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How to choose / at the mobile phone?

to Buy the mobile phone? What can be simpler? Went outside, passed meters three hundred to the nearest shop, laid out on a counter one and a half - three thousand... and here, you are an owner of some old siemens, a motorolka or alkatelka.

However not everything is so simple. You, happy with purchase, reach the house, insert this - the card and - op - a pas!. It becomes clear that the mobile phone is not going to work.

You quote Chernyshevsky: “ To do to Che - that, pancake?! “ It is good if the seller is conscientious and will return a money. But meet such which will answer: “ And why you did not check at once? “ Or: “ And I sold nothing to you! “ (it if is no check - heard own ears!) .

We answer a question what to do. And it is necessary at once, “ without departing from cash desk “ to check for what you give money. So.

Not zab / Σδό!

On the case should not be any obvious “ mutilations “: cracks, chips, dents. If they are - be sure, phone fell and inside, on a payment, there can be damages.

Pay attention to whether is not present on the " screen; dropped out “ lines and letters whether illumination well works.

the good seller will always give the chance to get acquainted in details with menu contents - whether everything works whether there is Russian, whether there were no owners from previous “ surprises “ (for example, passwords).

Check whether the subcharger works. Some experts advise

to call from phone some free subscription service. If in 5 minutes the division number on a scale of charging did not decrease - everything is all right. If divisions were reduced - the accumulator old, and new can manage extremely expensively (one my acquaintance had to lay out nearly ten thousand for the sake of the rare model!) .

Loudspeaker and microphone. Call on other phone - communicate, ask the interlocutor whether well he hears you. Ask that called back to you - check the call loudness, work of a vibro call.

the Price of second-hand models, without doubts, is very attractive. And the seller giving phone for some seven hundred re does not cause suspicions in you? No, it can quite be the latest, so to speak “ the freshest “ but … stolen. Especially phones without packing box, the book - instructions and especially recharge have to guard. Though sellers sometimes add all this from the stocks.

Of course, it is very superficial analysis - all “ surprises “ you will not provide. The main thing - remember if there are at least slightest suspicions, refuse purchase of this phone what attractive the price would not seem. Generally, the B / Ud is vigilant!

History from life: Valera would buy

from acquaintances / at the mobile phone, more precisely Motorol`U for some two pieces. Also I was frankly glad. In couple of days it turned out that in a folding bed any contacts do not meet owing to what the device is discharged in a couple of hours. There is nothing to do - gave for repair of 300 rublik. There passed a couple of days more, “ " battery; all the same persistently it continued to be discharged with an unknown speed.

The knowing people advised to buy the new accumulator for a round sum. But again the cruel fate did not allow our hero to enjoy new purchase quietly: this time phone refused to be charged at all. Handed over a miracle of mobile progress in repair. It turned out that initially sold to the poor buyer the subcharger from other model.

Under repair picked for about a week in interiors of Motorol`Y and with new recharge returned to the owner who paid in cash desk of one thousand one and a half. On it troubles ended. However at calculation of fighting losses it turned out that on elimination “ surprises “ money the grief - the device left nearly one and a half times more, than for purchase. Here such they unpredictable, “ to a be “ - phones.