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You want... to be independent?

are good to be independent, just remarkably. You live the own way, you undertake all responsibility for the acts. to

Nobody to you not the decree, in need of all you listen and you draw the corresponding conclusions. Grant

, the only restriction - not to limit freedom of others if it does not strike at your rights. I.e. it is necessary to be respectful to people around.

I Hope, among soberminded people there will be no person who would not agree that independent among us about several pieces on one hundred.

Are heard to me the indignant squeal moralists apropos pieces .

Calm down, citizens, it is not necessary to throw in me rotten tomatoes - on pieces I consider independent people, - personally it has no relation to you, moralize if there is a need for it.

I Dare to assure you, dear moralists that the independent person will not pay attention to this discrepancy (in your understanding) - he perfectly knows the own worth (you remember - sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me), and the others those which clever and worthy persons will demand respect for themselves, including to address them on you at times, perfectly realizing that they are unworthy it.

By the way: you are a God, and devils - you.

For those who, - independent, is decent, respecting himself and other people, as a rule, it:

is capable to be responsible for the acts,

does not look for guilty of the fiascos,

is kind and appeasable,

does not play the hypocrite,

does not gloat over, usually, does not see ridiculous in others misses,

well, he is not capable to rejoice to others grief,

does not dissemble,

does not lie,

does not whine,

does not humiliate,

does not envy,

does not revenge,

is not vain,

impudence and rudeness - not for it unless in reply,

practically always in normal mood,

a worthiness consists in its inner world, abilities and skills,

praise and slander accepts with understanding as it does not consider itself, something special, to

as a rule, is a little subject to influence of crowd,

is not arrogant and is not haughty,

as a rule, is ready to advocate the interests and to protect the rights,

easily and freely forgives others (not malicious) misses, or stops communication with the person, improper for it,

always, such as is - without pretense and masks, just lives, - trying not to disturb to live another.

it any fighter in secret intrigues and behind-the-scenes fight,

Well, - he to director and in understanding worthy - sucker.

A to you - is weak to become Such.

Weaklings, losers and other worthy you will be indignant, ache and criticize this article and its author, but, from - for laziness and an otioseness, will be able to change nothing in the relation to life.

to you, as a rule, is not even allowed to comprehend it, and about acceptance for itself such way of existence, - even the speech cannot be.

seems so to me. But I with pleasure will ask forgiveness if I am wrong.

If you accept such way of existence, you do not want to give up the habits which took roots at you, manners , you like to listen - who. with whom, when and against whom, to listen to opinion and views of crowd and to be conducted on it recommendations or there is not enough mind to live on another - live as you know, darling, nobody to you not the decree. you do not visit

I my page, it will be able to help nothing to you as failures, envy, intrigues, intrigues, charges, a freebie... skulezh is your native elements which you got to like long ago and are, hardly, capable though something to change in the life to the best.

If it is difficult to someone to comprehend independence of the person, look narrowly at herbivores (antelopes, zebras horses, goats, cows) - they behave rather independently, without demanding anything, - unless malyshnya, without accusing anybody and without humiliating. Just live.

Think, decide - to have or not to have.

A I to you if it is necessary also will help, than I will be able.

Alexey Lapin, lai37@mail. ru

author of mailing: Carefully! - Bitch!

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