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Losers, vinner and partners of

Losers around us. Today society teaches the members how to become the loser. The loser is the one who takes. He gives nothing and does not make - only takes and uses. And who uses? Yes all. All try to take and not to give more. Here you see, goes? It is praised, I am a pikaper, I will tempt any, I am a nlper, I can finish any philosophizes it is necessary to live today, without refusing to itself anything advises look for where to gain, it is possible to get everything for free, the main thing of communication ?

it is a loser (from English loser - loser). He does not make a family. He does not like to depend on others. He does not seek to help and interact. He is a loser because it is not ready to put, it is not ready to give. At it only a little. Did not create, did not earn, did not save up.

It is not enough at it. It is not ready. All is better to keep.

Vinnera - a separate caste. They hate those who take because vinner should give. But it is not necessary to think that they good, and those, below - bad. Like hell: all bad. Because vinner do not make a family too, do not depend on others and do not seek to help and interact. They are just vinner (from English winner - winner).

A all because the winner - it is always one. So, it has to be very best, and everything at it has to be better than at all. And he has to live is best of all. It does not put - it takes from those who are lower than it, and gives those who are higher to become best of all. Lower he despises, hates the highest. Here, you hear: well to live, it is necessary to become the successful person ? And here: you seek to be the first, it is a way to success ? It it.

Loser. Saved up. Now spends. Besides - for.

And I want to be a partner (from English partner - participant). The partner participates in game of life, but it is rather for the sake of interest. Life for it - not a rat race on which it is necessary to collect and select more. Life for it - the road to dream. To the purpose, to sense, it to whom as. At it there is a lot of and if a little decreases, not terribly, imperceptibly almost. But it does not give just like that. He is not afraid to give, is not afraid to put, but does not love losers - because to put in them all the same that> dev/null. And he likes to put in same, as well as he, with the road to dream. Let we will be together . Let us will be more . It does not pull back, exhausting forces from others - it increases greatly.

From where takes? Yes at vinner. Vinnera give much to be the first. Well and please, partners are not sorry, let the vinner consider that he made it, he thought up, he found. Let. But on what it gave partners it is extended from losers in the ranks a little more good people. It will be easier to go.