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How to get on with her child?

Children are flowers of life, but, according to some men, it is better that they grew in others front garden.

And how to behave if someone already put a floret, and to look after or, to begin with, at least to get used to it, it is necessary for you?

On the one hand if your beloved already has a child, she hardly at the most inappropriate moment will suggest you to bring one more.

And on the other hand, you should improve the relations already now, to build bridges of trust and to reckon with opinion let and small, but the person.

The main thing - not to panic, and as the man in the blossoming of forces Carlson spoke, - Tranquility! Only tranquility! .

do not buy his love! Continuous casing by dolls, machines and sweets, eventually, can lead

to the fact that the child will become hysterical and whimsical. At all not from - for the fact that you razbalovat it: simply thus the little son or the daughter will worry about the fact that they exchanged the mother for cubes or transformers at a favorable rate.

What to do? needs to unite with his mother and to ask it to mention several times at the child what you careful and kind with it. Through some time the kid will calm down and will understand that everything is all right.

Do not enter with it into a collision. by

Of course, one just once it is possible to make a secret of the excess eaten candy. But constantly to indulge the increasing child`s whims, to resolve what was forbidden by his mother, to protect when the child is obviously not right - it is will not lead to anything good. With such behavior you will look in the opinion of the child the deceiver, the traitor of his mother, and he finally will repay to you in kind.

What to do? do not try to understand it - simply not to appear between the devil and the deep sea, do not take part in their conflicts and do not undermine maternal authority on eyes of her kid.

Do not use force.

the beloved`s offspring as if worse than ever did not behave - never dare to beat him a bottom or to drag by a hand in a corner. Most often children provoke adult and foreign uncle to similar acts of violence that then the offended crying and a hysterics to show to mother what villain she contacted.

What to do?

do not give in to b on provocation, quietly leave the room and do not hesitate to call to the aid his mother. Mother has nerves too not steel, she will pour on the first immoderately to the got naughty child soon.

About the father - words it is bad!

Even if the kid practically does not remember the father, relatives for certain told about it. The lack of information and the children`s imagination finished drawing an image of the hero, for example, who is at war on the North Pole with polar bears. Any offensive word or a hint, and especially a manhandling in relation to cancelled to daddy will forever strike you off the " list; good uncles .

What to do? About the father - or it is good, or in any way. If nevterpezh to state everything that you think of this bad person - to a radish behind the next shot glass of tea turn the ardent speech and just anger on friends and acquaintances.

Border - on the lock.

Of course, I mean a parental bedroom. Children are beings restless, at night from - under beds or from a wardrobe they are often attacked by toothy monsters. Therefore, having rushed with a wild roar into your monastery of love, the child can frighten also you, and itself to get a psychological trauma, outposts you behind unclear actions.

What to do? If to you needs to retire even if at night, be closed on a latch. Better the child potarabanit a couple of minutes at the closed door, than will see how you you scoff over his adored mother.