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Why it is so important to meet school teachers?

School days, wonderful years I cannot but agree with it because then we were necessary to someone, studied, got new impressions, experience, skills and abilities. Worried about us, wished well to us. Very much wanted that from us good people, professionals, experts, masters turned out. It was wished not only our parents, very strongly wanted it our school teachers. Just work at them such - children to learn, to help them to become people, and good or bad - will judge time.

Recently I and my family came back from the city. Suddenly at the station in the middle of roadside vanity the painfully familiar image as if someone from the childhood looked at me from far away flashed. For a minute even it seemed that mother admires the matured child. I stopped the look. Oh, my God, it was it. My dear, favourite, and, above all, first teacher Galina Nikolaevna, genius of Russian and literature.

Here, at last, we met, and our pleasure was not a limit. And it did not change at all, is still elegant, lovely and smiling. How many years passed, and memory, appears, very tremblingly keeps memories of school days.

We went by the bus on our general homeland, but already guests. I was in time a lot of things by this time, graduated from the university, married, gave birth to the daughter. Galina Nikolaevna after the twenty-year period of teaching at rural high school moved to live and work to the city, and now is going to become the grandmother. We spoke about everything, but could not have a good long talk. Remembered out-of-class evenings, and eternal disputes on mission of literature and throwings of the Russian soul.

I remember, in the sixth class it was entrusted to me to prepare retelling of the story about a feat of the person. I very much worried as our class always differed in the inability to listen. But Galina Nikolaevna calmed me, adjusted on a positive. Then I understood that to force people it is impossible to listen, it is only possible to interest them. And it is big vital work and the real human work. My first public retelling then was crowned with success, even the call from a lesson did not prevent me to finish the first informal performance. Then there were verses, and Galina Nikolaevna became the first grateful listener again.

Now, from a certain step of the life experience, I can tell with confidence that I my first teacher was and there is it, Galina Nikolaevna Panamoreva.

Behind talk our five-hour road seemed to me only in a trice - between carefree school last and such difficult present. We left very warmly, exchanged phones in hope to meet and talk once again.

And since that moment I am not abandoned by thought: as all - is important though sometimes to meet the first teachers. As sometimes it is necessary to plunge into the childhood where your experience was reduced to examination before and after. As it is important to remember what everything began with, and those who gave you that permit in this big and difficult life. Low bow to you and respect, our dear teachers!