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Erotic tomatoes. You heard about such?

Make the movement of good - tell about volume good what is known by you, to all to whom it can be useful! Together we will make our world more joyful! - today the girlfriend sent on the Internet. It was pleasant to me. It was thought that it can be mission of all School of life.

And now on a subject. This recipe got to me about 20 years ago. Read in one women`s printing magazine. The recipe is so simple that decided to try to make such tomatoes at once. Experimented. Now any family feast does not do without them. So to speak - a traditional dish. Look very culturally, attractively. Are ready for other day, and time for preparation leaves minutes 20 - 30. In total on dexterity and experience of the hostess depends. And if according to the traditional recipe tomatoes of 20 - 30 days are salted, then they are skorospelka. On taste are very gentle. And smack of a celery gives the juicy note. Even not fans of this grass will be pleasantly surprised. And the brine is very tasty. The main thing - very quickly tomatoes to undress. To make golenky. From here and the name - EROTIC.

I adapted to rind by means of boiled water - I do a section a cross - crosswise around a fruit stem and I lower in abrupt boiled water. A spoon I get, under a stream of a cold transparent voditsa, and a sharp knife fast I peel tomato. Thoughts, of course, pure. Hands too. And now and the recipe.

Take so many tomatoes how many will be located in a 3-liter jar. Drench them with boiled water, clean a thin skin (it gets down instantly) and lay tomatoes in bank, throw from above small cut garlic and the cut celery bunch (not parsley, not fennel, nothing else - in this case imaginations are excessive). Then fill in it with a hot brine (1 tablespoon of salt on 1 l of water). If you make IT in the morning, then in the evening already pleasantly surprise house with a new dish.

As you can see - products at least, and a new dish on a table. In my moneybox of culinary recipes there are a lot of such interesting tested dishes. I collected the collection since the childhood. At first wrote to a notebook, then systematized in the catalog, with the recipes which are written down on separate cards. And with emergence in computer life the Cookery folder began to be replenished with interesting recipes very quickly. But the most surprising, as well as in any business, the farther in the wood - the is more than firewood - the inexhaustible imagination, an inexhaustible subject. It would seem - already I know everything, practically all dishes are tested. An, no! There is an exchange of finds and ideas in correspondence with the whole world. And sometimes such opening arise! From usual products, in usual conditions of modern kitchens masterpieces are born! And the meal turns into action. On a holiday.

Tasty to you life!