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The woman in business of

the Woman in business or Business - Vumen (beginning)

of Ya the professional astrologer, I conduct a heading in reputable magazine Conversation with the reader Write Me much, and generally write about the woman`s problems.

At some everything is so bad that already it seems worse not where but they continue to live so, and do not know how to change it.

And there are examples when the woman becomes the   support; brings prosperity and wellbeing in a family. In Novokuznetsk I met on the consultations with quite successful, sure in the future and in to representatives

of the fair sex, but not the weaker sex. Here several stories of success business women.

History 1 from Irina Mikhaylovna, 42 years

Prehistory : Irina lives with the husband - disabled person, two children school age in the three-room apartment .

Came Irina to consultation with a question when it is possible to take the large credit for opening Center children`s creativity and developments. In business Irina Mikhaelovna already 2 years. She tells


- To 38 years I lived as our many Russian women. My life were - the house, work, the husband - the disabled person and children - school students, which it was necessary to dress, put to learn. Working as the teacher at   school; received very modest salary and, of course, any had no accumulation.

Comments of the astrologer:

At Irina in a personal horoscope it is expressed fiery elements, sign Aries and the Sagittarius that gives good organizing abilities. Floodlight (success from teaching) in connection with the Sun (vital energy ) in a sign of the Sagittarius gives understanding of children`s psychology and talent Teachers. Field of finance is in the sign Capricorn that gives activity in financial to the sphere at mature age .

Time age crisis in 37 - 38 years when the destiny checks us for a solvency, Irina lived hard. After car accident the husband became a disabled person with small pension, there was catastrophically not enough money.

- It is necessary to tell that I always had a clockwork character, all holidays at   school; were on me, in the summer worked with children in camp, could to organize any action, in the city I have many acquaintances and friends. Seeing my disastrous situation girlfriends said to me that with my character it is possible quite to undertake for some standing business bringing decent income.

At I was always dream: to open the leisure training   center; or club for teenagers to occupy them with interesting affairs that they did not dangle down the street. For it to bring together good group of teachers - men, to pay to them good salary.

Then boys, especially from incomplete and dysfunctional families will be under supervision and will get at the same time workers skills also to learn to have a rest without alcohol and drugs.

I solved to be engaged in this project. It was necessary to think up, where to take money for opening. To borrow on credit? Than to give? I know From the life experience that desperate situations do not happen, only if ourselves to ourselves do not create them. And I began to act.

With what to begin? I decided to begin with computer club for teenagers, only decided that it is children there will play not just in computer games, and and to be trained in computer technologies, computer literacy, skills of work with system Internet.

At me there are a lot of friends and acquaintances among business people through one from them I contacted the owner of the workshop the computer equipment, agreed for a small payment about rent repaired and not demanded   computers;. Besides found through acquaintances written off at schools computers. It was gathered thus 7 units computer equipment. Persons interested to rummage in computer iron among my madcaps is more than enough, took also 7 most capable children in the team Why 7 - and this my happy number.

Sorted and children   collected; the written-off equipment in 2 weeks, worked with enthusiasm and naturally played on these computers it is free. And the friends were brought.

All this action occurred in one their rooms of our apartment.

It was necessary to think of the room. And again helped acquaintances. To the being empty room, in connection with its prolonged sale we were let on parole, agreed about payment for the end of month. Children brought computers, connected them and business went. For small payment and an opportunity to sit free of charge and to be engaged on old   cars; mine volunteer assistants made to me good advertizing among teenagers. Already by the end of month we paid a rent. Owner of the room it was happy, it had a profit, and it was favorable to us that it is not necessary to go on instances and to make out the room under club. The next month it to us increased payment for the room, but it is not terrible any more, regular customers we were already found and the lease for a year was signed. I it was registered as the business owner, I conduct all accounts department, it was necessary to learn.

Now, when already there passed two years after the beginning of work of club, I I see prospects of achievement the dream developments the business it is sure in the future, my husband helps me, children too, we paid all debts. Children who helped me received

practical skills of work with equipment, not one of them not got to the bad company, did not become the addict or the alcoholic, they understood advantages collective work, works in team. They grew and matured also I with satisfaction I observe for their destinies. Yim Uzhe on 16 - 17 years and all of them are going to study further.

Now we can think of the organization of the leisure center and me it is necessary to take the credit.

Comment of the astrologer: Irina began with

the way to to financial wellbeing in 39 years, period when life pressed changes. Its unruly energy at   school; it was not rather demanded.

of B 39 years the   program joined; self-realization its field of finance which   at the same time joined; as directed its personal horoscope had to join only at mature age.

Besides, it relied on the rich life experience of work with children.

And, above all, its mission - education of children too it was realized in this project.

Is available all composed success - necessary time, life experience, talent and realization of the personality on the Way opened for it by the highest forces. Let`s wish it success!

According to statistical data, in Russia women from 22 to 60 years have the business now. From what it is possible to draw a conclusion that it is possible to begin the business, without paying attention to age at all: be it early, average or mature, to try in free floating never late.

History 2 Lyudmila Petrovna, businessman from Starokuznetsk, 55 years

in the Fall of 2003 I visited at friends Moscow and what my surprise when I saw that in one   was; from   supermarkets; on the first the floor settles down Japanese the firm offering cosmetics. IT consultants - suggest to check everyone, and is FREE as their skin will react on THEM cosmetics and whether their cosmetics will suit this type of your skin.

Suggest to make free of charge a make-up, it is required to define what type of cosmetics to your skin (likely, the situation is familiar to all women - bought cosmetics - and it does not approach - causes irritation, allergic reactions, it is just bad lays down etc.) Deplorable result - houses mountain expensive cosmetics - and to be painted and to direct beauty there is nothing!!!

They use the diagnostic equipment, at us in the city I did not meet it! At us simply, before did not reach, someone saw - that free of charge did a make-up and skin defined your type? Absolutely free of charge, and result just STUNNING, it is natural that after such service without purchase we with the husband did not leave this shop, I it was just not allowed.

Generally I lit up this idea. Work with people very much is pleasant to me, I think that

Could work as the psychologist, only educations parents to me did not give, and now already to study late, to me already 55 years.

Comments of the astrologer:

Is valid, Lyudmila Petrovna is a born psychologist in its personal horoscope the seventh sex of clients and others people very actively. There there is a planet of success Jupiter. But it grew in the village, to the city moved only in 50 years, when children became adults, lives with husband senior it for 10 years.

Very much it is sociable, worked in a hairdressing salon, so as it was learned on manicurists.

last year old mother left it inheritance - the house which Lyudmila Petrovna successfully sold. It came to me on consultation with a question. Should she open studio on selection make-up and cosmetics.

It continues:

Half a year ago I opened a hairdressing salon. employed 2kh young girls of masters, I do manicure. At the same time I begin the new project, I offer free masochka for clients in the form of a bonus to the main service our women can not only have hair cut and make manicure but also to treat and feed the skin very effective masks. I think to take for work of the cosmetologist.

In plans to take the diagnostic equipment on a condition of skin. only chagrin, vnashy area flow of clients small, and rent very expensive. I want to move to the city. In what part of the city it is better for me to locate with the new salon?

Comment of the astrologer:

is easy and pleasant to communicate With Lyudmila Petrovna, she looks is very well-groomed and is young-looking despite her 55 years. Please also her enthusiasm for business, desire to help to women to look beautifully. To grow old precisely she has no time. ITS Saturn, planet of an old age, in very advantageous position. Its that the old age will be provided.

Ya is glad to it to help to choose the good place for rent of office and effective time its opening. We leave we almost friends.

Where to find the sphere of the direction of business? About it it is in the following article!