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What is promo - the website?

of Promo - the website. Let`s begin with the fact that it is not necessary to each company.

Promo - the website is that Internet - a resource which untwists certain goods, a brand, service or an event.

But there is a nuance. If the company sells, for example, only gas stoves of various brands, then promo - to create the website not really expediently as the goods have no essential functional distinctions.

In this case it is possible to manage existence of a corporate resource of the company. Promo - the website is ideal for the companies with a wide product line as can serve as good help to business.

Practice shows that it is expedient to create promo - the website in addition to corporate. The website - promo significantly differs from the usual website in the mission, an orientation. And it is directed directly to dot increase in sales, respectively - to the end user who uses the Internet. The Internet in this case is a peculiar common ground of the seller and buyer of these or those goods.

The corporate website gives mostly the general information on activity of the company, the list of its production, without focusing the attention on a certain product. It is logical for the companies having a multibrand line of goods and seeking to succeed to the same extent in sale of each of the commodity directions. Thus, the corporate website is more focused on already existing and potential business - patner and, of course, on the press.

There are also other differences generated by an orientation promo - the website. For example, big concentration on the website of visual elements. To it the interactive presentations, a demo - rollers and a set of other multimedia means which help to show a product in all beauty with a mass of variations belong.

It is possible to say that the main emphasis in submission of information on promo - a resource becomes not on information volume, and on its form. Here ancient popular wisdom " works; A picture is worth a thousand words . With the help promo - the website the buyer as though holds goods in hand, independently changing its color (in certain cases a form) - everything depends on a product and the imagination a web - the designer.

Exactly thanks to it promo - to the website at the potential buyer the immemorial question disappears: And at you is same, only with nacreous buttons? . Is! And buttons these the buyer can independently change. For example, on one of promo - the websites, devoted to new model of the Toyota car, the visitor can independently change color of the car and its complete set.

Promo - the website is able to afford more liberty in design, information filling and stylistics of language, than a corporate resource. Image of the company in that case not only does not suffer, but also wins, allowing to build communications with visitors in simpler, available, and at times even to a playful form.

The fact that promo - the website is started in parallel with an offline advertizing campaign is not less important. Information of the website is duplicated or duplicates information from various sources of advertizing support. Advertizing in mass media (the press, radio, TV) causes primary interest in the advertized product.

At the advertizing message which is broadcast in offline mass media surely there is an address promo - the website with the indication that the buyer will be able to find more detailed information on an action or a product on the Internet - a resource of these goods. The main objective promo - the website in this case is motivation to purchase at a final stage of decision-making.

In addition, promo - the website is focused on a large number of visits that favorably affects advance on the Internet, in particular - in search engines, both the website, and its product. The more often various users visit concrete promo - the website, the higher it the rating (Yandex, Rambler, Google, etc.) and the is easier to find it in search engines from the first, and it, undoubtedly, many times increases popularity of goods.

Does not represent special complexity and management of the website. Modern control systems allow to teach to work in the shortest possible time with information of the manager who does not have experience and special knowledge in the field of work with promo - the website. Especially as promo - the website, as a rule, does not need updating as it is created for carrying out an advertizing campaign or the company and initially contains all necessary information on the advertized goods.