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How to prepare a tasty dish in a pot?

The other day communicated with the girlfriend from California in ICQ. She lives in the States long ago, but does not forget the Russian culture. And to the children does not allow to forget though children appeared already in the territory of the far continent.

Consulted on me concerning the Russian party. We with it wrote the scenario, made the menu. Also it pushed me on the organization of the same party under our conditions. I decided to bring together the amicable relatives and to please them with interesnost and delicacies.

Stopped on dishes in pots. I like to cook in them. Time leaves a little, and at once - took out a portion dish from an oven, on a plate and any additional laying - a podgarnirovka. And the dish turns out gentle, protomlenny, useful. And what spirit all right! Mmmmm! Such nyamka!

This time decided to indulge the family with pelmeni in a pot. Stuck pelmeni itself. There are no opening. However, there are secrets. But about them in article about pelmeni. So, pelmeni. Very tasty, it is possible even to tell, festive.

Pelmeni (44 - 45 pieces)

1 glasses of flour, 1 egg, 1 h a spoon of salt, 5 tablespoons of water, 150 g of forcemeat (meat + onions + salt + pepper)

to Stick together pelmeni - absolutely small, in a half of the usual size. From frying pelmeni become dense and do not collapse as boiled.

To fry to an easy zarumyanivaniye on butter from all directions (~ 30 g).

is obligatory to Fry pelmeni. It will give them additional aroma, additional hardness and, the main thing, will prevent adhesion at suppression in an oven.

To cook vegetable broth - to put in the boiling water (700 ml) largely cut carrots - 1 piece and onions - 1 piece, bay leaf, pepper and a bunch of parsley. To salt (1 - 1,5 h a spoon) and to cook about 20 minutes (pelmeni and mushrooms are fried so far). To filter ready broth.

To cut fresh champignons (200 g) with plates and to fry on butter (15 g) on the same frying pan where pelmeni were fried.

In 4 pots to spread out equally pelmeni and mushrooms. To fill in with broth. Covers not to close.

To deliver in the warmed oven for 30 minutes at a temperature of 180 ~ 200 C. to Give

directly in pots or to lay out in a soup plate.

If to fry champignons with onions, it is much MORE TASTY.

It is possible to change the recipe a little:

In a pot I stack a layer of pelmeni, a layer of mushrooms, I water with sour cream and I strew with grated cheese. Then I fill in broth, only that it slightly covered pelmeni and I put in an oven. Cheese, sour cream and broth give tremendous sauce! And still - sometimes I do in one big pot, stacking serially all layers. And then I display on plates...

Sometimes I do so.

I boil pelmeni to semi-readiness in water, then I merge water. In pots, previously having greased with butter, I spread part of pelmeni, then a mayonnaise layer (I prefer Calve), then pelmeni, mayonnaise and so I alternate, mayonnaise and grated cheese again at the end. Very tasty! And even store pelmeni turn into remarkable!

And on - Tuscan we with the niece did the recipe of beef of Italy already at the Italian party. Except a lasagna and anti-paste prepared also this most delicate dish. I never tasted such beef! It protomitsya so that just melted in the mouth. Took very young veal. According to the recipe there had to be a cow calf, but to us her passport with the indication of gender and age in the market was not provided.

So, beef (veal is better) - 1 kg, onions - 2 - 3 heads, carrots - 3 pieces, salt, pepper, kefir - 1 l.

We cut beef on portion pieces on 50 g, we fry with onions (half rings) and carrots, grated on a large grater, we salt, we pepper. We display on pots, we fill in with kefir. Kefir has to close all meat. We put in an oven for 30 minutes at a temperature of 150 - 160 g. A cover it is obligatory to close a pot. More gently than gentle! These products were enough for 5 portion pots.

The most pleasant to you appetite!