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How to communicate in a public chat? 10 advice to beginners.

of Entertainment on the Internet strongly enter our life. Let it occur quickly or not really, but we appear in a special environment - the environment of virtual communication.

Chats so bred, them became very much that flickers before eyes: public, business, private In private chats communication in private. Business chats are not intended for entertainment, they for work.

Public chats where several people on different subjects at the same time communicate are most popular. Unfortunately, in some of them there is a mat, insults and it is a lot of still what there should not be at all. It as in real life.

Of course, it is not always possible to live in harmony, but others cannot complicate life at least.

Using a public chat, you should not forget that on other end it is same independent, with the outlook, feelings and habits, as well as you are Persons. Be more indulgent and more good-natured!

So, several small councils for those who for the first time decided to visit one of public chats:

1 . Address interlocutors in a chat on you (irrespective of age). So more habitually.

2. Deliberate flood (sending two and more identical messages) will not attract to you more interlocutors, you will only earn to the image big minus.

3. the Same will occur if you constantly shout (to type all messages CAPITAL LETTERS).

4. does not welcome Writing of Words HERE thus. It is heavy to read it.

5. Unfinished expressions (for example, Vasya, but whether you will go on...) - easily guess and offend your interlocutor. It is better not to use them.

6. Smilies - help to make communication by more emotional, but in too time be not overzealous. Remember that as justified are considered only all others it is better to limit the smilies expressing emotions to a minimum, or in general to exclude from a virtual lexicon.

7. you are not rude. You can argue the point of view, but do not offend at the same time people around. You do not say them what was not like to be heard. Gesticulation, tone and expression of your person does not play any role. Words, only words - all this that is seen by your interlocutor.

8. Nick is a business of everyone, but it is better if it consists of symbols of any one apportion (only Russians or only the Latin). Do not use in Nick the words meaning feelings which people around to you do not test (for example, favourite, expensive). Does not cause trust the nickname consisting of figures or senseless signs.

9. Communication has to be clear. In usual life on a question: You had breakfast? we can receive the clear and laconic answer, for example, Yes . And here in a chat it is necessary to answer the same question in a different way: Yes, I had breakfast " today; differently you can just not be understood, and the question will be the following message in your address: And that yes ? . Try to answer in detail and clear. Remember that you will be able to appear too in such situation when you are answered simply yes and on what question - you already and will forget.

10. over time you will acquire in a chat the status old man . Try to treat kindly beginners, do not forget that once and you were in the same situation.

You can accept or not accept this small list, however these councils will facilitate communication as to you, and your interlocutor. in general, always you remember

A that will exactly treat you the same as you treat others.

of communication Pleasant to you!