible to prove something without the corresponding documentation which, as a rule, in these situations is not kept. It is difficult to foretell how the relations between the you and your acquaintances who rendered " will change; ill turn . Yes, perhaps, the option not the best, but is also another even if there are no necessary acquaintances.

Paid medicine. Sounds somehow unusually if to consider that already more than a half of the century medical care is provided to citizens of our country free of charge. At the same time it is impossible to deny that recently the state (municipal) medicine very often is free only formally. The paid medicine in this case differs in nothing from free the difference happens only in the price and not the fact that in paid is more expensive.

As for service, perhaps, it is the only and categorical factor forcing to make the choice for paid medicine. Fierce competition between the medical centers forces them to create optimum conditions for the patients what, of course, you will not tell about usual state hospitals. In private medical clinic hardly you will see an inscription on an office: In outerwear not to enter, prepare the passport and the policy it is hardly believed that the cloakroom attendant for lack of an eyelet on clothes will shout at you. Even if it also happens, then days of this clinic in the market of medical services are considered.

Quality of medical care: treat both there and there it is identical - in direct dependence on experience and qualification. At least, unambiguously to tell that in paid medical clinic will cure quicker and more qualitatively, it is impossible. Another thing is that the same competition forces clinics to send employees abroad for professional development, to involve to itself more qualified and skilled employees. Unfortunately, any city hospital, especially regional or settlement because on a rate of the doctor, the best doctors work with all extra charges seldom and if work, then sometimes on a habit or from - for disinterested desires to give help to all persons in need cannot brag of all this.

As for unsatisfactory quality of medical services, it is simpler to achieve compensation from the private medical organization, than from state. It is connected with unwillingness of the serious private organizations to soil the reputation, and the conflicts try to solve without involvement of the third party, especially the public while the public medical institutions it, unfortunately, not especially concerns.

Paid medicine, perhaps, the only alternative to modern sick state health system and if you already despaired to receive the help in state, perhaps, it is necessary to try private?

It is possible to list pluses and minuses further, anyway everyone has to have the opinion, and the choice between paid or free medicine at everyone the. Good luck!