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What is a mobilomaniye? He not really understands

why it does. Though does constantly.

Constantly when gets a purse from a bag - in shop to pay off, for example, or in a minibus - gets also phone. Checks: but whether called? Did not call. Perhaps though sms was sent? Did not send.

And so at home, on couples, at movie theater and in club. Having woken up and having only torn off the head from a pillow, listening to tiresome lecture and closing eyes, before going to bed. Get acquainted: it - sotogolik.

The illness has no name - call it mobilomaniye.

you noticed a paradoxicality of human attention: if at the person who just looked at the watch to ask What is the time? he will not be able to answer, without having looked at the dial once again.

What does it have to do with cellular? Yes all at the same! The person often does everything on the " submachine gun;: twists a lock of hair or fingers edge of a skaterka, looks at an hour hand or at the native mobile phone. At Someone reaches a tic! And why it does it?

The most important task is not looked through. Racio is absent absolutely, all persuasive states are characterized by absolute irrationality. Strictly speaking, question What for? here not that it is incorrect - it in principle is inappropriate. Because question What for? - logical, and neurosises of neither logic, nor sense, nor do not aim.

Another matter - a prime cause question. Question Why? . The answer is clear, to the psychoanalyst do not go.

A fundamental, sacral complex of the person - requirement to be necessary, fear to be worthless. And as it is the simplest to show all the necessity ?

To take the call (it is desirable for the latest model, with bluetooth, IK - port, a chamber, a font, a flash - the card and one hundred fashionable ringtones): Hallo! Where are you? And I there - that. I will be in so many. I will call back later, I have no time And constantly to esemesit Kak dela? pereshchelkivy down reference book. And to check, but whether called. And constantly to look at the display, to twirl the streamline case from plastic Who told

as if image - nothing? This odd fellow did not know what is cellular communication! When greatness and success are built in a cult, it is impossible to stop, it is necessary to repeat over and over again the simple movements - clicks by small buttons. One more SMS`ka - one more illusion that your quotations grow.

Connecting people? Psychologists approve

: talking, people of only 30% of information transfer by means of words, other 70% - tone, poses, gestures, views. In interhuman communication it is important not so much THAT we say how many AS.

Telephone conversations and the more so messages are deprived of this important as . By the SMS it is emasculated, it - only an ersatz of normal human conversation. Worse than that, enthusiasm of SMS - Kami leads to the fact that the person weans from contacts eyes - in - eyes goes from reality to virtual SMS - space and turns into the person with social phobia.

We will look at a mobile phone on the other hand. Its main appointment - communication in important, urgent situations. But limits of need blur in the eyes: parents keep ringing everyone half an hour, interrogate Where you? With whom you? When you return? And you warmly put on? . Jealous young ladies ring on three times each five minutes the beloved to be convinced that he not with another The girlfriend writes in the middle of the night You do not sleep? and it finally awakes with

Oh if it would be the only consequences of a mobilomaniya! Finger and wrists pain at inveterate Sms`Shchikov, the increased risk of oncological diseases, unexpectedly blowing up gray devices And how many mobile crimes occurs in the world: thefts, robberies, frauds, buying up and resale of stolen. And even murders. Yes, the set of cases when from - for expensive phone the owner was killed is known. It is terrible to live, companions! Really image - anything, a mobile phone - all?

What you do not learn about a sotogolizm in textbooks.

Today the quantity of sotogolik, according to psychologists, makes 7 - 9%. That is one person from my small (15 people) groups yes suffers from a mobilomaniya.

For the first time dependence on cellular was diagnosed in 1984 in England. And not at some youth, and at the gentleman of fair years and prosperity. Prosperity, however, fair remained absolutely not for long - this Englishman was totally ruined on phone bills. And then there were no messag yet!

One American psychologist made experiment. During it 220 people disconnected cellular, as envisioned by the organizer, for 72 hours. However 3 days in an otklyuchka only three sustained! The others descended on a half of a distance. According to Sergio Ciaparro (that psychologist - the organizer), separated from the treasured device felt discomfort, nervousness, alarm and even panic, the nervousness passing into a depression. And which - who even threatened with a suicide.

In Great Britain established that the people dependent on cellular perceive phone as part of the body. To lose communication for them - the same as to lose a leg or a hand.

In Russia already the club of opponents of cellular communication (COCC) exists. If you decided to enter society of fighters against a mobilomaniya - welcome to the website abonentov. net

" Test; And the mobile phone did not ruin you yet?

I do not release phone from a look, even when I wash or I eat.

I am nervous when at a sotik the accumulator sits down, and there is no opportunity to load it. Or if this - the card is blocked.

Going to bed, I never switch-off the device. Always I put it under a pillow or near a bed.

I at all never switch off a mobile phone.

Sometimes it seems to me as if phone calls though it actually - is not present.

I often change model of phone and accessories for it, prompts on the screen, a melody and tariffs.

I have several SIM - cards and several devices.

I call or I send the SMS not only in any occasion, but also just like that.

If to me the message comes, I answer at once even if I am very busy.

I participate in the SMS - quizes, I get acquainted by the SMS, I subscribe for the SMS - services, I download melodies and pictures.

I store All numbers only in memory of phone. And never - in notebooks, notebooks.

I often play with a mobile phone, not always even realizing it.

If I have not enough money, I better will not buy products, but into the account I will throw money by all means.

I am sure: where the zone of communication of mobile network operator comes to an end, the civilization comes to an end!

If you responded in the affirmative at least to a half of statements - to you already is what to think of.

How to be treated for a mobilomaniya? To go on a telephone diet! Limit or quantity of calls and the SMS (at most up to 5 calls and 10 sms a day), or quantity workers hours when phone is switched on (at most 5 hours a day), or quantity of money for communication payment. And, above all you remember: phone - for the person, but not people - for phone.