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Where it is possible to see not made by hand icon and to feel its force?

on television are also published From time to time data on mysterious places of unsolved force in different corners of Russia.

Mysterious and, in my opinion, the scanty information roused me to searches and research of such places.

I on the nature - the person curious, but mistrustful. The word I take nobody, I do not learn all new itself yet, the hands, organs of touch, sense of smell, etc. Besides, in me, as well as in each of you, special abilities to perception of the world doze.

One of such places is in 180 km from the city of Ufa in the direction to Chelyabinsk. These are caves which are called Ignatyevskimi in honor of the Saint aged man Ignat. They attract tourists with beauty of the nature of South Ural, not made by hand icon and force proceeding from the holy site.

All in God`s hands. Matter of luck. In the warm summer evening I went to a seminar on yoga together with group of people unfamiliar to me. Expecting interest of the reader, I warn that I am not a yogi. In the program of a seminar there were lectures and exercises on yoga, foot walks to a river source Sim and visit of Ignatyevsky caves. This circumstance was for me a main goal of my travel.

On chartered gazelles we approach the village of Sergeevka that in 12 km from caves. Beginners and skilled yogis, the most different professions - to learn the whole kaleidoscope of destinies in the group of people obsessed unknown or just to approach the nature.

We get under a heavy rain. Dead of night. There is no way. The head of group Tatyana rescues us in a rural log hut. We learn several interesting facts from life of the village of Sergeevka in the morning. It appears, all rural goats have names, and geese do not.

Why? Because goats on names respond, and geese do not. That geese were not lost, to each brood make up necks in different color. Geese here color, and streets pure though asphalt is also not laid. It is all about mountain soil of sand color which is not soiled and does not stick to footwear after a rain. There is a street water supply system. Water was drunk. While all are living - are healthy. Sergeevke`s thanks.

Loaded backpacks, tents and into a way in the morning. About 8 km on gazelles on the bad road to the reserved wood, the most part of coniferous. Then some more kilometers on the forest impassable road for cars. Readers got tired? Where these places of mysterious force and not made by hand icon? Anything. I pined too, but eventually was rewarded. Have patience and you, dear readers.

We stretched camp at mountain top, just over a cave. Perhaps I will manage to feel something here? For a start it is necessary to prepare an organism for perception of a miracle. Our dear yogi Vitaly with all responsibility got down to business. Rugs, asanas, exercises and, at last, meditation.

Eh, where my former flexibility? It seems what from - for pains in joints of meditation will not turn out. It is simply impossible. Here not. At once and without any delay everything happened by itself. Quickly, easily, it is delightful. The fact that it was impossible lately in Ufa. I will dare to leave deeply personal experiences from these meditations unsolved for the unprepared reader. Let`s pass further, to caves.

Caves are beautiful. Are over break of a source of the river Sim. Several thousands years ago in them the camp of the ancient person was located. Drawings of animals and people, traces the carried-out by ochre of hands of the cave person, narrow manholes and huge fantastic halls. It seemed to me that there it is cold, but not damp. And here it, a main goal of travel - an entrance, more precisely, a manhole in a cave where the Saint aged man Ignatius lived and prayed. Unfortunately, I am forced to pass history of life and death of the aged man. I think that the reader will be able to find it.

About a manhole. Narrow, about 5 meters long a manhole, it was necessary to dim rugs that expedition could master a difficult site of a way adequately. It was charged to me as not to the most fat man. Having overcome a manhole, I appeared in complete darkness. I had no small lamp. I took several steps to the touch to darkness. Suddenly I changed breath. Without efforts and without meditations. Breath became frequent, deep, powerful. I felt Vibration. Force. Energy.

When other members of group with lamps approached me, I pointed to the place where I feel something. Friends directed small lamps to a cave wall. And suddenly we saw figures of the virgin, the aged man in a pose of meditation and angels. The virgin and the aged man were flows of a stone on a cave wall. Angels were as though drawn and were sideways. It seems that they protected an icon. The wall from which figures were given was dry, and the not made by hand icon was wet as though a mirotochila.

For me it turned out important that in complete darkness I felt something, without the directing instructions and hints. Because then, anew comprehending the incident, I did not doubt concerning lack of hypnosis or suggestion any more. At that moment I was happy. My further adventures let will remain secret.

We will wish to the reader most to become the researcher and to describe new mysterious places on huge open spaces of our homeland. Have a good trip.