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“ Kuzmunchok “ - for what wear this ornament and whether it makes sacral sense?

Since ancient times people were afraid of a malefice, damage and other similar phenomena. What only did not become to protect the dwelling, cattle, members of household from various magic influences on them.

Cockleshells or plumelets of birds, tooth of the killed animal or a stone with a hole - were that decoration of the person who carried them with the purpose to protect itself(himself), to save from misfortunes, from diseases. Protection and guarding force allocated bunches of camel and sheep wool. The head and feathers of an eagle owl, at the settled people of Central Asia were esteemed a pheasant, a peacock and a rooster.

Magic character of jewelry which, first of all, preserves and therefore are an indispensable element of a suit of the person, led to the fact that they became extremely widespread in all regions.

I want to tell about the ornament extended to territories of Central Asia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in more detail.

It is glass beads, various by the size and a form. The only thing that unites them is that on each of them there is an image of an eye . They can be both blue, and brown, black, green, red, white and so forth. That are considered preserving against a malefice them them which color more coincides with color of eyes of the majority of local population. For example, in Turkey it is mainly blue and blue, in Central Asia black etc.

the First jewelry dresses at once after the birth. These are brasletik from it is black - white beads - “ kuzmunchok “ , where word “ kuz “ - an eye, “munchok“ - a bead. They are sewn on clothes of the child, or suspended on a cradle.

Are considered that they allocate for “ evil eye “ from the kid. They allocate for “ malefice “ on other subject, brighter and attractive. Therefore hang up to clothes small amuletik in the form of triangles. This triangular shape of amulets is allocated with sacral property which initial sense is reduced to ideas of a ray of sunlight, female fertility, and also idea of vertical structure of the world.

If pay attention, even adult women pin them to the clothes or jeweler jewelry, for example on chains and earrings quite often it is possible to notice these small beads. Now even jewelers began to insert not stones, but such beads into pendents. What can be told about it, demand always gives rise to the offer...

Though not always these beads happen small. For example, is even such which as a panel are hung out in drawing rooms and bedrooms. Their form and the sizes vary. Recently I even saw a tree the fan - Shui, made not traditionally of beads, namely of these beads.

Also recently heard a story about how they are used in Turkey. It appears, this ornament is there not only a charm. The people of Turkey use it also in cases of blood feud. If to strongly offend someone, the oath about revenge is sworn. This oath is fastened with blood. From glass cast “ kuzmunchok “ in the form of a bullet and it still hot the one who swore to take vengeance on the enemies takes in hand. Burn got as a result, speak, cannot heal and hurts until the person who swore an oath does not execute it.

Fortunately this ceremony remained only in the remote settlements of Turkey, and for a long time do not resort to it.

So that you carry “ kuzmunchok “ on health, it protects from “ evil eye “.