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How to impart cleanliness to a hamster?

Many would like to bring these lovely creatures, but the majority refuses because of a bad smell indoors which reason the cage with an animal is. Or they were told by acquaintances that this quite smelly animal. Actually the healthy hamster living at the good owner or does not smell in general, or the smell from it is almost imperceptible.

As well as to all living beings, hamsters it is necessary to go to a toilet. The nature of this animal, one may say, is unique: to go in the general understanding is for it only on - small . On - big it goes if it is not constant, then quite often, and that most important, flavourless. For a toilet the hamster chooses to himself one of cage recesses which, by the way, can change. Thus, the main problem of a vonyuchesta of a cage are also circulations on - small .

But it it is possible to avoid easily at due patience and attentiveness. As - read further.

Having occupied just bought hamster in a cage, track where he will decide to make to himself a toilet. Most likely, a toilet will become some of cage corners. Already in a day the hamster will have the toilet corner, and it will be simple to distinguish it from others on the wetted filler. This corner needs to be washed up properly then to put in it a small jar or any other capacity, convenient for continuous washing (for example, a big plastic kupalka for birds) and to throw into a jar, except a pure filler, part of already dirty sawdust or napkins.

As you could guess, and the jar will be a toilet. It is much more convenient to wash it, than all cage, but it is necessary to do it though time in two days. If to accustom a hamster to go to a special toilet and to regularly wash a jar, then the smell will not be. The exception is made by unhealthy animals and animals with the metabolism broken owing to the wrong feeding therefore it is worth pricking up the ears if the cage of a hamster, despite everything the taken measures, begins to smell sweet .

However, there is one more reason of emergence of a smell: rotting of vegetables in a lodge. So happens if to give them too much. Though as show the same personal observations, the hamster is clean in respect of an order in the house and carries periodically out general cleaning.

Also, certainly, it is necessary to clean periodically a cage, it is desirable with use of simple soap or another sparing household chemicals. It is necessary not so much for removal of an unpleasant smell how many for hygiene in general.

Let there will be efforts less, and more pleasant minutes with this brisk and nice animal.