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Thanks to whom we know Yaroslav the Wise and Ivan the Terrible`s shape?

on September 15, 1907 in a family of the St. Petersburg doctor Mikhail Gerasimov the boy who was named in honor of the father Mikhail was born. But still before the child took the first independent steps, Gerasimov - the senior declared to members of household once: Next week we move to Irkutsk .

The spouse, as they say, also did not manage to gasp as tickets for the Trans-Siberian express were shown her. She quietly sighed: What we in this Siberia forgot? but right there ran into the peremptory answer: We will treat Exiled! Russia - the mother all on this penal servitude will appear soon, people die, and there are not enough doctors

So capital inhabitant Mikhail Gerasimov, to which a joy was not also to year became the Siberian. Nearly radical. In any case, the severe, but majestic nature of those places Gerasimov - younger loved not less father. And when free minute was given, took ruzhyishko and hurried on hunting. Or went with the little son for night fishing to Angara.

At school to younger Gerasimov not really - that was pleasant. Other business - the nature which the boy learned to read how the book. And when professor of Petrograd university Boris Petri, 11 - to the summer boy not without effort stayed with the father, but it was succeeded to finish the father that the guest took it in expedition, on excavation of the Verkholensky Mountain. This expedition became a starting point in the guy`s life. Three years later it already quite independently and quite professionally opened neolytic burial in Irkutsk.

By then the inquisitive school student became the frequenter of the anatomic museum. The skilled judicial physician professor Grigoriev and the anatomist Kazantsev, seeing such interest, spent a lot of time with the teenager, arguing on what interrelations exist between soft facial tissues and a skull.

Gradually Gerasimov began work on restoration of shape of the person on the remained skull. And though many venerable scientists of that time were negative to such opportunity extremely, calling not to mock over human remains, someone should have been engaged in it. By the way, 19 - summer Mikhail Gerasimov gave expensive gift to Irkutsk museum of local lore, having restored features of the pithecanthropus and the Neanderthal man.

And further, as they say, went and went. He participates in numerous archaeological expeditions, digging out all new and new objects belonging to representatives long ago of the left eras. And even if it would not leave further us busts of Yaroslav the Wise, Ivan the Terrible and other governors of Russia, it is difficult to overestimate his contribution to archeology. It is enough to remember opened for them the mesolytic settlement in Khabarovsk, a basic multilayered mesolytic monument on Angara - Ust - White, a burial ground of the Chinese time in Irkutsk and, at last, the most important object in the archaeological practice and one of paleolith era pearls - the parking Malta (near Irkutsk).

In 1931 Gerasimov is invited to study in the Leningrad State academy of material culture from which he graduates within two years. In terrible 1937 appoint the manager of a restoration workshop of the Hermitage.

In any times there were many sceptics. And especially when all country as a body of the person capillaries, was penetrated by a network of snitching, a shpionomaniya and search of enemies. So, ill-wishers palmed off To Gerasimov an ordinary skull also asked to reconstruct on it a face.

The matter is that it was by miracle the remained skull of the Papuan whom the famous scientist Miklukho - Maclay took out from Papua New Guinea. But to the restorer, certainly, about this subtleties did not tell. Obviously counting that it will mold European. What surprise of opponents when they saw a face of the Papuan was. And when compared it to a picture - a lifetime portrait of the assistant Miklukho - Maclay, even the most ardent opponents were forced to recognize the defeat - similarity was nearly mirror.

Another time Mikhail Mikhaylovich checked by means of skulls which belonged to the dead and the died criminals. Skulls there were 12 pieces, possessed them several Russians and Ukrainians, and also the Pole and to the Chinese. Gerasimov was never mistaken! The representative of yellow race turned out such what was during lifetime!

Became interested in Gerasimov`s talent, first of all bodies . They took down the found skulls belonging to missing people in its workshop. He established shape of the dead, than significantly facilitated disclosure of affairs.

Amazingly, but in spite of the fact that all life Mikhail Mikhaylovich dealt with dead men, he kept both cheerfulness, and enthusiasm, and unusual sociability. Once he gave lecture before representatives of the creative intellectuals. And some funnyman asked a question in a forehead: Well a skull - that is fine! And how you define, for example, what was a nose tip? It not from a bone

And Gerasimov the solid hour explained how it is necessary to measure correctly a skull how to calculate an arithmetic average between the sizes of this or that bone of a skull and distance to a nose tip as the sizes organs of smell and an eye correspond, jaws etc. The story turned out fascinating, and the most important - convincing.

And at the end of the story Gerasimov ozorno asked: And it is possible I will ask a question to the academician? Also set: How it is correct to define shapes of auricles? And right there, without reflecting, gave out: And this, companions, I also do not know. And, frankly speaking, I mold them anyhow

Whether it is necessary to say that it was carried out by a thunder of an applause!

It is necessary to add that Mikhail Mikhaylovich lived not such long life. He died on July 21, 1970. And his pupils remained. Not so long ago counted that not less than 85 large Russian archeologists can be considered as great Gerasimov`s pupils