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Energy as the good hostess, brings order. Organizing chaotic matter in strictly certain structure, energy forces substance to reproduce many itself for further gains. Full, unattainable for modern natural sciences today, calculation of increase in entropy - Chaos - opens an essence of concept of relativity. Entropy does not increase. The reverse of the medal is the Order. Chaos and the Order - the Uniform twins of one Father who are in power dynamic balance. The life-giving idea creates life again and again.

Passed much - many years...


Having left at the night the house, the person raised the head and was stupefied. The splendid fireworks continue. He is so great that we call it - infinity. It is so long, in comparison with our life that we call it - eternity. We, free riders on the planet Earth, all also we scatter, a star from a star, in boundless space.

Each infinitesimal particle as if the ant, works and creates the ant hill. In this microcosm victorious occurrence of Spirit continues. The ant hill gives birth to a new ant, and it builds new ant hills. The same unity and dualism - opposite ways and methods of implementation of requirements of Idea.

All stars and planets, like ants and motes, are in strict and accurate interrelation. Division of Life on micro and macrocosms conditionally is also necessary for the person, for definition of its place in the Universe.

From all planets called in honor of Gods is allocated one with the simple name Earth. We see the huge woods, the improbable sizes oceans, terrestrial tverd - continents, islands. All this variety of forms lives in the power niche. And it is already possible to call our Earth a microcosm in comparison with the Universe.


still call Strict interrelation hierarchy. Hierarchy of the worlds needs to be understood in the sense that there is a consciousness below ours and, fortunately, is above. You remember, we were children? A ridiculous toy - a pyramid. We strung multi-colored rings on a core in a certain sequence. Such is and a world order. Each ring takes the place in a pyramid, it has the energy - structure - matter. In other words, the Life - Consciousness, Chaos - the Order. On a vertical axis the ring is limited to the next rings - the worlds. Location of each ring is defined by own Space frequency. Laws nobody cancelled


We will draw Yin - Yan horizontally, and in the center the infinite power axis is vertically put. Across the ring has no borders - Infinity. But we remember that it has thickness - Eternity. It is Torahs. The Torah the Solar Way determines internal volume as the sphere of competence of this world. All are equal to


Here it, true equality! We were born in one cradle. Created by one Father, we went everyone the own way.

Are inscrutable Ways...

And here it, true brotherhood! All of us are brothers on Spirit, on Energy. Naturally, we exert huge impact at each other, the world on the world. Having dispersed in the ways - roads, each of us received the house, the planet, the asterisk. There is no homeless among us. In it the great Principle of Justice.

Each World received from the Creator a full freedom of choice in the sphere of competence. And if Earth ecology is broken, then these are only our problems. And it is fair! If you do not wash the dishes in the kitchen, the Martian is really guilty? Likely, it has the Martian kitchen. Besides he would be glad to communicate to us, but between our ringlets (spheres of competence) a huge power barrier. The similar meeting is deadly to us. That is why contact is still not come. Near us the neigbour - the Moon. We feel its influence daily. Flew, looked - there is nobody. We look and do not see. Perhaps, not that we look?

Sharp-sightedly only heart. Eyes you will not see the most important.

Scientists in the researches approached to a threshold for which we are not let . Of course, only let us. Look at results, look around. If to give to the person truth whether we will live till the morning? A problem in what? The child breaks a toy to learn how it is arranged. It is only a toy. What researchers apply for, - Life.

With energy do not joke.

The set of minerals of a human body became known. But, as before, the organization of these elements which is called Life is unknown.

People are mortal Gods.

Gods are mortal people.

Life is wider than any reasonings on it.

The belief is more important than knowledge.

Really in all this there is no deepest sense? The feeling of respect for the Creator prompts to us that process is operated Consciously. Very difficult question. Actually - the Question of Meaning of life. Let`s try to find out an idea from four points of view.

Life. It was given initially in all variety of visible forms of a macrocosm. Stars, continents, woods, animal. With the invention of an electronic microscope we for certain know of the enormous and intriguing microcosm life. Opening of the fundamental Law of energy conservation became the brightest achievement of natural sciences. Thanks to this fundamental law we managed to find out communication of these worlds. The fundamental communication which is carried out always and everywhere without days off and holidays. We even learned to use this law in the activity. Having opened a set of microparticles, we saw that life is the movement. Were convinced that in this movement there is a permanent job both micro, and macroparticles Real.

Life is a difficulty which needs to be overcome.

