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Than to treat itself for flu?

of Preparations, rather effective against a virus of flu and at the same time safe, no. Therefore treatment of flu symptomatic, i.e. the doctor at high temperature recommends febrifugal preparations, at cold - vasoconstrictive drops in a nose etc. of

of Ferveks and Nayz - preparations of similar action. But Nayz children cannot appoint a preparation till 12 years at all (and it is used generally for treatment of arthritises and in surgical practice); containing Paratsetamol Ferveks (a children`s form) is appointed to children from 6 years.

For decrease in temperature at children the only preparation - paracetamol is used (company names - Efferalgan, Kalpol etc.) . Febrifugal preparations at flu are appointed at a temperature over 38 - 38,5 degrees since to these values is the protective reaction of an organism directed to destruction of a virus. The temperature period at flu long - to 2 - x weeks (if there are no complications).

At colds and flu doctors recommend to drink more.

But what to drink? What best of all will help an organism to cope with the illness?

Ya I will provide several recipes of the drinks recommended by traditional medicine in this case.

1. Drink from a dogrose . On liter of cold water to take 5 tablespoons of berries. To pound, fill in with water, to boil 10 minutes. Then to wrap up ware and to insist about 10 hours. To filter infusion. To drink since morning on one glass every 2 - 3 hour within a day. If there is a wish for some sweet, drink with honey, jam, sugar. It is necessary to drink this infusion not less than a week, gradually reducing a dose.

2. A linden with a guelder-rose . To prepare mix of flowers of a linden and berries of a guelder-rose in the ratio 1:1. To fill in two tablespoons of mix with two glasses of boiled water and to boil five - ten minutes, then to filter. To drink hot drink for the night on 1 - 2 cups.

3. Raspberry . It is used as in various collecting, and separately. Raspberry juice with sugar - the good refreshing drink at high temperature. For preparation of drink the tablespoon of fruits needs to be made a glass of boiled water, to insist 20 minutes. To drink on a glass of hot infusion 2 times a day.

4. A linden with raspberry . To prepare mix from an equal ratio of fruits of raspberry and flowers of a linden. To make a tablespoon of mix a glass of boiled water, to insist 20 minutes, to filter. To drink on a glass of hot infusion for the night as sudorific.

5. Raspberry with honey . To mix 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of a dogrose, 1 tablespoon of raspberry, 1 tablespoon of currant. Mix to fill in 100 ml of boiled water and to insist 15 minutes. To drink 3 times a day on a half-glass before food.

It is also impossible to accept antibiotics and sulfanylamide preparations if to you they were not appointed by the doctor. Strong febrifuges which in drugstores - the sea and which strenuously advertize on the TV should be accepted very carefully - only if temperature very high. If temperature already decreased or initially did not exceed 38 degrees, it is better to refrain from reception of febrifugal preparations at all.

Besides, the patient with flu needs to be in the pure, daily aired room, and not " at all; to be treated by means of alcoholic beverages!