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Gastronomic Kama Sutra or How Chinese of passion kindle?

As the keeper`s brush, my beloved at me in Engedsky` vineyards Support me with wine, refresh me with apples because I am exhausted from love Comb honey kaplt from your lips, the bride; honey and milk under your language; your nurseries a garden with garnet apples, with excellent fruits Let the beloved will come to my garden and tastes sweet fruits it .

Aphrodisiacs - the products exciting a sexual potentiality were esteemed in China for a long time. Many of them even in a form remind a phallus or a female bosom. Chinese consider by the best stimulators trepangs, soup from swallow`s nests, a ginseng, meat of snakes, rice, barley, mussels. But the list can be continued infinitely.

In east cultures the root was always considered as a machismo symbol. About ginseng legends go! And here of a trepang and a Cucumaria , or a sea cucumber (these are marine invertebrate animals), Chinese not for nothing call a sea root of life. At thermal treatment the size of a trepang increases by 5 times that grants to it the right to serve in fiction as a poetic metaphor for the description of impressiveness of men`s bodies. Its ability to regeneration is surprising. If to cut a trepang on 3 parts and to lower in water, then in several months each piece will turn into the whole animal. The Cucumaria can throw out the interiors and grow up them anew. It changes the floor, staying a female, a male. You feel force?! Hryashcheobrazny meat of a trepang in Celestial Empire is eaten crude with vinegar or a grated radish, dried - in the form of a stroganina, boiled. It is also possible to stuff it with krilevy paste, meat or bird`s forcemeat and to extinguish. But crude viagristy!

In China speak: The snake gall bladder of the size of a finger gives sexual energy on couple of sleepless nights . You will get to China, visit Guangdong known for the snake soups. A highlight of banquet menus of this city is light-blue wine from snake bile , and snake soups Longhudou ( Fight of a dragon and tiger ) and Shetan go back to dynasty times Qing (1644 - 1911)

of O rice in general there is no need to comment. The East is risoyeda. Look how many Asians already on the planet. And on health.

An excellent stimulyant is the sweet and juicy melon . The way of preparation of chicken in a melon is interesting: we put slightly boiled chicken through the cut-off top in the melon cleaned from seeds, from above we close a top of a fruit and we boil in a half-glass of water in a high pan an hour and a half. We keep a cover under a press for sealing of vapors. Chicken is served with a garnish from melon pieces. (Oh these Chinese, well will also think up!)

Many passions were kindled by this fruit in Celestial Empire. Under its wrinkled thin skin the most delicate pulp with one thousand seeds is concealed. The fruit of passion fruit (this natural testicle so is called) has the delicate drunk aroma. Squeeze out pulp directly on a palm to yourself and darling, enjoy a marvelous smell and taste...

And banal tomatoes ? Not without reason they are called in the east love apples .

(Ah, refresh me with apples...) In any kind they are good stimulyanta. Here an alligatorova the pear (avocado), artichokes and an asparagus belong.

Avocado were known still by ancient Aztecs, from them and its name, ahuakatl came that means testicles . Overhanging from a tree, they really something are similar. Specially delivered to Louis XIV who had impotence this fruit. (Whether helped the old cheat - a question another). The most nutritious and active of avocado - Haas growing in California. Its exciting properties are known for a long time, and in the countries of Latin America this fruit is used, as our potato.

The artichoke is mysterious, the fruit reminds it the multilayered lips closing the middle - gentle and fresh, protected by a silky thin skin. French in it understand and not for nothing say that artichokes warm genitals . Eat only the lower crude leaves at an artichoke, all the rest is thrown out. The artichoke stuffed with marinated shrimps - fine love food.

The asparagus , even in the form reminding a phallus, is the strongest stimulant, and also the prostate illness medicine checked by time. Its gentle escapes cut off and eat in the spring, the escape is younger, the it is more gentle (Chinese in general eat only on a ripening season). Long I do not recommend to cook an asparagus. The recipe of an original asparagus which is thought up by me goes with a bang to any, even not erotic, to a table: I tie up slightly boiled stalks on three strip of bacon across, I fix by a wooden hairpin and I bake in an oven to zarumyanivy bacon.

Ayur - the Veda calls strongly exciting bananas , cocoes , dates and of egg . Curry oil strengthens exciting effect of banana, cocoes and dates increase amount of sperm. Eggs in all cultures were considered as the strongest proteinaceous sexual stimulator. Ayur - the Veda calls them instantly strengthening . Sheikh Nafzai, author Fragrant garden recommends to eat as much as possible eggs for endurance in a love marathon. (Well, at it is that a harem!). Now legends of sexual medical nature of quail eggs go, but the official medicine does not confirm it so far.

Guess why in Shinto monasteries are forbidden monks in food onions (and it which from seven - that an illness?) and garlic ? Here - here. In total therefore. Viagrichesky effect of these pakhuchek unsurpassed, and if you were seriously adjusted for romantic night, then eat onions - garlic both, zazhevav began to smell leaves of green tea or fresh parsley as it is done by Chinese.

What has to be an erotic table? Take care that the room was filled by aroma of a jasmine . A fresh branch of a jasmine on a table or smoking jasmine sticks in the depth of the hall. On a cloth strew petals of a lemon tree or just place in the hall and a bedroom the lemons cut by . Decorate a table with leaves of a celery , of parsley , of cilantro , of a basil (all this the known aphrodisiacs), throw the nuts strengthening man`s force on a cloth . The jasmine scent in combination with a smell of avocado is the strongest aphrodisiac. And by all means in the center of a table proud pineapple . (The legend says that it appeared as a fruit of love of a gentle peach and... fir cone). The erotic table has to be beautiful, but not plentiful: edamus ut vivamus, non vivamus ut edamus (we eat to live, but we do not live that is). Still great Plutarch taught: Accustom to submit appetite to reason willingly .

Everything, than you would not decide to charm yourself before night of love, has to be beautiful by sight and contain as the Chinese wise men learned, something from the sea (yin), something from mountains (Yan) . Begin and finish the meal with crude vegetables, korenye. Try that in windows reservoirs - water in the fan were not visible - Shui is associated with difficulties, and energy of Water (yin) extinguishes energy of Fire (Yan). It is desirable that viands were reflected in a mirror, it will double their love force. Lay the table crystal ware - crystal increases vital energy and improves the love relations. Enjoy your food, do not eat, and taste it! chi Fan la Ma? Then appetite pleasant to you and magic night.

On materials: Mary May. You & Your Kitchen