Work. A microcosm - elementary particles - penetrate all Univers. They as messengers, overcoming Chaos resistance, bear a message about a divine order, paving the way for a landing. Landing of troops not far off. As its manifestation serves the variety of a macrocosm. Let`s notice: hard work. In what conditions work? Liquid helium at an absolute zero temperatures soars. Even the absolute cold does not manage to stop this work. If it was succeeded to stop at least one of elementary particles, then, considering power interrelation of the worlds, in the same millisecond all universe would fail. On that they and messengers, with their speeds, frequencies. The main forces, being tightened, reveal visible variety of a macrocosm, in aspiration for messengers win more and more high power niches, reveal - create potential opportunities of an idea.

Creativity. The worlds created just like in the aspiration to new heights - true With - creators. Who will agree on vegetable existence ? A stop - death. So we are forced to move forward.

That you that you, we already passed it. Also we remember that in our sphere of competence we were given a full freedom of choice. A fair opportunity to dispose of the life. Interestingly, for what? Strange generosity. Agree, dear reader, is not enough something in our reasonings. Certainly, Love.

Love. Generous, boundless. It is given ... both nowadays, and prisno, and for ever and ever . Enormous love. The equal, fair, impartial, creating everything new and new life forms. The circle became isolated. Life is a Work. Work means Creativity. And creativity is impossible without Love. All these concepts speak about same. About Meaning of life. you will not throw out

From a song of words.



Examples nothing can be proved and nothing can be disproved. But they help us to specify and understand many concepts.

Each person in the life is almost unlimited in opportunities. But there is Something that not within his power.

Under high - the high sky, grew in the boundless steppe two oaklets. One of them traced powerful roots back to the sort, is deep in the mother - the earth. The harmonous trunk was pleasing to it the eye. All the nature he aspired to the sky. The branchy krone could cover the traveler from the scorching sun and from bad weather. Neither the cold, nor a heat, nor a storm to it are terrible.

Another was sickly from the birth. So it turned out. Both roots weak, and the trunk is crooked, and leaves sick, and all is unsightly. Besides the neighbourhood of the strong brother oppressed him. Why brother? So just like everything is uniform.

Oh, steppe storms! Fierce, ruthless. Flew, began to whirl, uprooted ailing and carried away. One man`s guess is as good as another`s, where.

Is short and remembered it...

Is similar also life human.

Spirituality - materiality.

Modern natural sciences convincingly proved that our world is built by the principle: energy - structure - matter. The prime cause of so huge variety is energy. Spirit of the person. To a skilled eye distinctions between children are noticeable. All children are original. Everyone shows the identity in own way. Distinction of children is most evident in families with several children. How often you thought of it? Emotions, forces, health... Yes are not similar at all. An age difference year, and it is necessary

to us it is not allowed to affect this energy, spirit. Stop! Let`s speak. Worse - we can make that - behind it will not become. And it is better? What it is better to eat, what is worse? Not you the first gave birth, not you the last. Billions passed. People found out that well to the woman in labor what is bad. Any Mother will explain. But if all in the way ?

the Doctrine the Solar Way enters the concept CONSCIENCE - the Joint Divine MESSAGE. It is potential energy of an embryonic cage. We will talk about the biophysical party of a question in lecture: Subject of the Manoeuvers of JV Here we will only tell what is not let us know with what conscience the child will be born. And nobody can affect it whatever spoke. Yes it is ridiculous! Conscience is deep roots of the Tree of Life. Declaring the opportunities of influence on conscience, on Spirit of the personality, thinks himself it is unknown whom. Eventually, you never know who and that speaks - its responsibility. There is nothing to do - and you speak! Dogs bark, wind carries, the caravan goes .

the Image - up plus infinity, down minus infinity; we, mankind, in a power row borrow at - at - a very narrow strip with a frequency of 8 - 9 Hertz. In total. Point. Fantazma we keep around.

B of this, God-given, a strip we also live. And as? Yes all in own way. The fact that all we are located. And everyone is born with the potential energy - conscience and if which of people could influence her from the outside, we with you would not read these lines. With our knowledge the World would cease to exist. Well, brothers, the World will remain - we will not be! What you, from ashes created, speak?

... you, blood handful,

of Bones and sinews.

Could not be.

your bitter cry, about what?

It is known, in a sound mind - a sound body. Energy is spent for creation God`s temple . Look around what raznotsvety. High and not really, well-fad and thin etc., etc. Unity of mind and body. And to everyone, really, - the. You will not change color of eyes, do not reduce growth, do not fatten thin - in Russia speak " long ago; in total uselessly and also on the contrary creaks " longer;. Or you can make a hair black, or to prolong life? And! You heard THAT?.

I as if flies here and there,

Wander rumors about houses


At top of evolutionary process on the planet Earth we received abstract thinking. Our reason is an invisible barrier on which one side - spirit, and on another - a body. Invisibility of an essence does not change, and creates additional difficulties. As that - the bad head does not give to legs of rest . Dualism spirit - a body speaks about various functional tasks. No more than that. Naturally, each task demands the approach. There are general regularities and, plus, identity. Any antagonisms. Who will undertake your body if not you? And to whom you will entrust it? Here for whom it is possible - Mothers! So she also does not know... Would know - taught. It is not our fault, but trouble. It is necessary with - a trudnichestvo and with - creativity of Life. We will also be engaged in this!

