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How it is original to serve red caviar?

Red, to be exact salmon, caviar for someone is considered a dish daily, for someone - a delicacy by a holiday. Is also such who even it does not transfer a smell. Today not about them. Usual red caviar sandwiches or caviar on a half of hard-boiled egg - traditional snack. There are no special secrets. I would like to share with you the finds in a question of giving of caviar.

A few years ago chef of one of our restaurants and in combination my friend presented to me this recipe. On the round plateau decorated with lettuce leaves the equal " chips around give all the best; Pringls . The spoon of red caviar, a rosette from oil and a parsley small stalk is put on each chipsina. Very beautifully looks. Tasty. The only minus - these chips needs to be given at once. Slightly will lie down and the hrustkost of chips is lost. Caviar impregnates them.

For a recent family holiday I prepared snack pancakes with red caviar and a red small fish. On them it is possible to give anything.

For 1 portion:

of 7 g of fresh yeast or 1 teaspoon of dry;

2/3 of a glass of milk;

of 2 h spoon of sugar;

2 eggs to separate the yolks from the whites;

1 cup of usual flour;

3 tablespoons of butter to kindle;

vegetable oil for frying.

Preparation: Yeast to dissolve

in warm milk, to add sugar, flour and yolks, to stir. To leave for half an hour to approach in the warm place. To beat whites with a salt pinch to soft peaks. In dough which by this moment everything already went bubbles to add the cooled-down butter and to carefully enter whipped whites. To fry on a frying pan, having slightly oiled it vegetable minutes on two from each party.

Pancakes turn out very gentle. So viscous dough. Elastic. On the cooled-down pancakes to put on a spoon of caviar or on a piece of a small fish, and it is a little butter. Nyamka!

The next way of giving - on a cucumber piece. Select the smallest, gentle cucumbers. You cut off a half of a fresh cucumber, you cut off a fruit stem. Cut each cucumber on short pieces, and each piece in half lengthways - not up to the end. As if you cut a cucumber lengthways, only the top part has to be a little thinner than lower. This - that the top part also needs to be attached a toothpick - to make a sail. And in the place which opened in the middle of a cucumber to put a caviar spoon. Such it is green - the red ship will turn out.

For New year cooked salad. All mine called it Life was successful . Salad can be any fish. And ornament - red and black caviar. This salad won first place on ornament in one of forums. And my Italian son-in-law, having seen this photo, requested immediately to create to it such miracle. Though fish caviar does not favor.

Tasty and beautiful to you tables!