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Energy drinks: to drink or not to drink?

of Energy drinks promptly gathered and gain popularity. Still! Advertizing promises us just miracles: a cheerfulness charge early in the morning, forces and energy in the middle of day and a portion of caffeine from a jar directly in a disco. Still creators claim as if there are vitamins, plant extracts, amino acids. It is direct - water of life That from all this the truth - and that is not present - we and decided to understand.

On taste power tonics - the same aerated water, but differ in usefulness. In them there are such minerals as sodium, calcium, potassium and chloride. They help to counterbalance electrolytic balance after intensive loading and promote fast restoration. They are carried to group of sports drinks.

O them separately. Such energy drinks are created for the people who are on friendly terms with sport; contain many carbohydrates (that the person, the comer after five couples to the gym did not fall from the exercise machine), and also a heap of other additives for those who conduct healthy and - the most important - active lifestyle.

Yes, power tonics contain vitamins A, C, D, a daily dose of rare vitamin B, however cannot replace a full-fledged multivitamin complex.

One jar of fashionable drink contains approximately the same dose of caffeine, as well as the coffee cup, and its toning action lasts 3 - 4 hours. At the same time this caffeine stimulates nervous system, strengthens heart rate and increases pressure in vessels (works as a dope that is harmful - in particular after serious physical activities); it is contraindicated to people with diseases warmly - vascular system.

It is better to drink drinks with guarany, than with caffeine as they, unlike instant coffee, do not irritate mucous a stomach.

It is impossible to use at the same time both power cocktail, and alcohol at all: the first excites nervous system, the second - weakens. Besides, effect of alcohol on a brain amplifies several times.

There are situations when the person works at a limit. During session, for example. Therefore power drink brings real benefit, say, in the last night before examination when eyes already stick together, and it is necessary to learn still long. But it is only single cases. The norm - is no more than one jar in days and not every day! The continuous use Is unhealthy - it is the fact. In - the first, live water can cause accustoming. And in - the second, as for carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and other additives, they compensate energy consumption only partially - and the organism uses only the resources. As a result - sleeplessness, irritability and even a depression.

Annually in Russia about 100 thousand liters " are consumed; live waters that it is much less, than in the European countries.

The State Duma of Russia considered the bill " not so long ago; About a ban of sale and distribution of the drinks containing the toning " components; - also rejected ( for gave 120 votes from 226). Why? Proceeding from positions of authors, it is possible to impose by analogy with tonics a ban on distribution of absolute majority of food as their excessive use, as a rule, causes negative consequences for the person .

Here to you and recipe adrenalinic " cocktail;: pluses and as much minuses. A shock dose of the toning substances against practical advantage in stressful situations. Convenience in application (in difference, for example, from a cup of hot coffee which on a dance floor you will not drink) against exhaustion of internal resources of an organism. Generally, think - solve drink or not to drink.