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Army or democracy?


For all the history the mankind developed very strong, practical, effectively operating control system of people - it is army system of the power. Its main core is an autocracy of the commander. The commander is god and the tsar who can send on the death of one hundred and thousands of people. And only at such system the army is capable to carry out the main task - to suppress by all means other army or any other forces. This system is simple, convenient and effective.

this system was postponed For a long time for a control system of the state and with success coped with various problems of management of society.

But society does not live under laws of war - to win or die. And if in field army issues of removability of commanders are resolved quickly enough by death in the battlefield, then in a control system of the state and army in a peace time this issue is resolved not by the absolute authority, such as death, and people who are already dressed by the power who as history shows, want to be replaced only after the natural death. And, as they say - God to them the judge.

A a question of removability of commanders in a control system most important since only removability of commanders leads to continuous updating of system and its creative development.

Modern society, understanding that purely army system is unsuitable for the solution of tasks of society in a peace time took great pain to improve this, the form of government which proved the efficiency in practice and now came to the improved system - democracy.

However as Churchill told: The democracy is the worst of control systems of society, but the best the mankind did not think up anything " yet;.

Why the worst? Yes, because the essence of system remained invariable army and it is not suitable for the solution not of fighting tasks in principle.

Unfortunately inertness of thinking and not desire to look for new system, old suits the majority, being in power, does not allow society to change the existing system radically. the New control system of society has to have

accurate and clear all criterion of delegation of power on management at all levels of structure of the power. In system two main issues have to be resolved:

1. Delegation of power from primary structures of the power in secondary and at last in the highest.

2. A response of powers as in primary structures, in secondary and in the highest.

Both of these procedures have to be continuous in time, i.e. not to depend on concrete terms, and to depend only on competence and trust of people (electorate).

Elections in modern democracy poorly - poorly resolve the first issue, but do not arrange at all the most part of the population which simply ceases to go to elections. And this problem exists in all democratic systems known to us.

As for the second question, it cannot be just solved within army system. the Clever person will never go to choose

the president. This personality is known to nobody. The clever person will tell: I did not work with it, it can the idler? What he understands in policy or in education of children, I did not talk to it. And what soul at it? What he in life wants to make? Questions at the clever person to the person to whom he has to delegate the powers on government much and it is possible to receive them only having worked generally, business not less than a year.

If to follow logic of the clever person, then the powers on government, even at the lowest level, it can transfer only to the person whom well knows and to whom consciously trusts. And at a possible mistake, you never know as the person who received my powers on management of me will behave, I have to have an opportunity at any time to take away the powers and to transfer to their another.

That the most interesting such system when the person (voter) can at any time and give and take away the powers can be created. And this task at all not Newton binomial, is necessary only political party which will be engaged in creation of this system.

the Principle of creation of such party or self-government institutions has to be the following. Everyone who wants to be the member of such party has to bring to

not less than 5 petitions from citizens which in the statements delegate the powers according to the solution of political problems of party to the given alleged member with the right of transfer of these powers to any other person. And it is not necessary to withdraw the first application about delegations of power. Domination of the statement is defined by date of submission of the new statement and its fixing in the secretariat of party. The people who came to structure will have the status of the elite, people, it is good them knowing.

is the simplest to organize such work it is possible at the place of residence of citizens and to begin with the first level of the power of self-government - from a house landing in the cities.

the Landing is the first general territory where interests of citizens face. Here the senior of the platform chosen on new system can also be the lawful representative of citizens at the first level of the power in the state. And its elections and a response will become the current affair which is not demanding any kopek. In the course of life and collaboration will be, will put forward to a position the most suitable deputy. Working together we will tell 1 - 2 years people have the general fund of information and experience and change of the power will not demand to the new leader of time on entry into affairs . Further according to the logic of the main principle - seniors of platforms choose the senior by an entrance, seniors of entrances choose the senior house and so on and everywhere. Transfer of power, for example to other senior of the house if necessary can be initiated at any level, but only seniors of entrances solve the written responses replacement of the senior house.

Is sincere,