Identity - a sociality.

of People - a being social. Fairy tales about Tarzan no other than fiction of the novelist. Cases of finding of people in the jungle, the woods are repeatedly described. These people adopted a way of life of animals, and all attempts to return them to society ended is deplorable. It as, well or badly? It - in any way. It is LIFE.

Who where was born and what studied to?

Yes. We will tell - destiny. Also we will be absolutely right. The DESTINY is our parents, ours - at everyone the - an earth corner, neighbors, friends and colleagues, the city and the country of the childhood etc., etc., dear reader. Generally, all that we saw was heard, endured. The destiny is the shown and realized conscience. Let`s turn back back and at least before ourselves we will be frank - all the same nobody hears. We studied when we learned? No! We looked how there live parents and what we saw? Okromya so it is impossible - anything! We listened. Now, if to you thirty - fifty years, answer yourself: so listened or heard? Heard! Went further... No. Stop!

of the Critic without offers - faultfinding.

Here it is identity. From all information about surrounding, from all people who met to you incidentally in life, from all professions to which there was an opportunity to learn you, consciously or unconsciously, chose what aspired to, from what sang your soul.

To love the person is to see him such,

what it was created by God,

but were not realized by parents.

One - since the childhood reached for cars. Another - imitated languages. The third - reached for books. Other, other, other... If you I hate suffering to cook food how from you to grow up the cook - the professional? If person I do not transfer to spirit to sing who will listen to it? Eh, forces parental!

In the east exists tradition of selection of boys for profession of a physician. Five-year-old offer ten flat cakes, nine of which are poisoned. Stretched to normal, only - you approach. You will be a doctor whether is not present - will show time, but the chance is. You will begin to be taught. Stretched to poisoned - it is necessary to look for other profession, companions parents. This responsibility to future patients, and, actually, for health of all nation. BUT! The choice is given all. The whole world before you. What do you choose? Who your RELATIVES, COMPANIONS, COLLEAGUES? Here and your DESTINY!

Facts are stubborn things.

There are two riddles in the world: As was born - I do not remember how I will die - I do not know. All the rest in your power. You choose a way, the way chooses you. Principle of a straight line and feedback. Everything is counterbalanced. It should be remembered. In aspiration to spirituality, in development of intelligence you should address people. Be careful! You know great opening of the East Yin - Yan. In it is mute the Universe system reveals, we are so arranged, everything is right also for Society. Huge number and quality Black it is counterbalanced by the same quantities and qualities White .

you are forced to communicate with people. Otherwise from where information will come with whom you discuss ideas, plans, with whom you will go on reconnaissance ?

I one in the field - the soldier,

But not the creator!

Having become isolated within own life, you will inevitably come to loneliness. Shortly you will cease to be understood, it will quickly lead to thought that you live among the fools understanding nothing in your words. Still a step - arrogance and a natural, terrible consequence - spiritual loneliness. Development stops.

Life - this cooperation. For example, why to people to work on development of your intelligence? Why to people to build with you the house if they do not have in it the place? Think over whether you convince many to help you? As paradoxically it sounds: The World human Is ethic!

That from us who brought up monster the first perishes from his hands. Showing activity in society, reflect what you bear to the World? You you substitute only! For people do not worry, having united, they will kill yours to a monster . Mankind History dazzles with the similar facts.

In aspiration to self-realization any identity is forced to think of the near and far environment. Otherwise your ideas are potentially doomed. You can offer remarkable white projects. And where results? will wise up you. Will wise up - will try to lick you into shape. Those from us who clever, already having spiritual experience, are careful active virtue . Because know: Good intentions paved a way to HELL . If you offer

black - all of us want to live. Go! - and you alone will make nothing thin. Here and all right.

Cruel men! - fools exclaim. Well, the brother, you are wanted to be helped. To develop, force to think before... Set Black has the small baby White . Example: nobody helps, therefore, develops your independence and promotes approbation of your ideas in life. Actually you are taught, and (dream of silly) it is free.

Silly and greedy pays twice.

Second time Life.

Thus, indirectly protecting weaker from you. Protecting all that unfamiliar who, without having knowledge and experience, can give in to you and ruin itself. Listen to people - will prompt to you. You watch how the rumor about the person goes. You are warned. You persist, do not trust people - receive! Did not grow wiser - still receive! It is necessary not to accuse people, and to grow wiser in the eyes . If in your life it is very dark, then you something is obvious very much - very important did not understand. enemies often without understanding that, put to you diagnosis . How here not to remember Love your enemies ? Love

and recover and if be too lazy, not recover - receive! Thanks to the World that there are such people. Thanks to them the World is healthy!

