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How to find a highlight in ShZh?

How to blow up School of Life highlight? And support this close-knit family where authors love each other. It seemed to me (I exaggerate) that School. slowly and imperceptibly turns, turns, in the pond which is becoming covered with ooze in which fat and lazy crucians float, frightening silly small fry.

How it can occur? Really it is possible with the prospering publishing house?

With a close-knit family? Forgive to

for impudence that I stir a hornet`s nest, but I will express some disputable thoughts in spite of the fact that I am very grateful ShZh :

1. ShZh supports all authors, irrespective of quality. Without allocating highlights and originals (not pooshchery with the Nobel, Lenin or Stalin awards) or ultrahigh estimates. The number of publications for which authors acquire the long-awaited status prevails and brag wives or friends, enjoying the importance. Some run to a book shelf (Internet) are enough the reference book and creatively transforming, give out article behind article. Briefly, stylishly, beautifully. Five.

2. Some venerable authors participants of numerous parties (comments) so joined a close-knit family and fell in love with it that cannot raise a hand with a feather against the friend (the brother, mother, the sister and so forth relatives). Where critical comments. You are afraid to offend relatives? On mistakes you do not want to study?

3. Sometimes there is a feeling of hairiness (the scheme of close relations on the " type; Vas - Vas ) . When some authors give an appreciation to the darlings and the family unfairly. Sometimes unconsciously for love and respect. Sometimes consciously. Like you I now to you - 5, and tomorrow you Vas to me - 5. And where 1 and 2. Frankly it is also opened? You are afraid to sweep?

To turn favourite ShZh into the rough and pure mountain river from which jump out salmons and trout (and can sometime new Dostoyevsky, Chekhov will jump out or. Charlie Chaplin) in my opinion it is necessary to make the following:

1. To pray to gods - founders and directors ShZh to editors and supervision manpower,

What they would make changes to an assessment of articles. To estimate on 2 - m or 3 - m to parameters and then to summarize estimates.

First assessment Style, readability. - - - - ot1 to 5 points.

Second assessment. Highlight (a non-standard, originality, fresh thought, usefulness for development and improvement of people) - - - ot1 to 5 points

the Third assessment if there are other offers. Let other authors of ShZh, their options) will speak

2. To ask dear gods to organize the award Highlight independent of the status and mastitost of authors. Equal 5, 10 or more America. den. signs for stimulation of outstanding and original authors.

Yes the God`s court will come true.

I then can tell Vasya: - It is written beautifully, it is read easily - 5. There is no highlight (all this is known and it is not really interesting) - 1. Total an arithmetic average - 3. But, alas, not 5. And Vasya then should develop the imagination and intuition and to throw the reference book on a regiment. And when - nibud the genius will jump out of it.

p. s. From life. Even in figure skating (there absolutely fairly clever people work). there are two assessment. The system of estimates underwent testing time, the Olympic Games and the World Cups.

It is quite good and to draw at us a parallel. One assessment for equipment or style, a syllable. The second for the creativity, originality, humour, warm-heartedness even.