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All truth about network marketing or whether it Is necessary to you? What it is important to know …

So about how to distinguish the real network company from a financial pyramid?

Is many important hang-ups to which it is necessary to pay attention.

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Before making a final decision - whether you want to begin business in the network company - I recommend to you to study the important list which I will give below. It will always allow you to make the correct decision - whether want to deceive you or really offer you the standing business.

So when to you propose marriage (or you found something interesting in the Internet), you need to pay attention on:

1. Existence of goods! Without goods the company cannot be called network. It is a pure financial pyramid. The NETWORK company extends the goods through people.

2. Minimum cost of the contract. For example, the cost of the contract is equal in the company in which I worked to about $1-3. And, one may say, you pay with this money a package of documents (which much - business cards, invitation, questionnaires, marketing the plan etc.) . If say to you that the contract costs 100 - 200 dollars, think how many people are able to afford such contract? There can be it that the person just will want to buy at a discount. And it just will not pull such sum! Than the contract is more expensive, a high probability it to be that in a financial pyramid, or just without an opportunity to make good money.

3. Lack of investments. If you were told what production should buy on 50 - 200 - $1000, say goodbye to the person, and do not even listen! A pure financial pyramid, let and covered with goods.

4. Promises.

and) If to you is said that it is not necessary to sell goods is not (absolutely) the truth! the Goods have to be on sale, differently in what sense of the network company? The option is possible that will say to you that you can buy ONLY FOR YOURSELF - then it is necessary to look FOR WHAT sum in a month you need to do it. That is, if it is 10 - 15 dollars, then you can really not sell (if you buy production about which there is a speech - the cosmetics of the woman is bought precisely, and for the rest the needs to analyse the budget). But if this sum is more, then, anyway, you should have at least 3 - 5 buyers!

b) If say to you that you should not be engaged with people. It is a lie (or it is a financial pyramid)! In order that in group there was a movement, it will be necessary for you:

to Call buyers and the distributors to offer novelties, goods at a discount, an opportunity to participate in actions (one my customer won a trip).

to Call the structure for the purpose of the invitation to meetings, trainings, occupations, and also for the purpose of a reminder - to whom how many what is not enough (if the person does business together with you).

c) If say to you that for creation of business you should not look for constantly new people (both buyers, and distributors). It is a lie, both for network marketing, and for a financial pyramid! In a month the list of your acquaintances will end, and it will be necessary to learn to work with strangers. And moreover, it is necessary (if you really want to earn) to look for and invite familiar your friends.

d) If speak to you - invest only $50 and receive $500, or speak to you, invest $1 000 and receive $ $10 000, do not trust at all! Miracles do not happen! These are not investments. Those investments that good money brings, demand huge work (and, as a rule, much bigger money). Anyway, money from air will not undertake! It is possible to invest in production, construction, actions, but not in air.

e) If say to you that you can contribute 10 dollars and invite only 2 persons, and you receive 100, 1000 dollars - DO NOT BELIEVE! It is a financial pyramid. Moreover, if you agree, then you surely should deceive someone. And most likely - relatives. So, you will lose their trust. And it is wrong, dishonest.

e) If say to you that you do not need to force people to work. Actually, network marketing it is all the same that business. And if you became the owner of business and want to earn, you will need to force (violently or encouraging) the workers to work. And in network marketing. It is necessary to find constantly those who want - it is ready to work to earn and “ to motivate “ them to action. Because to force it will not turn out. You not the owner and not the director who pays a salary.

g) If say to you that the contract should be concluded with the person, but not with the company. needs to prick up the ears. Because in the network company the contract can be concluded ONLY with the company! And at head office! All the rest - fraud, is also present no guarantee that tomorrow you will come, and the office is not leased by another, and the sponsor did not run away with your money.

h) If say to you that it is possible to receive thousands of dollars, and to work 1 - 2 hour a day! It is a lie! To earn about 300 dollars, 2 hours are really enough to work. But to work effectively. If you want to earn more than 2 - 3 thousand dollars, it is necessary to be ready to the fact that it is necessary to work not less than 8 - 10 hours a day!

It is the main points to which it is necessary to pay attention before making the decision.

From where money for payments to all working in structure or who and for what receives undertakes?

1. Buying in a warehouse is cheaper, EVERYONE sells at the catalog price (more expensively). the profit Has (for the fact that the goods brought, consulted the client, spent the time). As any shop to which you go. The difference is that to the client is more comfortable (to be at home or at work, and to receive the desirable).

2. There is a percent from group. Here everything is simple. Owing to special marketing the network companies are not spent for advertizing (though, for example, “ Oriflame “ or “ Mary Kay “ not less known companies, than “ Lank “ or “ Meybellin “) . That is the network companies distribute money from advertizing (about 30 - 50%) to the distributors. They also are “ walking advertizing “ companies. Here therefore many business - accessories with logos of the network companies is made, and distributors have an opportunity to buy them at the scanty price.

That is, the usual company has such system of a margin:

دَِوهقَلّْقَ+لَّْـقيـ+ِـَُِِّّْـٍمٍوم+ِميًـٌـ (it is rough and in abbreviated form).

The network company saves on distribution and advertizing. It turns out:

Production + delivery + percent to distributors (which do advertizing and are distributors). From here (EXACTLY FROM HERE) it has such great opportunities to pay percent to distributors.

And, production cost in both cases (and in traditional business, and in network marketing) will be absolutely identical (on condition of production in the territory of one country). But distribution is fraught in the traditional way that the goods lie too long (frequent purchases of low-quality goods from here), the price markup on goods reaches 100%! Therefore many think that, time cheap in the network company and it is expensive in the usual company, so the goods are worse quality. It is a lie! Just different money is invested also a different approach to sales.

It is also important to consider that if to make a product in Rossi (or any country where there is a winter), the cost of a product will be higher, than the cost of the product made in any country with identical climate (for example, in China on company (!) plant).

For example, production of one bulb (qualitative) in Kyrgyzstan will cost 3 rubles, and in China (the same quality) will cost 50 kopeks! And, a label it is possible to dress company (Philips), and the lamp will cost 5 - 7 rubles (you look, the margin practically for 100%, and is even slightly more). Only at the expense of a brand. That is why sometimes the large companies on the packings write “ it is made by the Philips " company; but not the country of the manufacturer.

There is a strong wish to hope that my experience can be useful to you, will help to make the correct decision. However do not forget that work in the network company is not easier, than work at plant, either work of the manager, or work of the director. Everywhere there are difficulties and difficulties, pleasures and progress. It is just very good when you can make a conscious choice! Based on the real facts, but not on conjectures and guesses.

It would be desirable that my articles helped you to understand - whether you should be engaged in network marketing, or not.

Good luck and progress in any business chosen by you!

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