Same is right also in education. Communicating, think as to whom you speak. You in the answer for all who were tamed . It will be rendered by all means moreover a hundredfold. What you told, people will ask: And itself as you live? You have the right to teach only that, Uchitel`s misters that you do and as you live. Otherwise you will be told: - If I listen to you, I will live the same as you. Thanks, is not necessary! Also will be right!

of People to the person Uchitel!

Or you go about not the own business, did not find calling - God gives the Rank and People confirm, or do not consider identity, tell not that and not to that. It shows your dilettantism. Shortage of experience, knowledge and opportunities. And on you, in that case, responsibility for an outrage with which you so " lies; courageously in words, you fight . And on life, in practice?

Any training individually, and the teacher bears personal, personal responsibility for the pupil`s Life. Parents, please, call to us such schools? Consider that Life is a school of captains - we already passed it.

Nonsense not defect, but big beastliness.

We live in a close information field and as we flu, exchange nonsense. In imperfection of society ALL are guilty and EVERYONE. We admit the guilt and we write this article in aspiration to rouse you to independent reflections. And what was made by you?

We, in return, consider that addressing any big group of people, you will always find out that the part of them forgot what you told, still before others understood and that the part did not become interested yet in the fact that you say, by that moment as others were already tired to listen and were disconnected . And all-...

Listen to the World. You are Loved!

Activity - contemplation.

of People is active and seeks to change the life. While we are young, we are overflowed by forces, the sea of feelings, emotional storms. Children need to splash out energy. Fidgets - we say. To anyhow learn the world? Sitting on a bottom exactly? You Will stay, and is farther what? It is necessary to be in time - time is. At any activity there is a contemplation element.

A picture is worth a thousand words, than.

If you considered identity, you are right that listened to another. And if there are no forces somewhere to go, they were once long ago? Do not despair!

Are inscrutable Ways...

Who defined ways - roads? On what to go what to choose? Any age dlinnekhonek. Because it is already passed. Many milestones behind. Let`s stop for a minute and we will argue. How many occurred. Really incidentally?

All accidents are strictly natural.

Contemplation is a thought process. Every second, with each sigh thoughts are replaced. Five sense organs steadily deliver information which is instantly processed. Only something new, earlier unknown, forces us to reflect, causing activity of thought. A brain of the person - the biochemical laboratory definitely structured. On creation of this structure as on construction of the house, at everyone so much time how many he considered it necessary left. And everyone chose quality of construction.

Destiny of the person. Difficult and just at the same time. Life demands work and creativity. Any work is honourable. Any creativity causes respect. The effort from the person is necessary. To overcome laziness and lie. It is not simple. The mankind is programmed by all course of evolution on development. And most of all we are tired of boredom, of senselessness of the events. How a lot of things influence our life? To touch these reasons silly. Just silly, intolerably silly . And nevertheless, we will turn back. It is necessary. you read to

of Times these lines, so you have a future. Life did not come to an end. Nobody criticizes the opera, without having listened to the end up to the end. Still a lot of things can be made. Beauty of a picture depends on the artist. Of course, a lot of things are lost, but it is not less and is acquired. Often we hear: It was better Earlier... CERTAINLY. Earlier to us was sixteen, we were young and beautiful. Health burned with a flush on cheeks. Hair curled. Everywhere waited for us. The whole world at our legs. We were necessary.

from the moment of communication emergence energy - matter, appeared concept relativity. The good - the evil, is good - badly, left - right. The essence of the events is evident in the Yin - Yan. Relativity in us. And we should enter qualitatively - quantitative characteristics. Let`s call relativity in us interior . Everything that outside, - outside world . It will allow to place points over i and to be defined in our position.

Origin of the personality - a difficult question. More interests unity and dualism of an interior. All rests against knowledge and observance of a measure. We will consider this problem throughout all course. Now we will remember that the soul and a body of the person are uniform and interdependent. Any changes of soul are reflected in a body and vice versa.

the Personality appeared. With what energy, with what potentiality? Nobody knows. However we know that God loves ALL. All are equal to

before God.

We are born equal. Also the destiny of the person begins. Often we saw how through asphalt the sprout makes the way. By we go on the affairs. Anyhow? Hammered, trampled - the sprout died. It is life. Not on the cards.

We adore the wood. Walks, silence, rest for us turn into death under our legs of a great number of insects. And it is life too.

Life - the act of Creation.

Again and again everything falls back into place. there is no

anything more stubborn in the world, than matter.

