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What is desktop vargeym?

Vargeym (from English war - war and of game - game) are the games based on the principle my army more abruptly and all of you will crush .

The most part of these games carries the proud name military strategy . It is game which main objective is accumulation of huge and mighty army with the subsequent defeat of opponents, but there is at it also a small emphasis on economy.

Occur among vargeym as computer games (for example, Warcraft, Starcraft, Age of Impire, Warhammer etc.) and desktop (KKI, Ring of the power, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Lord of the Rings and many others).

Desktop vargeyma (or W - voyenno - tactical games) often compare to chess, but this comparison is incorrect. A prototype of vargeym is ancient Indian game of a chaturang in which the Indian rajahs battled.

Each counter designated a certain group - and was similar to it. A cavalry the figure of the rider represented, fighting elephants - a figure of an elephant; the chariot, infantry - their tiny options. The lonely figure of the rajah, and the strongest - a figure of the horse veterans chained in armor was the weakest figure.

Game appeared about the 5th century of our era and displayed counter battle for the province. In it four persons played with four armies, everyone began in return boards. Actually, therefore it and was called - chatur on - Indian - four, anga - part.

It is possible to distinguish three main orientations, two of which are full-fledged W - games, and the third look - only easy entertainment, from desktop vargeym.

Option first. The W urged to dramatize any events. by

as figures use models of really existing or existing troops. As a battlefield the map of the real district broken into certain sectors is used. Rules reflect that sequence in which there were real events. At the same time the player is the passive observer to a large extent. The purpose of game is dedication of the player in those nuances by which commanders when conducting concrete battle were guided.

Option second. Conducting military operations. This option of game can be based by

both on real events, and on fictional therefore as figures for battle even figures of mythical creations can be used. But everything, in this type of W - games are, as a rule, used figures of four races: Gnomes, Elves, People and Orks.

As rules the small book which, in - the first, tells small background, and in - the second is attached to the game, explains possibilities of figures, range of their course, attack force, protection and other. As the district use of cards both real-life places, and fictional, with the put special marking is also possible. Unlike the first option this game demands bigger participation of the player and allows it to open the talents of a military leader.

By the way that is characteristic - similar games were introduced from for the first time - for military need in 1860 - 70 years. At this time the average number of army of the European country exceeded a mark in 200 000 people and to carry out real doctrines with involvement of the real armies in them from the financial point of view was to equivalently real war of 2 - 3 weeks. Any country was not ready to similar expenses.

By the majority of types of games of this option tournaments of different scale are held, beginning from house and finishing international with rather big prize funds.

Option third. Ata - baht...

the Third option can be compared to classical game in tell-tales of small children. There are no rules, and as the ground serves all surrounding space. And the purpose, respectively, - it is simple to have a rest and good time.

Games are one of the thought most over branches of business where all and always is, in as how to play.