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Love meal. How to eat, recovering?

Taste the food in love. Do not eat so as if you just have to eat it. You love it, then put in a mouth, and then eat with love. You taste not food, you taste love .

I this food at you on a table. Whether it is necessary to accept it between times? Between quarrel with relatives and viewing of the telecast, the next portion of destructive news. Any meal - action. You feed the flesh, that body which is given you in this life. You give energy through food. And it is very important that this energy was positive that after a rare beefsteak with blood you did not want to go and destroy.

It would seem - what communication? The most direct. We have breakfast long ago, we have dinner and we have supper just because so got used. Not each of us can brag of frequent family feasts or evening tea drinking when the table is beautifully laid, is served by expensive ware where everyone bears all the rest the pleasure and Lyubov. And it no other than exchange of energiya. Any biopower engineering specialist knows it as Pater Noster. Stronger give energy weakened or the patient, sending the Lyubov through tasty cooked food.

Time accelerates, and we begin to lose the century knowledge, to forget them. For the accelerated time and food thought up accelerated - synthetic. All these fast lunches - poured boiled water and both the table, and the house is ready Only for some reason our stomachs do not agree with it. Begin to fail. And what is an illness in principle? Clot of negative energy. On the website there are articles about meditation. Competent articles necessary. If each of us was able to meditate how to brush teeth - daily and in day several times - so many hospitals would hardly be necessary! To be able to distribute competently energy - here one of problems of meditation. And it is correct, with Lyubov the cooked food - one of health components.

As to eat, recovering? All food - from the beginning of preparation and until the meal - has to be prepared with Lyubov. Thoughts are pure, are filled with creation and pleasure. Someone will skeptically wrinkle a nose now or at all will tell: Nonsense! Well is your choice. To be healthy or Everyone chooses for himself.

I was shaken once by history of one monk. It was ground in fortress for courage of thoughts. In day gave only a crust of bread and rotten water. In several months took an interest in its destiny. Thought that it would be time to bury On the contrary! The monk was live and healthy. Bread (grain) gave it strength, and it turned rotten water in full by means of the PRAYER! He just said on it a prayer and water changed the properties.

Do not eat between times, at the computer, in front of the TV, during quarrel Thereby harm is done to own health.

Once my friend told me that in her family the sick or angry person will not cut off even bread. It is done by those at whom is higher today than the power engineering specialist who feels well. A few years ago it seemed to me absurd. But after that I began to be engaged in energy saving and understood deep sense of these words. When the person is sick - an organism as self-regulating system, throws all forces on suppression of the center of an illness. And does not spend force for digestion of food any more. Therefore sick people do not want to eat. And as a recovery symptom - desire to eat! To what tasty usual transparent broth for the recovering person seems.

In the house where cook well, always there lives Lyubov. It is an axiom. Good luck. And tasty to you meals!