Once involyutsionirovanny and changed substance, energy dictates the rules. Structured under laws of spirit, matter reproduces life. Effort invisible to an eye, visible results of creativity - stable and high-quality work. Also macrocosms participated in creation of mankind micro. Process of emergence of identity demanded incalculable time. Everything is created for us, for our advance forward, for our further evolution. It is our debt, our task in the face of Earth History.

Only from this position is possible and it is necessary to consider problems of the person. It will allow us to understand an events essence. To find out what is important. On what we have an opportunity to affect. As, the most important to change. And, having separated a ryegrass, to pass to active life.

Formation of the personality - rather complex problem. The huge role is played by the creator hands, his responsibility is big. We have a child, as a rule, when ourselves still have to be learned and taught. What to do? To study on the play " course;.

to Study - means to change.

Changes, for example, when the child in a family appeared, will concern your habits, the mode, plans. All your life. On these changes it is possible not to agree - to wait by the sea of weather . It is possible not to know - as as. Look for

and you obryashchit.

We consider that the main problem - in ignorance. If to explain everything to the Person taking into account identity, then he will pull up trees. And life confirms our position. Ability of the person to change is defined by exclusively person. Destiny - the lived years, the realized potentiality at the moment. Very important point. Why? Let`s understand. What influenced development of the personality?

the Competent answer - ALL! More particularly - growth, weight, width of shoulders - why is not present? - all appearance. The materiality given from the birth exerted impact on the importance of this or that cultural wealth. Punishing the child physically, we seek to exert impact on its attitude towards this or that. At the same time we do not consider change of the attitude towards us, parents, friends, companions. In unintentional self-conceit we consider synovyyu, the affiliated, friendly love given us from the birth, eternal who are not demanding constant efforts, work, creativity. However at the dacha, vanishing all days off, we understand what there is a speech about. Also begins - here we understand, here we do not understand. Let`s not lie to ourselves - what you will seed, you will reap .

Time to scatter and time to collect stones.

There passes time. We see results of spiritual influence - absence of the authority, often elementary disrespect for us, our work, our life. It is the heaviest to observe repetition of our mistakes with grandsons.

Apple from an apple-tree far does not slide.

Choosing the wife, look at mother:

over the years the wife will become same.

We will not forget that around us people. The society exerts impact on the child. With whom he communicates with whom he is on friendly terms who is at our place where also to what studies? Having lost our trust, activity of the person will cause the necessity of searches of authorities. Their opinion will be defining.

the Best way of confidence-building -

obrugivany shrines.

Shrines in the broadest sense. The person found something, to something stretched. It is possible not to doubt - this house was not. Identity was shown. For example, peers are more democratic. We have no time - we declare. Your problems! The teenager is young and active and to wait when you are released, will not be.

Not that father who gave rise, and the one who brought up.

And Mother? We do not know much. Who was not young

, that was not silly.

Choosing from what offers life, alone with herself the personality thinks over, estimates, defines importance of information - beholds. Remember an unclear look of the son:

- Of what you think?

- About anything!

Cannot explain what is not defined yet. The person understands that the choice behind it, he creates, builds the life. Independence is its right.

Any business begins with a big smoke break.

Has to begin. Each of us - is immortal. But it is limited to average age of life. Beginning creation - work and creativity - it is necessary to know the remote consequences of the actions - where as that, why, with whom for whom and whether it is necessary in general.

That knew youth, and the old age could.

The person - is free in the choice of knowledge and therefore he is responsible for the life. Ignorance does not exempt from liability. Laws nobody cancelled


The motto of the Solar Way - Freedom! Choice! Independence! We will sort these concepts of the lecture Choice as personal freedom . The fact the fact that you are free in the inner world - Were, Is and you Will be. And as it is sad, all disgusting and all fine in your life is created by you. The principle of Justice will be observed with an accuracy, incomprehensible for us. Who knew? - you will exclaim. And the world will answer you: It was necessary to know!

Warm-heartedness - intellectuality.

Ability to reflect, think - fine evolutionary means. Having this tool, we bring definiteness in life. We comprehend earlier not studied. The structure of a brain constructed under universal laws nevertheless is strictly individual. During many millennia the actual material was saved up and definition " is given; competent thinking. It is sad that, leaving in life we are not able to think under the Law of Love. We will talk about the Law of Love in the lectures Principle of Honesty Principle of Respect Principle of Sincerity .

Thought of the person is, at least, an electromagnetic wave with a frequency of 8 - 9 hertz and with a wavelength about 2 microns. Extensively from our head spheric waves disperse. Penetrating our body, thoughts influence both health, and ability of the person to feel, with - to worry. Sincere callousness leads to spiritual loneliness.

is necessary to the Person the person.

Inability to with - to a chuvstviye is similar to a bog with rotten water. There is no communication - there is no exchange of energy and information, there is no reflection, development ended.

the Sound Mind - healthy Reason - a sound body.

