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How to choose the plasma panel?

Somebody by the name of Bill Gates bought about ten big plasma panels in due time and hanged out them on all house in order that they broadcast images of cloths of great artists And that, conveniently! Today at you in a drawing room Picasso, tomorrow - Rembrandt hangs. Wanted, arranged Louvre from the house, wanted - the Tretyakov gallery.

The vast majority of buyers, buying plasma panels, is guided not by technical characteristics, but features of appearance and specifics of design of the panel. In principle, this approach is not deprived of reasonable grain, the most part of a model range in identical price category has also the equal number of functions.

So, you decided to buy the plasma panel, but the choice by the principle the more beautifully, the better does not arrange you? Then the councils published below will satisfy your thirst of inquisitiveness and will help to make the right choice based on knowledge.

If you think that, having bought the plasma panel, you automatically become the owner well of nearly full-fledged home theater - in vain! The plasma panel is, as a rule, not equipped with TV - the tuner (for this reason it will not be able to adopt television programs). Also in it there can be no completely built-in columns. Therefore if you are not going to get complete with the plasma screen expensive columns, a receiver, DVD - a player, choose model with the built-in columns.

If the plasma panel is chosen mostly for viewing of TV - programs, choose model with the built-in TV - the tuner. There is an option of connection of the panel via the computer, the videorecorder. But the blasphemy is simple to connect the old, cheap videorecorder to your treasure. You will not be able just to estimate all advantages. For the same reason you should not buy also piracy cartridges.

It is possible to receive the video image of a high definition also by means of satellite television. But the satellite plate has to be correctly installed (has to constantly to see the sky) as even the small distortion (in half-degree) will create a huge number of hindrances and defects of the image and a sound.

The option when you, having acquired all equipment from the plasma panel to superfancy columns, sit in a chair is not excluded, having imposed with the inconceivable number of panels (from the panel, the audio system, DVD - a player, the videorecorder). If the similar option does not seduce, choose models which are completed universal panels (they are capable to operate not only all elements of the home theater, but also the conditioner!) . But also there is a shortcoming - very much, well very much, it is a lot of buttons, it is almost impossible to remember mission of everyone therefore it is necessary to sit embracing the instruction.

Thanks to features of execution plasma screens are also not afraid of electromagnetic fields. Therefore near the plasma TV it is always possible to establish quietly the best, powerful columns and to enjoy a qualitative sound.

If you are going to start up for the panel the image from the computer, then be defined for what purposes you need it. If your passion of a toy - then everything is simply magnificent as even the cheapest models of panels have much more attractive characteristics in comparison with expensive LCD monitors. Be sure, when changing the screen the previous picture will vanish very quickly and there will be no situation imposings two pictures at each other.

But, the computer is not capable to stretch competently the picture on all screen therefore acquisition of the panel for daily work (work with tables) - not the best idea. Thus, as the full-fledged monitor the panel does not approach, but it is irreplaceable everywhere where quality and the size of the image matters (viewing of movies, display of the presentations, games, broadcasting of cloths of artists ).

The majority of panels have diagonal from 40 to 50 inches. The following characteristics are most distributed: the weight of 40-50 kg, a format of the screen 16:9, 16,7 of one million flowers (24 bits), are available the following entrances: video, S-video, RGB, audio-entrance and audio-exit. If diagonal at model is less, then and characteristics will be more modest. But models of each producer have a huge number of features.

After the first two hours of an admiring on a miracle - equipment your pleasure can be saddened by one moment: even at the switched-off columns (or at their absence) your panel makes sounds! These strange sounds make special fans of cooling - coolers. They interfere with an overheat of some components of the screen. But you should not be upset strongly, coolers work for the majority of models of plastic panels more quietly, than coolers of laptops. And in general, if your panel has the diagonal of 50 inches, you have to sit from it at distance more than 5 meters. At so decent distance the sound of a small cooler will hardly be able to spoil to you impression of viewing.

Problems with a cooler are blocked with interest by the following advantage of the panel - even if you will spend the whole day behind viewing of movies, your eyes will not be tired! As problems with blinking of the image and with data of beams are absent. Problems as ZhK - with dead points, at plasma panels also have no monitors. Now the image on the plasma screen is considered the brightest (to 500 cd / quarter. l) and contrast (400:1), it is even better, than at classical ELT of monitors. Compare: brightness and contrast of expensive monitor - 350 cd/m2 and 200:1, respectively. Generally, plasma panels give the most accurate and bright images, and it is not an advertizing trick. Besides, they possess the greatest viewing angle (~ 160 degrees): it is possible to enjoy the favourite movie from any corner of the room where the plasma panel is located (to see the main thing the screen, and it is not obligatory to choose the best situation at all).

Now it is a little about shortcomings: very high price (several thousands of dollars), but, on the other hand, alternatives - that is not present. Following shortcoming: plasma panels as anything else eat the electric power therefore even the best uninterruptible power supply unit will ensure functioning of the panel no more than for 7 minutes. And one more important moment: rather small term of operation of panels - only 10 000 hours of continuous work (if you watch telecasts within 5 - 6 hours every day, your " panel; it will be covered for the 6th year of work). Though many producers offer versions of the solution of this problem already today.

Generally, read, think and solve, to buy or not...