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What we know about white enemies ? Salt

One is considered by salt and sugar as the reasons of many troubles and diseases (a hypertension and diabetes, slaves on reed plantations and salt revolts ) others cannot imagine life without sweet or salty. How it is necessary, the truth lies somewhere in the middle - we will try to understand?

We will begin with the fact that for a close acquaintance with the person with it it is necessary to live together even (or all) 4,38 years ( " salt pood; - on average 10 grams a day or 3,65 kilograms a year are eaten by the average person). In general chloride of sodium is valuable not only the fact that it impacts to food salty relish, but also indispensability in normal work of a human body, it vodno - a salt metabolism. It is easy to receive the mentioned 10 grams without efforts at quiet on volume and rather various food. If in the evening to eat from a paunch herrings (voblas with beer or just a mineral water cylinder inside), that is chance in the morning to behold itself in a mirror with the physiognomy which swelled up to a disgrace, and at some - also with the swelled legs (venous insufficiency of legs happens both at young people, and at athletes or dancers). Just 10 grams of salt are capable to connect and hold one and a half liters of water in an organism. The feeling of thirst increases - getting even more thirsty. So becomes isolated vicious circle which result - is available both in direct, and in metaphorical sense

With many diseases and indispositions can cope with the help of the most initial things applied in any branch of medicine - from stomatology to psychiatry. A name to them - the mode and a diet. In one diets the use of salt is at all excluded, in others - is limited, in - the third (for example, at dehydration in the conditions of the desert or a burn disease) is considerably increased at all - up to sodium chloride reception in tablets.

It is difficult to underestimate a contribution of table salt to emergence and development such diseases of a century as an arterial hypertension with all consequences up to a stroke and that osteochondrosis. Alas, together with scoliosis (a backbone curvature) it is in large quantities widespread not only among pensioners, but also among school students. There is nothing to be surprised here - chronic food by chips and Coca in combination with lack of due physical activity or its inharmoniousness (asymmetry of landing, gait, habitual movements, nonfunctional furniture and clothes) are capable to turn young people in villains (unusable to military service) it is not worse than drug addiction. And reasonable consumption of salt and liquid in combination with regularly carried out elementary physical exercises can prevent osteochondrosis (decrease in height of intervertebral disks, restriction of volume of movements, reduction of muscle bulk and force, painful frustration) only.

But without receipt of ions of sodium of people cannot normally function therefore in the presence of any diseases like above described it is possible to use instead of table salt the preparations containing and other chlorides (for example, in Sanasole - 70% of heart, irreplaceable for work, and bringing surplus of liquid out of a potassium chloride organism). They are on sale in drugstores without recipe. Healthy for the culinary purposes it is better for people to use salt of as much as possible rough grinding, in it there are more calcium and magnesium - elements, irreplaceable for warmly - vascular and nervous systems. And here refined Extra - in pure form

should not forget sodium chloride that salt - the first of become known to mankind of preservatives. She creates additional taste of perishable goods, slows down development of harmful microorganisms, promotes emergence of lactic fermentation due to release of juice, to souring (the same cabbage or cucumbers - now just a procuring season).

And finally - several useful tips on salt use.

1. In the added some salt water when cooking egg do not hurry to burst.

2. In it, being crude, eggs, spoiled and unusable in food, emerge, fresh - sink.

3. If in berries, mushrooms or a cauliflower insects or their larvae are found - to take products in salty water enough.

4. Outdoors it is possible to cool water or something is stronger, having put a bottle in container with mixed with salt (half a kilogram on a bucket) sand and having impregnated mix with water. Half an hour suffices.

All - not absolutely fresh life! Next time we will talk about sugar.