Naturally to think and with - it is hard to feel. Reflections demand overcoming of laziness and lie. For with - a chuvstviye overcoming of the Instinct of Self-preservation is necessary. The only means of overcoming - to worry as natural disaster . As well as what to endure? In what direction and about what? We came to need for Uchitel`s life. Lecture Great pupils have great teachers .

of People to the person teacher.

You understand or not: you determine by each thought, each sincere response, each act and defend the Future. The, the ancestors, the family, the descendants. You - a link in a chain of generations! And now the destiny of all chain of ancestors - descendants depends on your ability to the doctrine, change, overcoming.

Secret of the birth is solved concept AT - the RANK. There are no accidents. Everything is earned by work and creativity of generations. You on - were called - and you were born. YOU! With your conscience, destiny, calling. Happiness to live is transferred how a baton from hand to hand, from grandfathers to sons, to grandsons and further. If it is deserved. All secret... Everything is fair. All are equal before the Absolute. In the birth at all equal potential opportunities. Realization, destiny more in your hands. Accumulation and transfer of spiritual and intellectual experience - calling - in your power.

He does not deserve anything better.

Such is Life. In total claims - to the Father.

Consciousness defines Life.

Life defines Consciousness.

The circle became isolated. The Pony runs round... The Grass is eaten, another is trampled. The rope is wound on a column. Life is narrowed on a spiral. So the shark approaches the victim. Sphere of competence all already and already. Stuffy becomes to live. Where fresh thoughts? High water of feelings ? Where it, Life?

Vanity of vanities and languor of Spirit.


All of us it is from the childhood.

The child came to the world. In total - new, novel. Information arrives with a huge speed. The person does not manage to process it and asks for the help the authority - parents. To the first people to whom he trusts. A grief to the one who will deceive the child. Sooner or later it will find the answer, and your deception will open. The trust as life, is lost once and for all. You do not know something, better admit honestly. To you science. It is a shame to

to know. It is a shame not to want to know.

The aspiration of the childhood to knowledge is explainable - it is aspiration to live and survive in the huge World - the Self-preservation Instinct. Activity of comprehension surrounding causes contemplate activity. The person begins to reflect. With age the sphere of competence constantly grows.

All first best.

Because absolutely new, with anything incomparable. Now everything can be either it is better, or it is worse. Or the sphere of competence increases - the spiral is untwisted - delivers novelty, feeling of Life, or is twisted... The thinnest web, thought behind thought, twists the person. The loop drags on imperceptibly, unclear for intelligence. Earlier there was no similar experience, there is nothing to compare, estimate. The person sleeps. But at heart began to miss, without realizing the reasons. And once he will wake up, will begin to rush about in search of an exit. BUT!

Hero at the crossroads . Neatly the put problem. On the left you will go, to the right - there`s small choice in rotten apples . It is necessary to go forward. Where? Whether there is this Future?.

As is a little passed roads,

as is much made...

How many it will be made... It is necessary to solve, differently - death, not to consider the bones picked. Here and a raven - time symbol - reminds: you choose in the face of inevitable death. The world waits for the answer. What did you learn that you understood that you experienced what spent forces and time for? The horse was tired, the rider reflected... It seems, still stand?

A things are right where they started

Aspiration to knowledge - actually creation of vital space. To find a source - half-affairs, it is necessary to be able to take. Fear, doubt, self-regret. Here it, protection of this knowledge! Fear of the future, doubt in the past, self-regret in the present. How not to become the pessimist? In an inner world of each of us to the utmost there are three soldiers, defending the Peace and us from ourselves.

the Winner is stronger than the conqueror of the cities.

Not we the first and not we are the last. The decision exists! Lack of information - the soil of unhealthy optimism. As any illusions, and this comes to an end with the tragedy. without knowing

to the ford, do not get into the water.

The sensible realism is necessary. Sensible - in sense healthy. Competent thinking - as the way conducting to health. The way of conquest of these tops demands to itself respect. It conducts to Light, the most valuable on Earth - to the Pure, Eternal Source. Trust, belief, confidence, uverovaniye, love, friendship. Only decision. Trust in the past, belief in the present, confidence in the future. In what, in whom? Unfortunately, this subject is beyond this work. Perhaps, sometime, in the right frame of mind...

we Will sit down a row, we will talk a ladok...

From the moment of emergence of the conceiving being the concept Noosphere appeared. Sometimes the Noosphere is confused with field of an omniscience that is with the Absolute. It in a root is wrong. The absolute is a potential possibility, all volume of Knowledge of the Universe, the Future. For example, strategic development plan for the Universe. In particular, only in particular, it is possible to speak about our Solar System. This energy and information is so improbable, so impossible for our perception limited narrow, 8 - 9 Hertz, the sphere of competence that the name ETERNITY AND INFINITY carries. With energy do not joke.

the Abuse does not say goodbye!!!

