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Why the institute of physical culture in St. Petersburg bears a name of Lesgaft?

on September 14, 1837 in a family of the Russified German Johann Peter Otto Lesgaft who was interrupted in life by the fact that he produced and sold jewelry, and his spouse Genriyetta Louise the next boy who in honor of the grandfather was named Peter, but soon " was born; corrected on Pyotr. His mother was a sample of well-educated Frau whom except three To (Kirche, K ü che, Kinder - church, kitchen, children) nothing in life was necessary, and the father - an example of discipline, restraint and diligence. The big family demanded a lot of money, and Johann for days on end vanished in the jeweler workshop.

Pyotr studied at school together with the brothers, but showed so much diligence that it seemed to the father of three classes of education at the son quite sufficient. What textbooks will not give with interest will fill life - Lesgaft - the senior argued and gave Pyotr in pupils to the druggist. That very was delighted to unexpected good luck and right there unloaded all routine work on the boy`s shoulders. Grinding of medicines in powders, cutting of standard sheets on strips into which these powders were packed belonged to its duties. But if in the beginning the boy it was pleasant to feel like the adult then all these simple manipulations with order bothered. As a result he ran away from the druggist and came back home. Here he was thoroughly taught a good lesson by the father, and mother, on the contrary, very much was delighted to the fact that she will be together with the son again.

Elder brothers helped younger to be prepared for the senior classes of a gymnasium, and, having tasted a work shred, Pyotr studied even more diligently. And, apparently, did not forget about a drugstore because when came it is time to continue education, he filed documents to Mediko - surgical academy. There was it in 1856, and several months later in academy there were revolutionary changes, to the management of it people of progressive views came. They were interested in that in academy the most talented experts in the areas taught.

So, for example, the anatomy was taught by professor Ventseslav Gruber who in Prague was noticed by Nikolay Ivanovich Pirogov and invited to St. Petersburg. Gruber was a pathologist from God, in the days did not get out of preparovochny, conjuring with human remains. Not everyone could sustain in this fetid room and three minutes, but professor could try to discover some anomaly for hours. It as nobody else, lived only by the principle: Opening will show .

This devotion of professor of specialty, his scrupulousness and terrible working capacity could not remain unaddressed Lesgaft. Unlike other students, he often kept the company to Gruber, and the teacher could not remain indifferent to searches of the pupil. It gave it everything - both filigree equipment, and ability to feel some deviation still before the scalpel touches skin. Under the leadership of Czech Lesgaft so far promoted in this case that through a two-three of years of independent work he began to be called already poet of anatomy .

By the way, professor did not release the favourite even after that graduated from academy, left at department as the graduate student. And only 7 years later Lesgaft got out from - under the master`s wing when he was appointed the head of the department of physiological anatomy at the Kazan university. By the way, in four years before Pyotr with gloss defended the doctoral dissertation.

On the new place Lesgaft made such act which caused admiration at one and full rejection in others. It involved the schoolgirl of a povivalny class Evgenia Muzhskova in a mortuary. So for the first time in Russia the woman began to help men with such delicate business as opening

to Pyotr Frantsevich (namely so by the end of life the father renamed himself it) possesses idea of creation of the anthropological museum which began to be replenished with valuable exhibits quickly. And in spite of the fact that most of the population of Kazan was made by Muslims whose religion everything is differs from Christian, in the museum there were always many visitors. The people were eager to see how we are arranged inside.

But Lesgaft stayed in Kazan rather not for long. Once in spite of himself and without his permission, reception of examinations in its subject was transferred to one of professors who incidentally or purposely made tests without opening of corpses. Lesgaft could not endure it and published a situation, having written to the newspaper. The conflict with the result as a result of whom the last achieved at the tsar of deprivation Lesgaft of the right of teaching ran high.

Pyotr returned to St. Petersburg where began to train the women for the first time allowed to receipt in native academy for entrance examinations. These lectures at home which almost right there called Lesgaft`s courses these well-known readings existed more than 30 years to the death of the great physician.

By this time the beginning of work of P.F. Lesgaft on the theory and practice of physical education belongs. For the first time he seriously became interested in these questions in 1872 when he arrived the consulting physician in private vrachebno - a gymnastic institution of doctor A. G. Berglind. He was practically a founder of a kinezoterapiya in Russia, the doctor who treats the movements. By the way, today similar medical institutions work in many Russian cities including in Kaliningrad. I glanced in this center and was struck what results can achieve if seriously to undertake the health

Lesgaft became one of pioneers of remedial gymnastics in Russia. Many receptions applied by it to correction of the congenital and acquired defects of development kostno - muscular system at children, are successfully used and today. He together with two colleagues developed bases of school hygiene and participated in their practical introduction in some educational institutions of St. Petersburg. And a bit later created the hygiene office which became the first hygienic museum.

To tell the truth, Pyotr Frantsevich undertook studying of gymnastics thoroughly. Within two years he visited 13 European states, visited 26 cities where he scrupulously studied a teaching technique, the device of a gymnastic apparatus, and at the same time made recommendations about improvement of their designs.

For the last 20 years of the life Lesgaft was in time so much how many much do not manage also for half a century. In 1886 - 97 years he gave lectures on anatomy at natural faculty of the St. Petersburg university, on Christmas female courses. In 1893 organized Biological laboratory, continuing to conduct the course of lecturing.

In 1909 health 62 - summer professor sharply worsened. To it suggested to go to the known Cyprian resort in a small town of Geluane. There was a sanatorium with sulfuric bathtubs, massage and good care of patients. But it a little than helped - at Lesgaft kidneys refused. The last 9 days of life he did not recover consciousness. His heart stopped on November 13, 1909

A its courses was remembered by the won proletariat. Exactly 10 years later after Lesgaft`s death on their base the State institute of physical education was open. By itself, appropriated it the name revolutionary professors.

I asked the friends whether they whom was Lesgaft know? Many surely told: some eminent person of Communist party of Germany . I think, the story about life of the remarkable anatomist, the founder of physiotherapy exercises and physical education in our country will clear up