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Adjika and Hrenoder. How to prepare lethal sauce for the winter?

Are time harvesting. The most generous time Disorder of vegetables. There is a wish to keep summer - at least in banks. After the publication of the article How to make letcho in house conditions? questions concerning preparation and other home-made canned food were asked the author. I think that the author generously them will share with us. And I decided to acquaint readers with the experience.

Adjika. How long this Caucasian seasoning entered into our kitchen? Who does not know it? And how many different recipes of its preparation! And simple, and more difficultly. Always, when I begin to preserve, I have some unusual delight - from sacrament and action! I create! And as it is pleasant to open in the winter any jar - hi from summer. I will surely share the most lucky finds in this area of cookery.

The first recipe of adjika a little unusual - differs from traditional - there are vegetable marrows. They - that also give tenderness, smooth sharp taste of classical adjika. It for thinner natures. The recipe:

3 kg of vegetable marrows, 4 - 5 pieces of sweet pepper, 2 pieces of bitter pepper, 200 g of garlic, 1 glass of sugar, 1 glass of vegetable oil, 0,5 l of bank of tomato paste, 150 g of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of salt. Everything to overwind

via the meat grinder, to add sugar, oil, vinegar, salt, tomato paste. To mix everything and as will begin to boil, to cook 25 - 30 min.

there is a recipe of adjika without cooking.

1 kg of tomatoes, 1 kg of red paprika, 300 - 500 of garlic, 1 bunch of parsley, bitter siliculose pepper and salt - to taste. It is good to wash up, dry everything a towel, at paprika to cut off only tails, to leave core with seeds (in it all focus - taste and vitamins! Seeds are children - perchinka), to peel garlic. To scroll everything on the meat grinder, to add the parsley cut small. To mix and put in the refrigerator for days, to mix several times that salt was dissolved. Then it is possible to spread out in jars, to close the screwing-up or polyethylene covers. It is better to store in the refrigerator. All the dishes have to be carefully washed and scalded by boiled water, to take vegetables fresh, intact, strong. To take adjika from a jar only a pure spoon. It is possible to add to borsch, any dishes in 5 min. prior to the end of cooking. Matchless taste and aroma! And, above all - all vitamins remain. It is stored very well. If there are fears, it is possible to add more salt at preparation, or a vinegar spoon. But usually it does not sour - garlic and bitter pepper do the part.

And most often I use the recipe with apples. The most tasty turns out adjika - with sourness. The main thing not to shift some pepper.

This adjika it is possible not only as additional seasoning to put on a table, but also is with bread.

2,5 kg of tomatoes, 1 kg of carrots, 1 kg of sweet pepper, 1 kg of apples, 100 g of red siliculose pepper, 1 glass of sugar, 0,25 glasses of salt, 1 glass of vinegar (9%), 1 glass of sunflower oil, 200 g of garlic.

At tomatoes it is desirable to husk, but it is possible and not to remove. At apples to remove a sertsevinka. To clear of a peel. All vegetables and fruit to pass

via the meat grinder and to cook in a pan 1 hour from the moment of boiling.

Then to add sugar, salt, vinegar, sunflower oil, the garlic (passed through a chesnokodavilka). Still to boil thoroughly

10 minutes and to close on banks. I Advise

previously pure banks to take in an oven that they were hot, and covers to boil.

If these seasonings seem too delicate - I suggest to try to prepare Hrenoder . But there is one difficulty - can, only for me? To rub a root of horse-radish or to overwind it via the meat grinder. I begin to cry! Tears of clarification were not provided in this moment Found a way out - I put on a plastic bag the meat grinder, I tie him to collection point for the gruel and forward!

So, recipe:

To peel horse-radish and garlic, to wash up tomatoes, to pass all this via the meat grinder. To salt, add sugar and vinegar. to Spread out

in small jars. To store in the refrigerator or in a cellar.

1 kg of tomatoes, 300 g of garlic, 300 g of horse-radish, 1 tablespoon (without hill) salts, 1 tablespoon (without hill) sugar, 0,5 h a spoon of vinegar (9%).

And here the recipe of the simplest sauce of Hrenovink - not for storage.

to Take tomatoes in very hot water, to husk with them, to wipe through a large grater, to add davleny garlic, horse-radish for those who loves, salt, pepper and is a little sour cream (it is desirable for dense and big fat content) and to shake up slightly a fork. Very well to pelmeni and other meat dishes.

As you can see, all very much and very simply. The main thing, desire to please the family in the short winter days. Good luck to you!