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Beauty is not happiness?

Every morning - a business suit, a little bit cosmetics, a drop of perfume. It is good!

And at the same time life is so monotonous... Day by day anything, except affairs. Where meaningful man`s glances, the concerning touches of darling, kisses, mad passion disappeared?

You almost did not change externally. But something changed inside. Some small defect doing you by the woman - the invisible being: with you speak, but do not see YOU. Yes from it does not smell of the woman! - someone told by the way Really it about you? Why?

You remember, was final at university - and the ugliest girl in group became the queen of a ball? In my opinion, she was called Tank. As now I see it - krivenky legs, kosenky eyes, three hairs on the head She acted on hairpins in this mad orange dress and guys just killed her following. So - victoriously - ugly Tanka defiled with final in the REGISTRY OFFICE, having taken herself in husbands of the high sports physicist from a parallel stream.

Happy girl. Parents in the childhood did not tell it that to be krivonogy and kosenky is sad and unpromising. I think, they on it looked as at the divine, shining beauty gift which came back to them to the modest dwelling to some there Earth - and Tanka still feels such gift. So behaves. So gives. Does not play, she trusts in it sincerely, and all trust.

And how you grew? What to you was told by parents before going to bed? Where gadded? Only try bring in a hem - home I will not let! Or: There now, again three hours at a mirror, drew to herself eyes, and you will wash away - nobody learns And can be: To Whom are you necessary, such? Perhaps, without telling anything special, they just set you an example to dim, mechanical life in which there are neither feelings, nor sex for a long time but only to devour - to have a sleep, cooking - washing - giving and work, same mechanical as all their life day after day It is a pity for this life to pain.

In the childhood it seemed to me that beauties are stuck simply around by men as a sticky piece of paper flies. Men stick legs and cannot escape, and perish, loving. Having become adult, I saw such sea of the lonely, brought to a despair by the loneliness beauties that it is inconceivable - where uncles, in what watch their interest?

Why the handsome gets ugly, beauties drink antidepressants somehow to level the not demand in the market, and family young women quickly turn into aunts and join ranks to nobody the necessary female stuff which filled all electric trains during week-end - sad persons, extinct eyes Melancholy.

During experiments with mice it was found out that hormone Prolactinum which content increases after an orgasm can increase number of new neurons in an olfactory bulb of a brain. Molecules of smells get into a nasal cavity, stimulate cells of a receptor in an olfactory bulb, signals reach a cerebellar almond and a gipotalamus, the emotional mechanism is activated, signals reach the retikulyarny formation operating excitement and mood and, perhaps, influencing love feelings .

Read on the Internet. And at once presented game where a ball, long traveling around the different interconnected grooves, a skillful hand goes to a hole. So Scent of a Woman gives a signal to a male brain. In general our any beauty is not necessary to either an olfactory bulb, or a cerebellar almond, or a retikulyarny formation. It needs something another, hardly perceptible - weightless whirlwinds of air, an invisible stream of the pulsing heat, well the word, fluids, monads and corpuscles of our sexuality. And where to take them? In a sex shop? With mice it is somehow more clear

Happens, I on doggies well explain it, however, at once I apologize for vulgarisms. Without them it is impossible it is as juicy as it there is a wish, to transfer. There is to the yard a doggie: just from salon. Curls, a hairstyle, pink bows and a body cloth - perfection. And what? To nobody, except the hostess, it is necessary. Gets out of a gate dirty, filthy, bald a bough - and all domestic dogs here: and the bottom to it is smelled, and roll out pads Everything is clear - at boughs a techka! On doggies we understand it.

And own female experience teaches nothing? We leave, pomaded, salon, in very expensive body cloths and what monads we radiate? Jaws are squeezed, dead-pans, in eyes the search engine Google : filters, probes, estimates, rejects - ten thousand operations per second! What here can be a stream of the pulsing heat And even if eyes friendly squint and the ulybochka on lips plays, a retikulyarny formation will not deceive, there is no signal! Poor domestic dogs

Well, we begin new life? I is serious. Directly from now on. What to do? To take care of the own life. Not as you got used: hairstyle, cosmetologist, shopping, restaurant It was already tried. Pleasantly, but within our subject does not work.

We will begin with emotions. We need thin wave control of our radiations. Find in the " computer; suitable program. There has to be at you a firewall which is not passing inside negative viruses? Cancel viewing of telenews. Stop listening that the bus fell in Zambezi from the bridge and six people died. There will be something really urgent - you will be called.

By the way, about calls. Tell the bloodsuckers (everyone has such), and so, tell them that at you diet of positive news . And at this time they cannot tell you zhutik from someone`s private life, to complain of destiny and to accuse you of something! Let mesyatsok will have a rest. You look, during this time will get used to communicate differently approach

a mirror Now, look at yourself znoyno Derive pleasure from contemplation. To behold, but not to estimate! Here to smooth, and here to tighten - clean this look! Be fixed only on pleasure Look at

how there is a lot of it around! The pleasure to live Than not an occasion to poizluchat something light and trembling?

You go down the street, and wind kisses you, millions of most concerning touches, millions of the most delicate kisses You live, so - someone there above loves you! You all are shrouded in this unearthly love, it penetrates your body and it becomes weightless! Pleasure, here that important! You feel the surprising, forgotten since the childhood pleasure from feeling of this infinite space of life, from internal tranquility and confidence that all events occur for you!

Life carries you the concerning stream of Sounds, Paints, Feelings, do not resist! Because that`s it now, exactly on this wave you will begin to radiate itself - and you will see how even women will begin you to smile all of a sudden pensive smiles of Madonnas You radiate In these beams all burns down disturbing, vain, bitter, terrible In them tenderness blossoms. It is not necessary to be afraid of it. You are open - but it does not mean that you are defenseless.

The strongest armor does not give such protection what gives Openness. It is weaved from pleasure, love and trust. There is in the world nothing stronger. Adjust the power stream, learn to feel it and to operate it. You will become the almighty magician! Everything will begin to change under your radiating look Here only about one you I ask

- do not go too far, in such relation to life one short step to sanctity! And Saints - forgive me, My God - are so not sexual