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Casual communications: you for or against?

If to open a calendar of significant dates (where it is possible to find both Day of the programmer, and Day of the Irish beer), then it is possible to find out that holidays take place EVERY day. Yes, and together with them - parties and everything that contains in itself this remarkable word Yes, exactly here, at parties, souls reveal, the freshest gossips scatter, others secrets are let out, unexpected acquaintances are struck up and there is what was called the frightening word " earlier; fall . So, meet - CASUAL SEX!

So left

Here met he and she. Perhaps, you are already familiar one hundred years, but about such close acquaintance of the speech and was not. There is also the second option. You stand, turning the head here and there and suddenly It. Or It. Couple of stock phrases, little flirtation and sudden inspiration: I want! The further choice - it is proud to nullify feelings and to disperse in an amicable way, or or to nestle all over and to fly though on the world`s end.

Hot spots Young people at whom from desire darkened in eyes, as a rule, are not too picky

in the choice of an interior. If it was lucky - someone`s room (well also with a latch). It was lucky slightly less - a bathtub, it kafelno - the cooling surroundings and continuous knocks at a door Children, and you what do there, and? Extreme!

the Extreme an extreme, but we will talk about dangers of action under the name casual sex .

Rumors go

the First spoon of tar, as a rule; And you remember, it...? Yes it all feather and in the same vein. Of course, if you depart to space any day or you inherit Bill Gates`s condition, then gossips you do not care. Otherwise, having enjoyed forbidden fruit be ready to attack of rumors. Only present: at a meeting of an eye of friends doubtfully grin. The company of smokers at your emergence amicably stops. And if the second participant of an event flavors rumors with any details?

The Ministry of Health warns

If the previous arguments do not convince, it is worth thinking also of medical aspect of sex on once. Very few people think of reliable protection against different troubles in a fuse of passions. And then fear, analyses, panic and babble: Everything occurred so quickly . Whether there is even the most divine sex of it, and?

And next day they woke up

Of course, destiny - the lady whimsical. You will not guess for anything, than today`s night will turn back to you. Perhaps, since morning he already will also not remember who you are such, and she will declare: I already have a young man . One-time sex can develop into huge is spiritualized - light love, and can remain the pleasant memories warming soul about which any live soul does not learn! Tsss