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Virtual computers. How it?

heard many About virtual disks and disk drives, and here not everyone and why knows of virtual computers? I learned at the first hand already enough that sometimes it is better to use the virtual computer, than real as risk to do much harm to the computer sharply is reduced. But about everything one after another.

In virtual computers there is everything that the normal computer has: video card, winchester, motherboard, processor, network adapter etc. But all this is emulated, as a rule, on the basis of your computer, that is indicators of all hardware cannot exceed indicators of their real analogs. It is simpler to understand an essence of the virtual computer on an example. You start the virtual computer, and in a separate window the picture of loading of other operating system appears. Having developed this window on all screen (or having left in a window), it is possible to work with other operating system, without leaving parental OS. The most pleasant is the fact that, working with the virtual computer, you do not damage parental, having even formatted the winchester (which is virtual too).

For a start we will understand what the virtual computer can be necessary for (though if to be more exact, then it will be more correct to call it the virtual terminal or W). Options what the W, a set therefore I will bring some from them can be necessary for.

In - the first, the W is simply necessary for those who often experiment with the software or with many operating systems as the speed of system recovery of W at the wrong installation is much more of something, than stationary OS, at the same time risk to lose important information of other users decreases to zero.

In - the second, the W can serve as additional protection at Internet connection as at attack to your computer only that part which is the making W will be attacked, and as a result the virus, a trojan or still who will be put in a rigid cage, the silok which is not letting it on the main car.

In - the third, the W is very useful to people whose work is connected with debugging of networks and network applications as the W completely emulates physical devices that as a result allows, without buying additional equipment, at itself to organize a debugging network at home.

The list is very long, I will add it with an example from own practice. We bought the new computer as the central car, but as it appeared, the management instead of the ordered HR pro ordered Vista Home. You do not represent what it was for us pleasure - to try to develop a network on Vista Home. We cannot establish XP on it as Vista will refuse to be started, and except Vist - y there still a set of various programs for which money of a plachena, and we as budgetary organization, a tranzhirstvo we cannot be engaged in it... Here also the W came to the rescue of us: without deleting Vist - at, we delivered to HR, and now everything works normal.

Second question: How to make W at itself on the computer? .

Everything is simple to insanity. To create the virtual disk drive, we use special programs like Alcohol of 120%, VirtualCD, Daemon, Nero and other. And so, special programs some of which are free are also applied to creation of W, but also paid, and here the most widespread of these programs meet: VMware, Virtual PC and VirtualBox. We acquire one of these programs, we read the instruction for teapots, we get several disks with distribution kits of operating systems and we train in formatting of the hard drive with the subsequent OS installation, so to speak, with loading of the personal computer from scratch.

Yes, sometimes it is necessary to resort also to such radical measures how creation of virtual personal computers, well? I think, on it my educational mission to the world of virtualization of real objects will be complete, and you will be able to pass further and if is not present, well not to throw you and not one I am such...