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Who steals live memoirs?

Recently, bringing order on a country attic, I came across an old weighty and painfully familiar box . All rubbed and used up by the names of boys which are led round in hearts it as if attracted to itself.

Here I found several my school diaries where almost on each page the hand of my class teacher capital wide red letters traced remarks of type: Ate cheese at the lesson or Ornamented the proofreader Stopchenko`s ears to Valera .

Scraps of paper and writing-book sheets stuck out of a box, and having developed one of them, I understood, all this - my school notes, detailed report in eleven years of study.

Having sat down on a floor and having developed each piece of paper, I started reading and was, without exaggeration I will tell, is happy from amount of the warmest and expensive memoirs which gushed over me.

was all Here: both quarrels, and gossip, and intrigues, and boycotts, and the last news, both first kiss, and first love, and first drama. I as if anew returned in carefree school days. Remember

how all of us, secretly from teacher`s eyes, tried to transmit the next note through a row to the companion as tore off fields of notebooks to tell for what there was not enough time on change in a note. Remember how to the first appointment you were invited such note, and in it you answered: I need to think . As, coming home, all of us got from satchels of a heap of the crumpled small leaves which gathered in a day and how many times you in the diary had a remark of type: Wrote notes instead of work at the lesson . It was surprising time.

But where everything got to? Why in backpacks of our children such invariable school attribute how notes meets more and more seldom or does not meet in general? Who steals from us such live memoirs?

With arrival of a century of new technologies to us such surprising invention as the mobile phone came. He solved many problems connected with distance considerably having facilitated life all. Now mobile phones became available to all segments of the population, almost each first grader and their variety just has them strikes.

Now the teacher does not write in the diary of the child of the remark and the invitation to the father to come to school, the teacher just dials number of parents and calls. Now, in school and truancies phone about delay of the child, and send the message that it too " to phone of the school student; is late and such his behavior will negatively affect his progress. Now electronic telephone communications completely forced out paper notes, and they with a huge speed become past remnants .

And how memoirs?! What will be remembered by our children in 10 years after release from school? What will they show and what will tell the children about?

Telephone communications will never be able to replace with

notes, as well as e-books will never replace live books.

Even such touching, penetrated by melancholy and love of the letter from army, are already not so actual as the SMS - messages.

The other day my mother wanted to throw out a high pile of father`s army letters, having referred to the fact that it collection of " dust; and any to sense from them is not present. I stopped it in time and did not regret at all. We sat down and long read letters and love verses written by the father for years of service we both laughed and cried together. A lot of things in them seem such banality presently, but of the letter are live memoirs without which just it is impossible for us.

Of course, the mobile phone and other benefits of a civilization considerably facilitated our life and we already just cannot do without them, but, despite it, you should not forget about old good traditions.

That feeling which is felt by the person who found the subject causing in it far and infinitely pleasant memories will not be compared to anything.

As all - school days, and were fine today, having such proofs I am sure that my child will spend with me unforgettable evening of surprising memoirs and stories