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How grew up homunculuses?

When I was small and hard drinking played in sweeties I always wanted that the tiny plastic little man not only lifelessly smiled to me the lips tinted by nail varnish, but also went on my desk, argued concerning the dresses, read books. But mother, the rigid realist, inspired in me that this is impossible. Baby dolls for girls, were told by her (then for some reason it was meant that is played them only by girls) stamp at our Soviet factories of toys in large quantities. And those which are able to go and speak cost ugly much and to our country very seldom bring them from the far-away burzhuinsky countries.

Probably, at the Swiss doctor and the alchemist Paracelsus such soberly conceiving mother was not. Or it was unconvincing. Or he became interested in baby dolls very late, and it was much more difficult to overpersuade him. Generally, the scientific star 16 - go decided to create centuries the little man artificially. The living, cheerful and not deprived of any mystical abilities interlocutor.

For greater objectivity it is necessary to tell that in hands Paracelsus already had not one ten books which contained stories of success, the recommendation and an attestation of eyewitnesses. Say, as! - there was it: and the little man in a flask evaporated, and stirred - that he very amusing things, and force - that at him inexplicable, devil... And as media of that time was not mass yet - trusted the word printed on paper unconditionally.

Scientists of that time were citizens obsessed in spite of the fact that on fires of colleagues went as to evening walk. Therefore the mystic started a fulfillment with all the courage and belief. Project with the name Homunculus - little person - started under a sensitive paratselsovy eye.

The recipe on to an incubation Paracelsus gives the little man in the manuscripts. Labor-intensive process and for people is crazy also imaginations absolutely impracticable. You judge - the flask with a human seed (with a fair, by the way, portion) was sealed and dug in in manure for 40 days. And through the put term when outlines of the transparent little man are already visible, a flask it was necessary to open and continue feeding of the homunculus, adding human blood. At the same time around a flask it was necessary to maintain temperature of a mare`s womb.

Literally in 40 weeks of efforts provided that everything was made correctly, in a flask has to appear very little, but quite created human baby. It can be brought up and trained, - Paracelsus edified, - as any other child until it does not grow up and will not be able to take care of himself .

In classified documents of legendary Rosicrucians on creation of homunculuses there was one more detailed management: In a vessel the May dew collected in a full moon, two parts man`s and three parts of women`s blood from pure and chaste people mixes up. This vessel is put on moderate fire why the red earth will below be postponed, the top part separates in a pure bottle and from time to time is added to a vessel where one is still added gran tinctures from an animalny kingdom. After a while in a flask footfall and whistle will be heard, and you will see in it two living beings - a muzhchinka and a zhenshchinka - absolutely fine. By certain manipulations it is possible to support their life within a year, and from them it is possible to learn anything because they will be afraid and to esteem you .

But despite all production efforts of the occultist, as the father of homunculuses was considered all - a devil. Whispering secrets of the world to children, using them as intermediaries, the Prince of Darkness, thus, devoted also the magician in the dirty affairs. For possession devil`s doll it was required practically nothing - soul of the magician. And it is therefore no wonder that creators of homunculuses were pursued by Sacred inquisition.

However, as well as with a philosophers` stone, alchemists were stubborn and continued searches of new ways in production muzhchinok and zhenshchinok in retorts and flasks. Risky and expensive occupation carried away hundreds of scientists, and demand for the qualified executioners with experience in the specialty in parallel grew. Before scientific revolution and a celebration of technologies some more centuries were interesting to

how the medieval researchers sacredly believing that mice turn out from dirty clothes would treat such cloning question disputable today? Where now medieval spies would run to complain, having learned about cultivation and an organ transplantation? And what concerning, say, conceptions in a test tube, would be told by Paracelsus`s mother?