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How to bake cake with a tuna and mayonnaise?

Actually about what the speech will go, are not cake in traditional understanding at all. Cake it is accepted to call confectionery from sweet fancy pastry with cream, fruit, a chocolate crumb, etc. But here matter in richness of the imagination.

The case from the childhood is in this respect remembered to me. In our entrance there lived the lonely grandfather, the veteran of the Great Patriotic War. During war all his family - the wife and children died. Since then the grandfather Pyotr did not make a family. Therefore, probably, old Pyotr so loved all neighbour`s children. How many gifts we, children, received from it!

Once the grandfather Pyotr, having met at an entrance of my younger brother, invited him on a visit, having promised to treat with " piece of cake; Pioneer . The brother, constraining salivation, rose to the apartment of the grandfather. That gave some tea and stretched to my brother - the sweet tooth the piece of black bread watered with sunflower oil and strewed with coarse salt: You eat, the Ear ring! Earlier for pioneers such food was the most tasty cake! .

My mother cooks remarkably tasty liver cake. At the girlfriend I ate syrno - a pancake miracle which she calls cake too. So cake if with the imagination, it is possible to call any tasty food made of flour.

Our cake is made of flour too and too is tasty. At the same time it is also externally similar to usual puff cake with cream. Imagine: the hostess poured tea and put in the center of a table a dish with the three-layer cake which is missed the mark with cream and sprinkled with a crumb. Having cut cake on pieces, the hostess gave one of them to the guest. The guest pulled a nose, hoping to catch the attracting aroma of vanilla, however caught persistent smell of garlic and fish. So our cake can give the name Surprise .

At one of culinary forums shared the recipe of this cake with me same as I, the lover to bake. I tested the recipe, it was pleasant to me (read - to the husband and the son). Especially as the recipe of the test for these pastries is familiar to me long ago - I quite often use such dough for preparation of various sweet vkusnyashka. Then I met similar recipes on the Internet and in culinary magazines. In them the dish was called or Cake snack or Pie snack . Perhaps it under some names disappears, I do not know. For me it is just " cake; Surprise .

So, we will pass already to the description of the process of preparation. For the test we need 1 - 1,5 packs of butter or creamy margarine. Of course, taste of future pastries will depend in many respects on what fat was used for preparation of the test, however, in my opinion, both with oil, and with margarine the pastries turn out equally tasty. Oil if it still frozen, we grate. We add 1 egg and 4 - 6 tablespoons with sour cream top. There - salts on a teaspoon tip. We mix everything and, gradually adding flour, we knead stiff dough. I add a baking powder to flour. But it is possible to use the extinguished soda (a floor of a tea spoon). We put ready dough in the refrigerator for hour or so - another (in a package or in densely closed ware).

At this time it is possible to begin to prepare cream and a stuffing. For cream we need 1 jar of mayonnaise. We add to mayonnaise in the crushed type of 1 - 2 garlic glove, we mix. Cream is ready. For a stuffing we boil hard-boiled 2 chicken or 4 quail eggs. We grate the boiled eggs on a small grater. Also on a small grater we grate any firm cheese (depends on preferences). Grated cheese has to leave approximately as much how many grated eggs. We open a jar of a tinned tuna, we merge liquid, we crumble meat of a tuna. The stuffing is ready. It is time to bake cake layers.

We get dough from the refrigerator, we divide it into three equal parts. We roll round flat cakes in half-centimeter with thickness. We cut the edges, giving to flat cakes the identical form and the size. We roll scraps of the test in one more flat cake - any form and the size. We grease a baking sheet with fat and we sprinkle with flour or a semolina. We spread the rolled flat cakes on a baking sheet, everyone them them in several places we pierce a fork (that cake layers not poshlikomy). We bake in an oven at a temperature of 200 degrees within 15 - 20 minutes. Cake layers should not blush strongly - the pastries from this test turn out pale. To ready cake layers we will allow to cool down completely. We will pound that small cake layer which turned out from test scraps in a crumb which we use for decoration of our cake.

Now we will begin to gather our cake. We coat the first cake layer with cream, and over cream we spread a stuffing - grated eggs. Too slightly we coat a stuffing with cream. We cover with the second cake layer. In the same way we coat it with cream, we spread a stuffing - grated cheese, and from above again there is a little cream. On the third cake layer laid on the second we, having applied previously cream, we spread a tuna. Then again we grease with cream and plentifully we strew with the crumb prepared from test scraps. We put our cake in the refrigerator for about four hours - to become impregnated. And then we get and we surprise!

Instead of a tuna it is possible to use smoked meat of a chicken, too small crumbled. But all - was pleasant to me with a tuna much more.

Now many refuse mayonnaise. They say that it is harmful. I not absolutely agree with this opinion. Of course, there is a pure mayonnaise on a hungry stomach - it is a direct way to a rank a yazvennik - the nondrinker . And to flavor with mayonnaise the dish which is especially containing eggs - it is very tasty and absolutely harmless. Especially, now it is possible to buy mayonnaise in which instead of vinegar lemon juice is used. And, by the way, it is much less calories in mayonnaise, than in pure olive oil. But if all of you - the convinced opponent of mayonnaise then to make cream for " cake; Surprise it is possible and with sour cream - only do not forget to add to it, except garlic, also salt.

I cannot but tell a little more on the test from which snack cake prepares. Dough it is pleasant to me the fact that it is easily kneaded, easily settles accounts, is quickly baked. And taste of pastries from this test very much is pleasant to my eaters. I do apple and strawberry pie, sweet cake with butter cream, cookies of this test and tasty Snails . Snails - these are sweet rolls. (According to the same recipe that it is given above, only without salt) I roll dough in rectangular layer with thickness in half-centimeter. I strew with large sugar, then I spread small cut walnut and strawberry on dough. I press a stuffing into dough a little. I turn dough in big roll which then I cut in the small portions - rolls. I spread on the baking sheet oiled and sprinkled with flour, I bake in an oven at 200 degrees within 20 - 30 minutes. Hot snails plentifully I strew with icing sugar to which vanillin is added.

Bon appetit!