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And you love sauerkraut? Try to tell

sometime to the foreigner about our national dish - sauerkraut. At least, you will see the amazed eyes. The Chinese will tell you that in his country invented this product. And that it is known there about 3 centuries BC and that fed with it still the workers who were putting up the Great Wall. The Korean will object you that not usual sauerkraut, namely Korean - kimchi is around the world known. The Austrian or the German will tell you about the most traditional dish in its country under the name shaknut (pork legs with sourcrout). The Romanian - about the sarmal (quenelles with sourcrout). And the Pole will take offense at all - who did not hear about a legendary bigos (different types of meat with sourcrout)?

But we will not argue who where and when thought up sauerkraut. We - that know that nobody is more in the world (well, maybe, except Koreans), uses it in such quantity and any other people have no such variety of dishes from sourcrout, as at us.

So it was moved in Russia that any feast in the oseena - the winter period did not do without fermented kapustka. Prepared it in large quantities. And approached the process with soul. Began preparation of cabbage for the winter not earlier than Sergiyev day (Sergey Kapustnik). This day, on October 8, revered memory of the Reverend Sergey of Radonezh, weddings began winter to look out yes to celebrate. Work was for all family. It was necessary to prepare wooden barrels, to clear them and to steam; to separate cabbage from cabbage stumps and bad leaves, to chop it, to knead with salt. Made sour cabbage and small chopped, both sheets, and quarters, and halves, and even the whole heads of cabbage. Except carrots, added both a cranberry, and cowberry, and apples, and plums, and beet. And, all this work was followed by noisy fun and songs. A sign such was: if you make sour cabbage in bad mood, it obligatory will taste bitter. And still, on national signs, it is the best of all to be engaged in salting of cabbage for 5 - 6 day after a new moon. If in a full moon to ferment, then it will quickly deteriorate, will be soft and excessively sour. And that the cabbage did not perekisat, in it put an aspen branch or polenets.

How many recipes of sauerkraut exist, we never learn definitely. Also do not try to count, ungrateful this business. Each hostess or the owner (and it happens), considers it necessary to add something special to the recipe, to make it somehow in own way (we the nation creative). What only spices are not added: various pepper, coriander, caraway seeds, anise, bay leaf, ginger, carnation and others. Prepare cabbage too differently: with vinegar, fill in with the boiling brine, will pasteurize upon termination of fermentation. However exists classical recipe. According to it, the cabbage needs to be cleared, chopped, properly to warm up with salt that it started up juice, to add carrots, to lay densely in barrels which bottom previously to cover with cabbage leaves, from above also to cover with leaves, then to cover with pure fabric, to press down a wooden circle (on diameter of a barrel) and to put from above oppression. The cabbage has to wander at the room temperature, it will take about a week if to put it to the cool place, then time of fermentation will increase. That the cabbage did not get an unpleasant smell and bitterness, it is necessary to pierce few times during fermentation it a knife in several places to the bottom of a barrel. Upon termination of process cabbage, without removing oppression, take out to the cold place.

Of course, in the city apartment there will hardly be a place for a barrel with sauerkraut. And in general, I do not know how to you, and to me recently wooden barrels somehow do not catch sight. Today everyone in own way decides in what to ferment and how to store cabbage. However some rules nevertheless need to be followed:

- is the best of all to use the glass or enameled ware.

- cannot use a plastic, galvanized and tinned container At all.

- as oppression will approach a granite cobble-stone or bank with water, and here metal products cannot be used.

- needs to Store ready cabbage at a temperature of 0 - 2 C.

- should not freeze cabbage, it can become soft and gain beige color, besides its useful properties decrease.

- It is necessary to watch that the cabbage was completely covered with a brine, otherwise it will begin to darken and will change tastes. As soon as the cabbage appears without juice, in it vitamin C begins to collapse.

By the way about vitamins, sauerkraut is extremely rich with them. First of all it is vitamins C and To, and also vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12). Besides, sauerkraut contains a number mineral substances: potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, zinc, pine forest, copper. During fermentation the cabbage is also enriched with organic acids (dairy, acetic).

It is possible to tell about advantage of sauerkraut long. It is known that it possesses the all-strengthening, anti-inflammatory, anesthetizing, bactericidal, anti-cancerogenic action. Promotes digestion, regulates kislotno - alkaline balance, normalizes the level of sugar and cholesterol. Therefore sauerkraut at metabolic disorders, sick diabetes is especially useful, to the people suffering from some zheludochno - intestinal diseases. According to some researches, sauerkraut contains the substances capable to slow down process of division of malignant cages, especially at tumors of a mammary gland, lungs and intestines. There are still disputable, but nevertheless encouraging data that sauerkraut (let and in the form of kimchi) helps with fight against bird flu.

Separate history - traditional medicine. She attributes to sauerkraut just magic curative properties. Healers recommend to use sauerkraut and its juice at any indispositions, beginning for usual cold, and finishing with such serious illness as epilepsy and bronchial asthma. It is extremely useful to men. It is considered that the daily use of sauerkraut can raise considerably a potentiality and keep it about advanced years. It is useful to women for the cosmetic purposes. The mask from sauerkraut will give freshness and velvet to face skin, will decolour pigmentary spots, and also will help to get rid of acne rash.

Of course, the advantage of sauerkraut is high. However, and behind it some sins are found. For example, from - for the high content of organic acids it is contraindicated to people with the increased acidity of gastric juice, at diseases of a pancreas, a renal failure, stones in a gall bladder and a hypertension. And still, on national signs, dreams about cabbage always foretell troubles.

Do not forget tradition of the ancestors, be always healthy and let you never dream dreams about cabbage.