Who is warned, that is armed. It is necessary to understand...


Energy and information of the planet Earth - the Noosphere - the realized possibilities of Mankind. Its past - destiny. It is impossible to live past. The noosphere was created by people under Space Laws unconsciously. In aspiration to reveal the general regularities the Mankind gave rise Great Devoted, capable of Work in sweat of the person . A criterion of the Personality is always work: spiritual, intellectual, physical. Greatness - stability and quality of creativity.

the World belongs to professionals.

Spheres of competence extend as if ripples in the water, being sense and calling of the person. It is natural that the fading wave of nobody, even the person, interests. The professional, talent, the genius devoted Great devoted. In it there is also a hierarchy of mankind. Rising above and above, the Personality realizes huge responsibility in decision-making. Naturally, self-restriction of an internal ego, those three Giants. In details in the lectures Subject of JV Instincts and " functions; Responsibility Readiness for a way .

Ability of the personality to effort in an inner world defines quality of life human. The effort is a spiritual courage, warm heroism, intellectual courage. These much-needed qualities can be developed. there is no

Impossible. Possibly everything.

New opening, specification of knowledge inevitably raise all new and new questions. A noosphere, being child mankind, grows in a geometrical progression.

the Burden is given on shoulders.

We so were fond of examining of splinters of a mirror that missed the major question: What do we try to learn? Having taken two splinters and having put them properly, for example, geo - or biophysics, it will be difficult for us to make out the studied object. Three splinters, for example, biogeochemistry, allowed to make out a noosphere. That not so much cleared how many it is even more obscured problem essence. Let`s collect all known splinters, competently we will make them (between times - the Solar Way will turn out), and we will see - correctly! - in all beauty.

- Ah you, vile glass!

It you lie to me to spite!

There is nothing to expostulate on a mirror...

What`s the use in senseless regrets? An essence - in comprehension. Macrotousle as it is sad for mankind, was to our birth, is now, and precisely WILL be even if we will ruin ourselves, in sense we will lay ourselves the hands in a coffin. A little gloomy, he agrees. But facts are stubborn things. Let`s take courage and we will understand: from our disappearance from a face of Earth nothing in BOUNDLESSNESS will shudder. Forgive to

them because do not know that create.

Do not know or do not want to know? Visible difference slightly, and essence? Personal, personal responsibility was not cancelled.

As in your opinion, the computer - whether is attempt to repeat structure of a brain? And all robotics? Weigh tekhnoprogress is a consequence of our comprehension itself.

Any copy is worse than the original.

In fact, the mankind nearby progressed in comprehension of laws of unity and dualism real. All further lectures are devoted to grains of human labor heroism.

in process of development of the latest information mankind pereosmyslyalo earlier accumulated knowledge and spiritual experience. Everything was exposed to check time. In the millennia waited for results. Over time the picture cleared up. As for our country, the one sixth part sushi, its contribution to world culture it is indisputable. We have the right to be proud of our ancestors. Russia - the intersection of Europe and Asia, and it defines and explains fatefulness of the country. And such powers two. Same unity and dualism. The second country as will seem surprising, - the United States of America. In what unity?

In a multinationality. Interpenetration and influence of national gene pools increased a potential possibility of preservation and enhancement of spiritual riches. In mixture of the nations - the deepest sense of creation of Life. Besides solution of the problem of a survival of the multinational state in general. Influence of cultures and traditions mutually enriched and developed each of the parties. Introducing and arguing a certain point of view in joint life, people checked it for the validity. All valuable is deserved and earned from the earth by the price of the human victims. And recognition of the validity of traditions is their existence. Undoubtedly, many traditions changed, but an essence, deep sense is kept, and people will defend it again and again, without sparing the stomachs .

of the Monoculture have no the guaranteed future. Therefore are doomed to extinction. Here sense of association of Europe. Without self-restriction cooperation is impossible! Great Justice of the World consists in Uniqueness of the Choice:

can Help itself, only helping others, it is possible to Rescue himself, only rescuing others.

Everything that you will give, everything a hundredfold will return.

The dualism of these two countries consigns to the past.

Who in youth did not burn,

and in old age did not become the conservative,

that FOOL.

Thousand-year Russia, what only not seeing in destiny. Survived, despite everything. Defended spiritual integrity, did not become embittered.

Generosity - the weapon strong.

Gained immunity to any reorganizations. Was undeceived nearly in everything.

do not allow me to go God crazy.

is better a staff and a bag.

is better hlad yes glad.

Agreeing zrimo, at heart does not trust anybody and anything. The times of troubles in Russia call time of moral fluctuations. Call other times in the history of the Russian state. Hundred years for history - an instant!

