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How to accustom itself to eat more cellulose? 8 useful tips.

the Vast majority of people heard, of course, phrases " cellulose; rough food or food " fibers;. Anyway, all these terms are associated at us with something very useful to a human body. And whether you know that cellulose is the elementary, but at the same time the strongest tool in fight against aging.

What is represented by cellulose? It is a certain complex mix of indigestible substances which is included into structure of plants. In it there are not enough calories therefore the body of the person receives very little food energy. Passing through a gastrointestinal tract, cellulose is not split, and, on the contrary, works wonders, deleting from our organism harmful substances, such as cholesterol, bilious acids, toxins etc. Simply speaking, cellulose literally brushes thoroughly us from within.

About huge advantage of cellulose is written quite a lot. At desire material can be found. I will mention only some of its advantages. So, cellulose:

- protects a human body from warmly - vascular diseases;

- lowers a blood pressure, reducing risk of developing of heart attacks and strokes;

- dissolves concentration of bilious acids and other carcinogens which in a large number provoke risk of a disease of a colon cancer;

- helps to cope successfully with diabetes, controlling the content of sugar in blood and reducing need of the patient for insulin;

- reduces the content of estrogen at women, reducing risk of a disease of breast cancer;

- bulks up in a stomach and increases the volume of the eaten food, creating satiety illusion that significantly facilitates process of disposal of excess weight; - helps

with fight against locks, incredibly alleviating suffering of patients with this illness.

The list can be continued still. But I believe that you will be interested in a practical side more. Let`s look how it is better to accustom itself to the diet rich with cellulose? There are several councils.

1. Begin with small quantity, gradually increasing doses. At all usefulness of cellulose its too big consumption is capable to provoke side effects: mumpish stomach, congestion of gases, spasms and other frustration. In the first week increase consumption of cellulose by 5 g a day. Then gradually bring its contents in a diet to the recommended level (daily at least 25 grams). On it about a month will be required. At desire it is possible to increase cellulose consumption even more, but be not overzealous.

2. do not allow organism dehydration. The balanced diet with the high content of cellulose though helps at locks, however there can be also the return. If you drink not enough water, literally will cork you. In order to avoid such troubles daily drink a lot of water.

3. Diversify the food allowance. It is better to eat throughout the day the most various products containing food fibers than to give preference to one type of food rich with cellulose.

4. do not forget about greens. Bean, haricot, peas, salads and fruit can significantly enrich your food. And also it is desirable to choose the fruit containing edible seeds (strawberry, a kiwi, grapes).

5. Add cellulose in addition to food. Buy a package of oat bran in a supermarket and strew with them everything that is possible: porridges, salads, fermented milk products, fruit. Use them for a breading of cutlets, and also for density giving to soups and sauces.

6. Attentively read labels. Not always the written words food " fibers; " cellulose; " bran; mean that in a product there is necessary required. Always find out how many and what ingredients is a part.

7. Give preference to integral products. Instead of a glass of freshly squeezed juice try to eat fruit or vegetable entirely. When juice prepares, in the course of push-up all cellulose separates. Instead of mashed potatoes eat several potatoes baked (boiled) in a peel.

8. Remember that food fibers - not panacea from all troubles. It is silly to believe that the use of a large amount of cellulose gives to you a reason is more fat and sweet, thinking that bad substances will be all the same removed from an organism. Cellulose well works only in a combination to healthy food and moderate physical culture.

It is necessary only to wish to you to remain always young people outside and inside!