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All truth about network marketing or whether it Is necessary to you? As everything began

Sooner or later each of us receives the invitation to begin work together with the network company. One wave away, others go to the presentations, the third decide to create business on the basis of the network company. The fourth, without having analysed, decide that it is frauds, a financial pyramid and so on.

And actually network marketing can open before you doors in other vision of the world! However before making the decision, it is necessary to study this subject that there was no misfire.

I will try to be impartial and I will make every effort to explain some subtleties of this very difficult occupation. My steps to the business began with network marketing. Such smooth transition from " turned out; sovok thinking to free views of many things and, the most important, to desire to become the HOSTESS to itself and others.

Having stable work and very good salary, working as only 15 days a month, I looked for additional opportunities for myself. Free time was. There was a wish to work a little and to receive much. As I was naive once

At the work I passed everything from the very beginning, and there were no place to go further. And I got used to grow all the time. Without it could not do then, I cannot and now. And so, very interesting offer for me appeared to try out as the distributor of the network company. Of course, I did not rush to a whirlpool with the head, at first I studied ten marketing - plans, and only after that chose the fact that it was pleasant to me most of all. So I came to the network company. By the way, I chose the sponsor too.

A lot of work over itself began. I for half a year passed so many trainings how many did not pass for all the life. Then at once practice began. I easily could get acquainted on the street, by phone, find clients in the large companies, shopping centers with which, by the way, still I maintain the friendly relations! Also, on cold contacts (contacts with strangers so are called), I found also distributors. Of course, I carried away all family this interesting and quite profitable occupation too.

Two of my mothers, the aunt, two sisters, the girlfriend, employees from work. Generally, all who trusted me followed me. And any is not disappointed still. Moreover, the aunt lives in a village, and the same as two of my mothers, continues work in the company.

In two months from the date of signing of the contract, working as two days a week, I received in the network company (only on creation of a network), 80% of the salary. And NOBODY asked me to work QUICKER (due to decline in quality), to come to 8, to leave after 9, to do same. I planned all the actions and time. And I madly liked it!

I was delighted. And of course, over time I made the decision to leave work. In half a year since the beginning of signing of the contract with the company I already had the decent income, constantly watched myself, was aware of all latest tendencies in cosmetics and, it is necessary to tell, recommended to the clients only the checked on itself, qualitative, individually picked up cosmetics. I HAD no dissatisfied clients. In a month I served from 5 to 40 people. My structure (group) made 54 persons from whom on the first line (I signed personally) - 12 people.

Why I left if everything was so good? As well as in any profession, in network marketing there are shortcomings which are learned only in the course of work. And when I had an opportunity to open the company, the choice was obvious to me. Though I continued to work in network business. Because I was very much asked by clients and the income was good and stable. But when my firm began to take away all my time, I had to finish the network company.

So, summing up article essence, I want to share all for and against which were decisive for me. Perhaps, it will help you to look at network business differently. You can read continuation in my following article: All truth about network marketing or whether it is necessary to YOU? In total for and against