Tolerance and unpretentiousness of Russians turned into a legend.

is Slowly harnessed, but quickly go.

Conservatism of national character was shaped for centuries. Tolerance, tartness, experience of endured; Russia is famous for unpretentiousness, not lasciviousness, rejection of any lust.

... Not that present tribe:

Athletes - not you!.

On the other hand, conservatism turns into difficulties of a civil consent, rejection of everyone and everything without analysis. Inability to self-restriction leads to impossibility of public cooperation. What at natural and human wealth causes a beggarly way of life. About what creation there can be a speech? The hostel becomes intolerable and, as a result, revolt and calm.

Russian revolt...

Senseless and ruthless.

Calm... Senseless - what sat earlier what waited for? Committed follies - so to us and to restore! Where sense? Reflected. The Thunder will not burst...

Is thoughtless - Eeekhkhkhaaa!!! - what Russian does not love fast driving? Without analysis, without mercy: turned up, overtook - receive!

cries out Blood of innocently murdered.

Brothers, what did - that? Calmed down... Before the following revolt. Sadly, but fact. Guilty though guiltless. Without Vina?!

Other country, American States, is young and young. Liberalism is peculiar to youth. Reckless lecture of all and everything, imposing of the way of life. Pink-checked, active youth - a wonderful time.

To the American Enterprise yes the Russian Soul.

Remarkable possibility of interstate cooperation. BUT! You should not teach gray-haired thousand-year Spiritual Russia modern quirks. Mind not to understand Russia... Reason - it is good. But still spiritual experience is necessary. It is necessary to worry, experience, gain. To mature!

Youth is a shortcoming,

which passes every day.

So still ahead! And it is remarkable! Much more sadly, when all already behind...

How not to fall into unhealthy conservatism, refusing to itself development? How not to fall into unhealthy liberalism, in inexperienced courage losing valuable and important in our future? Where the measure explaining acts of the personality and society? It is difficult to define a measure taking into account identity, it is much more difficult to adhere to a measure in promptly changing society.

How to avoid the silly pessimism tormenting already emotionally unbalanced soul on trifles? How in a careless sincere rush, unhealthy optimism not to do nonsenses of which it is necessary to be ashamed all life? Where measure, sensible realism? It is difficult to define for everyone personally.

Is difficult - does not mean it is impossible!

Many great philosophers devoted to problems of the social device the works. The important place in this galaxy is taken by our compatriot Nikolay Aleksandrovich Berdyaev. Personally worried social cataclysm of our recent past, Berdyaev apprehended the events as the personal tragedy. In reflections about an essence of social construction he paid attention to dualism of social process in general. Really, everything brings every day the new knowledge demanding a reorganization of public interrelations. The mankind grows wiser, the noosphere grows, causing the next revaluation of values. It is necessary to create new human relations, new social conditions. Due to the constant aspiration of mankind to explanation of knowledge, the latest opening demands efforts in establishment of the new relations in society again and again. Continuous work and creativity is a Life. Again the social problem is not resolved. Analyzing social development in historical prospect, Berdyaev arrived at idea: It is impossible to resolve a social problem. It is possible to resolve social problems . This conclusion is called Berdyaev`s paradox.

Thus, a social problem is unsoluble. Therefore, the mankind is doomed to stray in darkness of own ignorance. Lack of accurate Strategy results us in lack of Tactics. Then it is essentially impossible to resolve even social problems. There is no Strategy - there is no Tactics - the mankind has no Future - there is no General Sense - the senseless, depreciated life of the Personality - fratricide, wars, Chaos. Gloomy, quite misleading forecast... Resolving by

the matter from a position of Unity and Dualism of Life, Mikhail Nikolaevich Shchelkonogov came to a conclusion that: The Social problem was RESOLVED once and for all . Shchelkonogov`s paradox.

As appears from earlier stated material, at everyone living on Earth, at each of us exists the Choice, Freedom, Independence.

We choose Life. Life chooses us.

What Life? Life - as the act of Creation of Life. Absolute Justice is shown in life of the Personality from the point of view of conscience - destinies - callings. The healthy realism allows to define the place in Life.

Each cricket know the perch.

Any was given a neugasayemy SPARK - in it an essence of General Equality and the Brotherhood. The only Way - cooperation and coauthorship of all Mankind.

So to do?

You carry the WORLD in yourself!

I think, for a start to study. In fact, but not to all appearances to wipe trousers. Life is wider than instructions. Life is wider than book knowledge. If so!

Life is wider than any reasonings on it!

To study at life, in the life, in cooperation and coauthorship with life, to study simply to live. We tried to carry you all ingenious simplicity lives, counting that understanding rather a little . Business in you. Eventually, in Life it is possible to understand something, not to understand something, but it is impossible to explain something.