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How to make phone the assistant? Part 1. Dictionaries and books

Presently practically each school student has the mobile phone, but, besides, to call and write messages to girls, it is necessary still to learn to use phone in the informative purposes. That the mobile friend began you to help, it is enough to find in is mute the JAVA function. If found, you can safely turn the phone into a mobile crib.

English lesson.

Let`s say you go on the vacation and know all a couple of words in French and English. And all because at lessons foreign you were engaged in drawing or a molding from plasticine. What to do? Well not to take in the filled suitcase and bags also the dictionary on 50000 words. Even if you and arrive whether then there will be at least one minute to open this Talmud, for example, in some museum or in cafe? Just it is necessary to make one thing - to load into the phone the Dictionary program .

Dictionary is a same Talmud which you would like to take with yourself, only not in printing, and in electronic. This program is very simple. To translate the word, you need to enter only it, and in couple of seconds you will see the translation. The program can look for both by the full word, and on a prefix, in the latter case the list of the words beginning with this prefix is displayed.

Even if you did not gather for rest, the dictionary is useful. For example, at school at a lesson: gathered under a school desk of the word and struck with the knowledge Marya Ivanovna.

This dictionary has both the full, and cut-down version. The first case in the dictionary contains more than 29000 thousand words. The second which mostly is intended for travel and talk contains about 7000 words. For inveterate polyglots the unabridged dictionary of Moliere is provided. So now you precisely behind the word will not get into a pocket.

The following program which I would like to consider will be of MobiTutor . It will help you to translate words not only from English into Russian, but also on the contrary. You will enter in MobiTutor not just boringly words and to wait until their translation jumps out, and will begin to play with the mobile phone. The program is made in such a way that at input of the English word you are given four versions of the answer. So now you still will have to podnapryach brains. And it because developers want that you remembered words is made, but not just for nothing they were translated.

But there is more to come. In - the first, at the wrong answer the program will suggest to try once again and if next time it does not turn out to translate, then the word will be entered in the list for repetition. Also in MobiTutor the dictionary mode where you will be able to look through all variants of translation of the word, practically as in the previous program is realized. Two versions - compact and expanded

a literature Lesson are available to downloading. without having managed to be prepared by

for a lesson of the Russian literature, be not upset, your phone will help. Once you load into it text summaries, and you are rescued. It can be made by means of the Tequilacat bookreader program .

Now you will be able to forget about huge volumes Lord of the Rings or War and peace . Even if you very much wanted to read it, then houses or in library would do it as to carry with yourself such book not everyone wants. But now you can, having downloaded an applet, to simplify to itself life. The program is distributed absolutely for free, and imagine, the creator at it the Russian - Alexey Vdovichenko.

I want to tell at once that himself does not need to download this program to phone. You have to have it a proinstallirovana on the computer, and then you with its help will make so-called midlets - JAVA - appendices which can be placed in the mobile phone.

the utility of Tequilacat bookreader consists of the Shell program which of the usual file with expansion. txt will be able to make to you. jar - the file - the midlet containing the text of the book and means for its viewing. Dzhava - appendices are written on J2ME MIDP 1. 0 so they will approach absolutely any phone. Now you will be able to create own electronic library and to fill up it with e-books, and at lessons of literature to shine with knowledge.

If to speak about settings, then the program can read any fonts. Also scrolling of the text, either line-by-line, or paginal is adjusted, in the text it is possible to move, for this purpose it is only enough to enter figure as a percentage, and you will be sent at once to that piece of the book which is necessary. The program also breaks books according to heads that does navigation even more convenient, the text can be displayed both from left to right, and from top to down. It is made especially for phones with the big screen and small. In Tequilacat bookreader you choose, to include or not illumination in phone - for economy of a charge of the battery. At a midlet there are also hours in order that, without leaving the appendix, it was possible to learn time.

In the following part read about programs for communication.