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How to secure itself, removing housing? There are no

U you the housing and you are forced to remove others.

How to secure itself against a master`s arbitrariness and to make accommodation in others apartment the most comfortable (as far as it of course is possible)?

the Exit one - very carefully to discuss all questions concerning your accommodation with the owner of housing and to make the written document - the contract which in detail regulates your relationship and, respectively, is signed by both parties.

So, removing housing, making out the contract of commercial hiring, surely pay attention to the next moments.

1. First of all be convinced that you deal with the owner of the apartment, but not with any other person. It can be established by means of documents - the passport and the title document on the apartment (the contract of purchase and sale, exchange, donation, the sign on the right for inheritance, the certificate on the state registration of the right from Regpalata). I strongly recommend to study originals of these documents, but not with their photocopies. Considering a modern technological level, it is possible to build the copy of the nonexistent document for handymen from crime.

Cases when, having installed to the apartment and having paid in a year ahead are known, you once with amazement meet on a threshold of the real owner of the housing which came back, for example, from holiday or from business trip.

2. It is necessary to specify the address, characteristics of the removed housing, its purpose, the size of a rent and an order of its payment, the right and an obligation of the parties, contract term in the contract. These are so-called essential terms of the contract. If any of these conditions are absent, then the contract can be recognized as unconcluded.

Cases when the owner, having let you in the apartment for a year, in 1 - 3 month demands its release are rather frequent, motivating with the fact that it urgently was necessary for it. It can be avoided if to provide the term of its action and monetary compensation for early cancellation of the contract in the contract.

3. If you rent apartment with furniture, household appliances and other property, then the owner can demand to attach the inventory of all property which is available in the apartment to the contract. Therefore before signing of the contract make sure that in the inventory it was not included something superfluous. And also surely check working capacity and functioning of bathroom equipment, a plate and the other equipment.

Be curious whether there is in the apartment a possibility of connection to the Internet, to a cable television. Do not forget to take phones of emergency sanitary services from the owner.

4. In details discuss financial questions. Try to insist on that the contract included the provision on a rent invariance during all period of validity of the contract. If you pay for all term of accommodation at once, then and has to be. If agreed to pay by the month, then adjust in the contract when and as far as the payment can be raised.

Do not forget to agree about the one who will pay for utilities, phone. Keep in mind that many owners of housing in attempt to protect themselves from astronomical accounts for telephone negotiations of unfair lodgers, block on stationary phone an exit on mezhgorod.

If you intend to bring a payment monthly, stipulate where it will occur. Not to each tenant ponravyatsyaregulyarny visits of the owner. And at last, by transfer of money demand the voucher of the sum from the owner. On everyone fire case . Progress to you!