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How to equip office according to the fan - Shui?

Having studied a heap of handbooks on science of Ancient China, we acquired several ways how to entice bird of good luck in your office to neutralize adverse power effects of people, objects or an interior, and also to strengthen influence of positive streams of energy. Because as admirers the fan - Shui when an environment is harmonious consider, work goes far better.

For a start let`s try to make together a trip on your office to understand how the space of the room is filled with the energy arriving through an entrance door.

If to get to the main room, it is necessary to go through a corridor, it is important to create the movement towards purposes : to hang up, for example, a picture with a dynamic plot (the floating ship, the flying plane, the current water etc.) . Track that the direction of the movement went towards office, but not towards to entering at all. Try - and you will feel how together with each entered person positive energy will amplify.

If you are forced to settle down in a basement, then make such lighting which will create illusion of moving streams of air. By the way, the fan - Shui recommends to light those details of an interior to which you want to attract energy, and also attention of clients and visitors: for example, it can be the cash register, a logo or show-windows with product samples.

Supply a ladder with abrupt steps a bilateral handrail, they will carry out the supporting function in literal and figurative sense.

to the Client will be difficult to make the positive decision in favor of your firm if at an entrance to office on it as if collapses very low ceiling or if during negotiations over it frame designs hang.

Having correctly arranged doors or screens, lamps and plants, it is possible to direct energy so that it promoted your prosperity and enrichment. That energy did not follow through windows, put on its way plants or screens, any pleasant objects: they will change the direction of power streams.

In an office

I here we come into your office, your personal working space. High furniture: - do not put cases, racks, whatnots near a door or on the parties from a window. Vertically extended objects will visually reduce places of penetration of positive energy and its streams therefore it is better to have them lengthways deafs walls, in corners of rooms. The upholstered furniture needs to be put so that sitting on it could watch an entrance door freely.

Most preferable circular, the arc-shaped or octagonal (a form of a bagu) a furniture arrangement around the composite center of an office. In - the first, it will create in the room magic protection against evil spirits. And in - the second, (and in - main, especially if you doubt that evil spirits attempt upon space of your office) will facilitate communication of the employees or guests who are present at the room among themselves: each of them will well see the interlocutor.

A desktop - to all the head

is of Great importance the table size: it is the best of all to choose a table which has a surface area not less, than 120 x 80 cm. You want that reckoned with your opinion? Put a table of a bigger size, for example, 150 x 85 cm

Several words about an arrangement of your table, most important element in an interior. If you the chief, safely settle down in North - the western corner of office which in east philosophy is called owner`s sector and in good sense it is capable to provoke to wise, fair and profitable ideas. You should not dispose a workplace a back to a door or a window: being in such situation, the person loses energy and confidence in own forces. But if it is impossible to choose other place, curtain a window dense curtains or blinds. If this condition is exigeant, put a small pocket mirror on a table so that the scrap of the blue sky was reflected in it - it will give a scope to your thoughts. On the contrary, having put the table facing a door, you will be able to attract to yourself good luck and material welfare, the Chinese wisdom claims that people and money are extorted to the one who the first welcomes guests.

The most safe the arrangement a back to a wall is considered, the wall on the fan - Shui is a symbol of the mountain which provides to people support and reliable protection. But also the return situation which is fairly limiting a creative power can be corrected too, having hung up before eyes a favourite landscape or a panel with the image of Fujiyama. It is not recommended to sit a back to an open case or regiments: horizontal surfaces symbolize knives which interfere in your power field and worsen health. You should not have the table near any ladder: forces, vigor and commitment risk to escape up or down steps.

Details solve everything!

the Computer is necessary in any business of IT - equipment which absorbs the electric power from the socket and generates energy absolutely of other sort for creation and creativity. To balance and send this powerful stream to the necessary course, you hold on a table objects of bright flowers - blue, red, orange - or a crystal of rock crystal, it will give clarity to your thoughts. In the center of a table (on the fan - Shui this zone is responsible for knowledge, competence and inspiration) put something gray or blue, for example, a mousepad. It will help to use most fully your abilities, will provide inflow of creative energy.

Such irreplaceable thing as phone, has to be in a certain place too. If you the right-handed person, put him nearby on the right if the lefthander - in a far left corner. It will help you to attract good luck, to establish useful contacts, to achieve financial success. Anyway put phone so that you had not to try to keep step with a tube the right hand on the left, left - to the right. Crossing a body, the hand blocks positive energy.

Writing-materials and office accessories. Choose folders of bright color, it is the best of all blue and red. Try to get rid from massive file and reference books also you store them in a far left corner or in a table box (such arrangement attracts good luck and promotes wellbeing growth) immediately throw out Any unnecessary sheet of paper in a wastepaper basket which the fan - Shui recommends to put under a table. The matter is that unnecessary papers accumulate negative energy, guaranteeing to the careless owner stagnation in affairs.

you Hold on a desktop a glass with clear drinking water. If you arrange it at the right edge of a table, it makes active a creative power and an ingenuity, on left - knowledge. But you remember that water has to be always freshen - stagnant liquid accumulates negative energy.

Put on a desktop of the photo of relatives and favourite people. Residents of the most numerous country - China - claim that, contemplating native faces nearby, you will not feel torn off from them and consequently, you will subconsciously not be negative to service for the fact that it separates you from a family.

If to you often has to use the telephone book, put it on the right, in middle or near part of a table - that is, in that place which is responsible for inflow of money, it will bring a benefit maximum.

And one more universal recommendation. To strengthen the positions of the head of firm, to support authority (and own, and all organization in general), in all rooms place your symbol - a logo. It by all means has to be present over a desktop, at the administrator`s rack, at the hall and procedural offices.

Perhaps, some recommendations will seem to you strange. Certainly, the fan - Shui absorbed a lot of things from Ancient Chinese philosophy, it gives to the doctrine some exoticism. And still it is not so difficult for understanding of the modern person of the western culture, first of all, the universal common sense is his cornerstone.