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All truth about network marketing or whether it Is necessary to you? In total for and against

I will provide the list of all In this article for and against which remembered today. There is a strong wish to hope that you will be able impartially to study information, to analyse all points concerning itself and to make the decision whether you want to work in network marketing or not.

Beginning here . Well, are ready? Then we will start.

I recommend to begin if you want:

1. To have an opportunity to buy qualitative (and always I skin) production from a warehouse. On quality production of the company in which I worked does not differ even from the most eminent brands. I made comparison. Bought a brush for friable powder (dry blush) from a warehouse for $5 and bought the same brush (I compared both pile, and design) in French house for $23,5. Both of them still look as newcomers though constantly are in work. The most interesting that both of these brushes are made at one plant in China! Because it is very convenient offshore zones for the European countries.

2. To save. The economy reaches up to 50% in some companies! If you, for example, buy ball blush from the distributor (which will last for you for 2 - 3!) for $19,7, from a warehouse this pleasure will cost you $13,7. It at economy in 30%.

3. You like continuous personal growth. generally network companies provide trainings at own expense. Also you surely receive special training (I, let us assume, gained the diploma of the cosmetologist, moreover, easily I can pick up means for care of face skin, eyes, hair - at personal consultation). I needed to see off from 3 to 5 master - classes in a week. To tell about production, to do a make-up (of course, on previously cleared face skin).

4. To have an income source. It can be the additional income, and can become your main source of the income. In my structure there was one first-year student whose income equaled to one thousand (!) dollars (and he studied internally).

5. To have an opportunity to travel at the expense of the company. Pertinently will be to tell that it is not so simple to reach it, but quicker, than, for example, if you open from scratch the company.

6. To expand a circle of acquaintances. If you want to have more acquaintances, and in a consequence even of friends, you can count on business in the network company.

7. To learn to process the case, without giving up the main work. to Try out, so to speak, as the businessman. In network marketing it is possible to learn whether there are leadership, organizing skills.

8. To learn whether you can be a leader. If yes, means, you can safely begin the business, or business.

You can use ONE of these points. That is you can conclude the contract just to use cosmetics, buying from a warehouse is cheaper! And nobody will press on you or to demand something.

I do not recommend if:

1. you do not want to buy production from a warehouse.

2. you do not want to save (overpay better, but let will bring to you).

3. to you do not need money.

4. you do not want to travel at the expense of the company.

5. you do not want to expand a circle of acquaintances.

6. You want to lead quiet measured life. In that case, I do not recommend to you to begin. Because work in the network company demands continuous development. The range, the movement in the market of production, continuous improvement of quality, design are the first tasks which are set for itself by the network company. And you need to adapt to their rates of development. Ability to communicate with people - all this huge work on. And it is necessary to forget about tranquility!

7. You do not realize importance of SALES. And here sales not only production from the company, but also - as sponsor, as person, as LEADER.

8. You got used to depend in life ONLY on the actions. That is usually the company will decide what production when and for what sum you should sell. Moreover, the company will solve how many the goods have to be realized it (is used) by you and your structure in order that, for example, you could visit Spain, Tunisia, Africa etc. And the company will solve for you to what country you will go this year. (By the way, this 8th point played for me a crucial role).

9. If you not the leader by nature, and do not even want to become him. In that case, to you it will be difficult to create the organization and its messages to victories (in other words, to big sales - to the movement of goods).

10. If you cannot be: seller, teacher and organizer at the same time. If you, for example, umt only to learn, and to sell (production, yourself) do not umt (and you do not want to study). If you have no talent of the organizer. For example, you cannot organize the work, work of others, and not just work, and effective work. You should not begin business in network marketing. In usual business you can cooperate, in network business it will not turn out!

11. If you neither the purposeful, nor the ambitious person, also do not want to be him.

12. And the most important if you found the niche (managed to open the talent in any other sphere - for example, you the designer, or the cook, or ).

In that case, it is better to develop where it is pleasant to you where it is interesting to you where you feel comfortable. To learn to earn good money or to construct the matter in this sphere easily to afford, for example, the PERSONAL consultant.

What I heartily also wish you!

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