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LEGO. How to design to the child mood?

Morning. I still watch a dream which I am not fated to look through. On me falls, to be exact, younger sister with shouts collapses: Let`s play! .

When I am not busy, I try to find for it as much as possible time, but not at six o`clock in the morning... At this time in the day off there is a wish still though a little to have a sleep, but

- Not now, - I answer.

- Now, - it insists.

Having stated everything that is possible, in a pillow, all - I find forces to tell it once again is not present . But when I hear: You to me will build the city or little shop? - that I jump from a bed, saying: And what happened to the yesterday`s city which I built?

The little sister smiles and says that it was not pleasant to her, or she pursued a cat and is casual Here I loudly say: I will Not play - and she goes to a bedroom. No, do not think that she took offense. It went for boxes in which the set of multi-colored details is stored.

Coming back in a couple of minutes, already without smile upon the face she says: Perhaps you will construct? . I, understand that there is no exit, and that if I tell it is not present once again, I can make the kid cry. As in such state to design to the child mood?

You pour out all contents of a box on a floor and you begin to give tasks that your child tried to find details necessary to you. And that it was much more interesting to it, let houses be built by not your hands, but builders Vasya, Petya or Vova. When the first details are established on a board, do not hurry. Collect, for example, the machine, and let your child, having taken one more worker (we will call his Kohl), will rummage not just hands on a small group of details, and to find them Kolya, and then by means of the machine to bring to you on building.

If you began to design bar, then while your hands build the building, let the child bring together little men and tells what the institution will open soon and what in it can be bought. Let will try to make the small menu together with future cook.

While you build something or complete after yesterday`s breakages, do not forget to joke and talk to the kid. Involve it in game, let he or she try to build and think out interesting designs of houses, restaurants, parking, open cafes.

If you do not want to build, then in a couple of minutes you build small office, and give to the child the girl Masha who works at office, and take in a hand of Paul who has to come for the girl to go with it to the beach. At this action you not only will be able to communicate to the child, but also to see how he will react. In the first day Masha in hands of your kid can be busy, in the second - at her will be output and so on.

Having finally woken up, you try to arrange travel on all apartment, for example, having got into the car or into the boat. During travel you come around on kitchen, there you buy products in your refrigerator. For example, a beret to steam of slices of cheese for the kid, and yourself you pour coffee. Having eaten, you go to the initial point, there it is necessary to make a bed on which you slept recently (or tried to sleep). So you will be able not only to play, but also to redo affairs. If you go to a bathtub, then you will be able to clean teeth and to wash, and Lego - little men - to be bought.

Usually after you stop building, the child begins to play about, and game goes not by your rules any more. Now it is possible to relax a little. The child can already independently play. No matter, that in one couple of hours, and maybe minutes, everything will be in ruins again. There will be one more occasion to start huge building with your kid and to make a small room trip.

After such game in the designer of LEGO the child will have a good mood for a long time. I guarantee it to you.

P. S. My city is always called Lego - Vegas. To build up something similar on Las - Vegas always pleasantly. Therefore think out interesting names that from it it became cheerful not only to you, but also your kid.