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Bums: criminals or unfortunate people?

Simple and all long ago the known abbreviation WCR (without a certain residence) not absolutely fully covers all that part of the population of the city on which waved a hand long ago, lowered on the bottom of society and just try not to notice and avoid.

Standard collective concept bums - all this those who lead an asocial life do not work anywhere, drink, scam, are fed from trash cans, hand over bottles and a cardboard and sleep on pipes of heating mains, having taken cover a cellophane package. Actually, among overgrown and dirty people what have documents, long-term length of service in state structures, several higher educations, the adult children living abroad, and even any housing come across Another thing is that society turned away from them deceived or stumbled long ago, put an indelible brand and with disgust draws aside a hand instead of stretching it for the help.

As there are homeless

According to informal data in Russia about 4,5 million homeless citizens. Within various social researches it was established that about 80% of all homeless are men, and the others - women. And more than a third from all these citizens is the share of the most productive age - from 20 to 40 years. These are those people who can bring real benefit to the country, work, give birth and raise children.

Not all homeless was on street at own will. More likely, such units. On the first place - the victims of room frauds. As victims tell, unfair realtor firms, private brokers, notary offices, employees of ZhEKs and even police officers are involved in similar swindles. The scheme is simple: it is offered to the lonely or drinking person help to pay off with debts on a rent and utilities. But for this purpose it is necessary to sell the apartment and to buy a wing with surcharge which will go for repayment of debt. As a rule, the gawk learns much later that him lawfully acquired the wing already belongs to someone.

But it is not necessary to think that only foreign uncles, dishonest on a hand, entice a living space at trustful citizens. Often the last are left without roof over the head because of the closest people. Wives expose on the street of careless husbands, and the noble fathers of family who left all property to the former family after divorce leave on free " bread;. Elderly, mentally retarded and sick relatives are exposed simply on the street by own children and grandsons, and they are forced to live in cellars of own houses, meeting every day once dear people. Got in places of confinement come back to own houses sorted kind neighbors to a subfoundation, and the orphans who graduated from social institutions leave in adulthood at all, never having the corner

the Law of the jungle

the Stone jungle has the same laws, as in the woods of Amazon: the strongest survives. In the leena - autumn time most of the homeless went out of town, moved closer to forest plantations, cemeteries, private kitchen gardens and collective-farm gardens. There it is simpler to survive and from the heated asphalt and concrete far away. Closer to winter of the tramp begin to be pulled together on obsizhenny places, to borrow the sites of heating mains, cellars, attics and manholes. Most of all homeless the central regions of the cities where there are markets, big musornik - all near at hand are to the taste. Bums generally also survive on garbage containers. It is practically a supermarket: food, salvage (bottles, polyethylene, cardboard, scrap metal), clothes, footwear and even pieces of furniture and life. Such fish places it is accurately divided between groups of the homeless, each of which has avtoritetnyerukovoditel. Someone tries to obtain the power by force of fists, and someone diplomacy and valuable human qualities: does not steal from the, will not substitute and will not hand over to cops, does not krysyatnichat hands over in common fund similar has the higher education

However, romanticism free life lasts long not. Full insanitary conditions, frosts and abuse of alcohol considerably reduce life to people without the past and the future. Statistically, about 12% of the homeless have tuberculosis in an open form, and more than 9% live with suspicion on tuberculosis, 13,2% have various skin diseases, trophic ulcers and eczemas, 12,5% - louses and itch. The statistics in general holds back venereal diseases. The most terrible as tramps admit that if you did not die of any sore, they to you will help to otmuchatsya. Juvenile geeks from financially safe families quite often work skill of blows on defenseless and the main thing residents of our cities deprived of civil rights. How many they died from hands normal members of society nobody ever learns. About death of the homeless even the militia is not engaged in investigation. It also is clear, put and without them is enough and wood-grouses superfluous will spoil all indicators. There is no person - there are no problems Someone can philosophically notice

that popular wisdom again is confirmed: And from prison do not renounce a bag . Here only once stumbled, made a mistake practically cannot return to normal life any more. Appeared without housing, the passports and registrations put on a survival side people, in fact, beyond the law. They have no place to ask for the help, they are not taken for permanent job, they are deprived of the constitutional guarantees from the right to receive medical care to the right of participation in political elections. Quite often people - shadows increase the level of solvability of crime and go to jail for crimes which did not make. Though, maybe, it and not the worst option. To freeze in a gate in a winter icy cold, to burn down alive in the thrown shed or to be just like that to death hammered - not the better lot, even for the person from the most black bottom.